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WV-150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit

The WV-150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit celebrates our statehood from 1860 to the present with an eclectic collection of West Virginia artifacts and art.
Many of the suggestions for what to showcase in the exhibit came from West Virginians who offered suggestions throughout last year.


If you would like to view a larger photo of one of the images please just click on the photo on this page.


Canary No. 795 Ribbed Optic Rope Pattern Glass Pitcher, Central Glass Company, Wheeling

Glass Creamer
Electric Blue No. 796 Thumb Print Pattern Glass Creamer, Central Glass Company, Wheeling

Amber No. 775 Pressed Diamond Pattern Glass Creamer, Central Glass Company, Wheeling

Sugar Bowl
Milk Glass Grape Pattern Sugar Bowl, Central Glass Company, Wheeling

45 Revolver
Model 1905, U.S. Marine Corps, Caliber .45 Revolver, Property of Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield

Anderson & Lavisa Hatfield and Robert Anderson Browning

Golf Club
No. 5 Wood Golf Club

Norfolk & Western Railroad Stock Certificate

Kanawha River Wicket Dam Model Made by John Duymich

Greenwood Stove, Star Foundry, Wheeling

U.S. Postage Stamp Print, J.R. Clifford, Civil Rights Pioneer


Wheeling Corrugating Covered Bucket

Mother Jones, The Most Dangerous Woman In America
, Elliot J. Gorn

Mother Jones
Mother Jones

U.M.W.A. Local Union 5952 Tams, West Virginia Member’s Badge

1920-1960 International President of U.M.W.A. John L. Lewis (1880-1969) Badge

Andrew Summers Rowan’s Clockwork Cradle by Aaron Dodd Crane in Plainfield, N.J.

Mail Saddle bags
U.S. Mail Leather Saddle Bags

Dress Worn by Mrs. Henry Gassaway Davis at the Congressional Ball In 1877

Hatfield Photo
The Hatfields in Front of the Family’s Hunting Cabin

Stephen B. Elkins

Among the Miners of West Virginia, Drawn by W.A.C. Pape, Harper’s Weekly

Wooden Tobacco Pipe from the Original West Virginia State Museum

Devonian Period Brachiopod Bed, Elkins, Randolph County, 420 Million Years Ago

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