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Matewan Historic District, Roughly bounded by McCoy, Alley, Railroad Alley, Mate Street underpass, and Warm Hollow, NR (4/27/93) [43] (NHL 2/18/97) [18]

New Town Vicinity

Hatfield Cemetery, S of New Town on SR 6, Hatfield Cemeteries in Southwestern West Virginia TR (11/28/80) [2]


Coal House, 2nd Avenue and Court Street (3/6/80) [1]

Mountaineer Hotel, 31 E. 2nd Street (3/21/97) [1]

R.T. Price House, 2405 West 3rd Street (1/10/91) [1]

Elven C. Smith House, 210 Little Oak Street (8/22/02)

Williamson Field House, 1703 W. 3rd Ave. (12/15/11)

Williamson Historic District, Roughly bounded by the Norfolk and Western Railroad tracks, and Pritchard, Poplar, Park, Mulberry and Elm Streets (11/15/06)