Updated 1/1/06

Join us in a journey of discovery as we study and interpret the East Steubenville Archaeological Site...

Archaeologists have excavated the East Steubenville site, a 4000-year-old encampment of Native American hunter-gatherers in Brooke County, West Virginia. Sponsored by WVDOT before construction of the WV Route 2 road-widening project, excavations on this wind-swept ridgetop in 1999-2000 yielded thousands of artifacts and new insights on the poorly known Panhandle Archaic culture.

  • Study the archaeology of the East Steubenville site, a story that first began in 1938.
  • Review interpretations of what the land was like 4000 years ago, who the people were and how they lived.
  • Visit us again - we'll be adding more findings from ongoing analysis of the archaeology and artifacts.
Want to know more? Read research papers on Native American Shellfishing and Prehistoric Technology at the East Steubenville site, or follow other links for West Virginia archaeology.

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