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Neo-Traditional Band Contest

Consistent with the spirit of openness and innovation that has made the Neo-traditionalBand Contest an important part of the Appalachian String Band Music Festival, this year we are making some changes to the Neo-traditionalBand Contest, and offering some new related programming.

Ribbons for Best Original Compositions: In addition to all prizes awarded as in previous years for the Neo-traditionalBand Contest, the contest will also award ribbons (but no prize money) for best New Composition Tune, and best New Composition Song, presented by a band competing in the preliminary round of the Neo-traditionalBand Contest. This is not a separate contest; rather, these are additional prizes offered to contestants in the Neo-traditionalBand Contest. The composer (or at least one co-composer) must perform as part of the band presenting the tune or song to be judged for this award. All other Neo-traditionalBand Contest rules continue to apply, including the rule that a person cannot compete in both the Traditional and Neo-traditionalBand contests.

Clarified Judging Criteria: The highest marks in the Neo-Traditional Band Contest will be given to bands that creatively and skillfully combine some fundamental essence of traditional old-time music (e.g., repertoire, style/spirit, and/or instrumentation) with alternative techniques and various musical styles in their presentation. Bands may also use instruments not usually associated with old-time music. Bands may present original tunes/songs that are not a part of the old-time music tradition, and need to keep in mind that “Creativity and Versatility” is 40% of the score.