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James F. Murray House, 530 Louisiana Avenue (7/12/90) [2]

New Cumberland

First National Bank (Graham Building) 100 N. Chester (11/2/2000) [1]

Marshall House, 1008 Ridge Avenue, (3/12/01) [1]

New Manchester

Old Court House, High and Elm Streets, (7/2/73) [1] (DEMOLISHED)


William E. Wells House, 372 Virginia Terrace (4/23/09)

Newell Vicinity

Nathan Hellings Apple Barn, WV 2 (12/12/02)

Waterford Park, WV 2 (12/12/02)


Johnston-Truax House, 209 Seneca Street (9/23/93) [1]

Marland Heights Park and Margaret Manson Weir Memorial Pool, Jct of Williams Drive and Riverview Drive (11/15/93) [4]

People's Bank, 3383 Main Street (3/17/95) [1]

Dr. George Rigas House, 3412 West Street (4/21/04)

Weirton Vicinity

Peter Tarr Furnace Site, Address Restricted (1/1/76) [1]