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Cedarville School, junction of Smith Avenue and Edmond Street (3/25/94) [1]


John E. Arbuckle House (Glenville State College Alumni Center), 213 Court Street (11/21/01) [1]

Glenville Truss Bridge, Conrad Court over Little Kanawha River (12/4/98) [1]

Little Kanawha Valley Bank, 5 Howard Street (8/5/91) [1]

Ruddell General Store, 6 Court Street (12/15/98) [1]

Whiting House, 301 E. Main Street (12/4/98) [1]

Glenville Vicintiy

Gilmer County Poor Farm Infirmary, off Sycamore Road on Recreation Center Drive (12/4/98) [1]

"Job's Temple," W of Glenville on SR 5 (12/4/98) [1]

Stouts Mill

Stouts Mill Bridge, Duskcamp Road or CR 40 over Little Kanawha River (12/4/98) [1]


Duck Run Cable Suspension Bridge, near SR 5 and 30 (7/9/97) [1]