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WV-150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit

The WV-150 Sesquicentennial Exhibit celebrates our statehood from 1860 to the present with an eclectic collection of West Virginia artifacts and art.
Many of the suggestions for what to showcase in the exhibit came from West Virginians who offered suggestions throughout last year.


If you would like to view a larger photo of one of the images please just click on the photo on this page.


Coal Pick
Coal Pick

Piece of Coal

Rosewood Fife that Belonged to William Wiant, Founder of the Charleston Symphony

Iron Hyper Compressor Wrench, Dupont’s Belle Works

Coal House
The Coal House, Williamson

Autographed Photograph of Herschel “Woody” William Receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Harry S. Truman

Cap, West Virginia Turnpike Commission

Official Party Ribbon, West Virginia Turnpike Commission

Big Boy
Shoney’s Big Boy, Charleston

Chuck Yeager
Plate, Captain Charles E. Yeager

Bell X-1 Rocket Airplane Model, Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager, Hamlin


Postcard of the 300-Foot Transit Radio Telescope, The National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank

Cranberry Glass Tumbler, Pilgrim Glass Company


Eleanor Steber and The Voice Of Firestone

Topps Baseball Card of Lew Burdette

The Greenbrier Menu

State Souvenirs by Paden City Artware Company - Blackwater Falls State Park, North Bend State Park, New River Gorge Bridge

Signed Print, Midnight Thunder, C&O Allegheny at Thurmond, Jim Jordan

1958 World Series Ticket - New York Yankees versus Milwaukee Braves

Mister Bee potato chip bags

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