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Marion County

Adams and Jefferson Streets, Fairmont

Marion County courthouse This county seat was built in 1900 as a testament to community maturity. Fairmont was no longer subordinate to the urban centers of Clarksburg and Morgantown, but had achieved financial prosperity as a center of the northern coal and gas industries. Only the second building to be used as the courthouse, the first was removed in preparation for this building. Designed by Yost and Packard of Columbus, Ohio, this Beaux Arts styled building uses various classical ornamentation on the exterior, including the Corinthian order for the series of fluted columns supporting the porticoes. Within the tympanum are decorative figures of scales, an eagle with outstretched wings, a mining car, a shovel and a male figure representing justice, power, agriculture and mining. The building’s dome is capped by a classical figure holding the scales of justice. The Sheriff’s Residence is adjacent to the Courthouse and was also designed by Yost and Packard. In response to recent signs of deterioration and structural failure, the County has initiated steps to repair and stabilize the Courthouse dome, clock tower, balustrade, roofing and cornice. Using Survey and Planning Grant funding from the State Historic Preservation Office, the county will prioritize repairs and develop construction documents for the dome, clock tower and balustrade.
-- SMP
dome interior


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