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Randolph County Courthouse

Court Street, Beverly

Constructed between1808 and 1815 and in use until 1899, the old Randolph County courthouse in Beverly is one of the earliest existing example in West Virginia. It is a two-story brick building with a symmetrical, three-bay facade, matched by a similar facade on the side. In the 1830s, additions were built onto the south and east facades of the building to house offices for the county clerk and circuit clerk. The bell tower was also added in the 1830s. The courthouse was constructed before Thomas Jefferson’s rejection of British colonial architecture and his promotion of classical symbolism could influence building styles in rural western Virginia. The old Randolph County courthouse is a fine illustration of architecture common in colonial America. It’s vernacular design and form resemble a type of courthouse that had been in existence since the mid-1700s. -- LAL


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historic view of original Randolph Courthouse
modern view of old Randolph courthouse

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