Organizations of Interest...
-- The West Virginia DOT homepage.
-- the WV State Historic Preservation Office; click on archaeology index and archaeology links.
-- FHWA homepage on archaeology, explaining the National Historic Preservation Act.
-- Archaeology at the National Park Service.

Native American Prehistory in the Ohio Valley and Beyond...
-- Recent discoveries upstream from East Steubenville at the prehistoric Leetsdale site, a campsite of Archaic hunters and Woodland cultivators on the Ohio River near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
-- Modern replicas of the atlatl or spear thrower, probably used by Panhandle Archaic hunters at East Steubenville.
-- Spectacular digital reconstructions of burial mounds and other earthworks built by Woodland Native Americans of the Ohio Valley.
-- Discoveries at a 10,000-year-old Early Archaic campsite in the foothills of Virginia.

Historic Archaeology in West Virginia...
-- Excavations at the nineteenth-century Reed Farmstead site, in Hardy County, WV.
-- Archaeologists's findings at two frontier fort sites in eastern West Virginia.

And Finally...
-- the single best source of archaeology links for West Virginia and beyond.


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