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Steps to list West Virginia properties in the National Register of Historic Places

1 Complete a West Virginia Historic Property Inventory (HPI) form.
Word document, PDF document, and directions

2 Return the HPI form to the

WV State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
National Register Coordinator
State Historic Preservation Office
The Cultural Center
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, WV 25305-0300

3 The SHPO will review the form to determine if the resource is potentially eligible for listing.

4 If determined to be potentially eligible, the SHPO will conduct a site visit and provide the property owner or nomination preparer with a packet of information to help them prepare a National Register nomination.
Nominations include a registration form, a descriptive narrative, a narrative history/justification of significance, archival photos, digital photos, mapping, and floor plans.

5 Once received, the SHPO has 60 days to review each draft nomination. Staff will provide comments to preparer. Nominations are considered finalized when SHPO staff has approved content and received all necessary attachments.

6 After the nomination is finalized, staff will schedule it for presentation to the WV Archives and History Commission at the earliest possible meeting. The Commission meets three times per year.

7 If approved by the Commission, the SHPO will forward the nomination to the National Park Service within 90 days of their approval.

8 After receipt, the National Park Service has 45 days to list the resource in the National Register, return the nomination for changes, or determine that the resource is not eligible for listing.*

* Resources owned privately can not be listed in the National Register if the owner objects. The National Park Service will not list the resource, but will provide an official determination of eligibility.

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