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Photos from the West Virginia Day Celebration at West Virginia Independence Hall

Members of Carlin's Battery D fire a cannon during the WV Day celebration.

Reenactment of Governor Francis Pierpont's speech on June 20, as Civil War soldiers guard the courtroom.

Owen and Sofia Henline sign their support for the "Declaration of the Rights of the People of VA" during a June 20 special program.

The Wildcat Regiment Band plays in the historic courtroom for WV Day.

Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith with WV Independence Hall employees and volunteers on WV Day.

WV Birthday cake!

Civil War reenactors at June 20 events.

Reenactors gather in front of WV Independence Hall for WV Day.

Carlin's Battery D prepares to fire the cannon on WV Day.

Owen Henline delivers powder for the cannon during June 20 events.