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Historic Preservation Planning

West Virginia has a rich and meaningful history that represents where we have been as a state and who we are as its residents. This history is embodied in the tangible things surrounding us, from its elegant and often unique architecture to its remarkable landscapes to its buried archaeological sites. West Virginia's cultural and historic resources help keep its history alive. One method of ensuring that these valued resources will be around for future generations to enjoy is to create a historic preservation plan.

At its most basic level, planning is a process of systematically gathering and analyzing information in preparation for anticipated activities. It allows us to assess where we are as a county, city or state, ascertains where we would like to be in the future and provides guidelines for getting there. Preservation planning is a method that helps us effectively make decisions and set priorities that will result in the protection of our valued historic and cultural resources. The written document that results from this process is called a historic preservation plan. The plan contains a description of the ideas that were agreed upon and defined during the planning process, such as a vision for the future, preservation goals and objectives as well as implementation strategies. An effective plan will ultimately serve as a compelling tool that can be used by preservation advocates and decision makers to protect our resources and maintain our heritage.

As the primary State agency responsible for the stewardship of historic resources in West Virginia, it is part of the State Historic Preservation Office's (SHPO) intention to take the lead in preservation planning. To this end, we maintain and revise on a five-year schedule a Statewide Comprehensive Historic Preservation Plan. The plan, which is developed with extensive public input, compiles and outlines such things as issues that challenge historic preservation in West Virginia, the condition of various historic and cultural resources throughout the state, and a series of goals and objectives that will be implemented to further the protection of our valued resources.

The Past (Still) Matters Today: the West Virginia Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2014-2019

2014-2019 Statewide Historic Preservation Goals and Objectives

The Past Matters Today: the West Virginia Statewide Historic Preservation Plan 2009-2014

2002-2006 Statewide Historic Preservation Plan

2001 Threats

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