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Brooke County Courthouse

7th and Main Streets, Wellsburg

Brooke County Courthouse Located in the Wellsburg Historic District, the Brooke County Courthouse, is the second structure to bear that name. The construction of the first county courthouse was authorized in August 1797, and completed in April 1799. The carpenter of that building, Samuel Herdman, was alive to see his handiwork torn down and replaced by the present structure in 1849. The current courthouse is a two-story brick building with gable roof and octagonal cupola. As originally designed by Pittsburgh architect J. W. Kerr, the Brook County Courthouse was a faithful example of the Greek Revival style, with a two-story portico, a triangular pediment and four fluted Doric columns marking the entrance. The idea of designing civic buildings to resemble the ancient temples of Greece and Rome began in America when Thomas Jefferson chose to model the Virginia State Capitol (1789) after the Maison Carrée, a Roman temple located in Nîmes, France. Jefferson had admired the structure in 1787, when as Minster to France he traveled extensively around the French countryside. The associations of a style that had its roots in the culture of a free republic continued to be useful for civic structures for years to come. Although altered in the early 20th century to the present appearance, the Brooke County Courthouse retains classical elements and remains one of the oldest continuously occupied buildings in the community. -- JWM



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