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The West Virginia State Museum at The Culture Center

Operating Hours Tuesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Admission to the museum is free.

Planning your trip

Walk-In Visits

Walk-in visits of individuals or small groups are welcome during normal hours of operation. Please be aware that on Wednesday and Friday mornings, you may experience the presence of large school groups. In order to avoid this, you could plan your visit after 2 p.m. or schedule tours for the Capitol Complex, the Governor's Mansion, or the Grounds of the Capitol Complex during these times.

Groups of 15 or more

We highly recommend that any group of 15 or more call or request a reservation online prior to visiting. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. Be sure to register as early as possible for museum programs because attendance for some programs is limited.

For information about tours for The WV State Museum and others please click here.

Time Allotment for a visit

The West Virginia State Museum features a central show path, 26 discovery rooms and two connection rooms. Visitors who follow the show path from prehistory to the 21st century will spend 45 minutes to an hour in the museum.

Visitors who take time to enjoy the discovery rooms will spend from 1- to 2 hours in the museum. Visitors who include stops in the connection rooms to do research may spend up to 3 hours.

No matter how long you spend on your first visit, you'll discover you want to return because you won't see it all. If a visitor reads every display and watches every documentary in the museum, the tour will take 26 hours!

If you would like to view the current layout of our new West Virginia State Museum please feel free to view this Map.

Museum Accessibility

The West Virginia State Museum understands the needs of the general public and offers a variety of services to ensure the accessibility of the Museum and its newly renovated exhibits.

Museum Tips and Guidelines

The security of our visitors, staff, volunteers, and collections are extremely important to us. When you visit the West Virginia State Museum, you will see carefully collected items that represent our state's land, people and culture.

Many of the pieces were donated by people who value them and their place in our state's history. Donations are made to the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History's museum collection because of our commitment to the proper care and presentation of properly documented articles relating to our state's cultural heritage.

We ask each visitor to be respectful of this property and follow a few guidelines that will help us care for the collection entrusted to us.

We want your visit to the museum to be as much fun as possible. For that reason, the Culture Center offers several free services for your convenience.

Parking and Travel

Public parking is located in close proximity to the Culture Center which houses the West Virginia State Museum located on the West Virginia State Capitol grounds. There are metered handicapped and regular parking spots located on the north side of the facility near the entrance to the grounds, meters only "need to be fed" during weekdays. Street side parking is also available on Greenbrier Street, Franklin Avenue, Quarrier Street, Virginia Street and other surrounding streets with in walking distance.

For a map showing the location of the building please click here.

Public Transportation is also available to and from the Capitol Complex via Kanawha Regional Transport Authority in Charleston and The Transit Authority from Huntington.

Special Programs

We will be conducting different types of group events/programs involving The West Virginia State Museum. Museum programs include opportunities for students of history, collections management and the arts. Please check the Education and Collections section for our current offerings.

The West Virginia State Museum Shop

From souvenirs to valuable memorabilia The WV State Museum Shop is located off the Great Hall in The Culture Center near the exit of The West Virginia State Museum.

Please click here to view The West Virginia State Museum Shop page