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Balance and Spin

July 26-28, 2002

In the spirit of Balance and Swim, Reunion, Sugar Hill, and other great community dance weekends, join your musician, caller, and dance friends for a weekend of shared dance bliss and music at beautiful Camp Washington-Carver.

This weekend event will fill the void left since Rich and Charlotte have taken a rest from Balance and Swim. Camp Washington-Carver’s volunteer dance weekend Balance and Spin was a huge success in 2001. It is still the weekend before Dance Week at Augusta and the Appalachian String Band Music Festival. So start your party early and share in the dance magic in the beautiful Old Chestnut Lodge at Camp Washington-Carver.

Balance and Spin is an all-volunteer dance weekend. You provide the music, you provide the callers, you provide the dancing, we all have lotsa fun!


(Please understand that as volunteers, you still must pay at the gate.)



Friday, July 26
(Lodge cafeteria will NOT be open)

1 p.m. Gates open and volunteer sign-up begins
6 p.m. Pot Luck Dinner
(Bring your own dinner to the picnic shelter)
8 p.m. Square/Contra Dance

Saturday, July 27

10 a.m. Workshops begin
8 p.m. - 1 a.m. Old Time/Contra Dance

Sunday, July 28

10 a.m. Farewell Dance

Dance callers, musicians, and workshop leaders are on a volunteer basis.
Sign up with Laura Davis or Andrew Caldwell at Clifftop OR mail in the form.

For more information, call Laura Davis at 304-574-1117 or email, or Andrew Caldwell at 304-255-1853 or email

Count me in for Balance and Spin, an all-volunteer dance weekend.
Help us plan for the weekend. Please fill out the form below, cut and insert it in an envelope and return to:

  • _I am volunteering to be a musician
    I play_________________________________
  • _to call contras
  • _ to call squares
  • _I would be willing to lead a workshop in ___________________________________
Name ____________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________

E-mail ________________________Phone _______________________

Please fill in this form, clip and place in envelope and mail this form by July 1, 2002. Please do not send money. Everyone pays at the gate. The wearing of arm bands will be enforced.

Mail to:
Balance and Spin
c/o Laura Davis
P.O. Box 697
Edmond, West Virginia 25837