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Winners from Appalachian String Band Festival 2006 at Clifftop, West Virginia

The 17th Appalachian String Band Music Festival at Camp Washington-Carver in Clifftop, wrapped up Sunday, Aug. 6. During the event, some of the nation’s finest string band musicians and old-time dancers won prizes in four old-time “traditional” contests—fiddle, banjo, string band and flat-foot dance—plus one “Neo-traditional” string band contest. In addition, ribbons for best original song and best original tune were awarded in the Neo-traditionalband category.

More than 3,500 people attended the festival, which began Wednesday, Aug. 2. The annual gathering features concerts, contests, crafts, dancing and workshops. Next year’s festival will be held Aug. 1-5, 2007. Camp Washington-Carver is operated by the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History.

The contest winners were:

1st place ($400) - Jake Krack of Orma, W.Va.
2nd place ($200) - Christina Wheeler of New York, N.Y.
3rd place ($150) - Charlie Walden of Evanston, Ill.
4th place ($100) - Rhys Jones of New York, N.Y.
5th place ($50) - Richard Bowman of Ararat, Va.

Youth Fiddle Honors - 15 years of age and under
1st place ($100) - Isaac Akers of Chapel Hill, N.C.
2nd place ($50) - Jerrica Hilbert of St. Albans, W.Va.
3rd place ($25) - Chloe Edmonston of Atlanta, Ga.

Senior Fiddle Honors - 60 years of age and over
1st place ($200) - Jerry Lewis of Nettie, W.Va.
2nd place ($100) - Sandy Hofferth of Columbia, Md.
3rd place ($50) - Don Jones of Scott Depot, W.Va.

1st place ($400) - Jeremy Stephens of Danville, Va.
2nd place ($200) - Rick Good of Spring Valley, Ohio
3rd place ($150) - Chris Coole of Toronto, Canada
4th place ($100) - Brien Fain of Mt. Airy, N.C.
5th place ($50) - Rebekah Weiler of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Youth Banjo Honors - 15 years of age and under
1st place ($100) - Cole Holland of Athens, Ala.
2nd place ($50) - Ernest Thompson of Greensboro, N.C.
3rd place ($25) - Trinity Kronk of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Senior Banjo Honors - 60 years of age and over
1st place ($200) - Pete Peterson of Oxford, Pa.
2nd place ($100) - Ray Alden of Croton, N.Y.
3rd place ($50) - Dave Leddel of Seattle, Wash.

Traditional Band
1st place ($700) - Whoopin’ Holler String Band of Orma, W.Va.
2nd place ($400) - Downward Dogs of Ithaca, N.Y.
3rd place ($300) - Forge Mountain Diggers of Asheville, N.C.
4th place ($200) - Nanny Goat Vibrato of Evanston, Ill.
5th place ($100) - Orpheus Supertones of Avondale, Pa.

1st place ($700) - Polecat Creek of Greensboro, N.C.
2nd place ($400) - Billy Goat Gruff of Athens, W.Va.
3rd place ($300) - Open Door Mission of Florence, Maine
4th place ($200) - Tanglewood of Morgantown, W.Va.
5th place ($100) - Ukranian Sting Band of Hamlin, W.Va.

Best Original Song
Lonesome Sisters of Woodstock, N.Y.

Best Original Tune
Jane’s Gang of Niskayuna, N.Y.

Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance - ages 13 and under
1st place ($75) - Alice Jameson of Asheville, N.C.
2nd place ($50) - Rebecca Molaro of Asheville, N.C.
3rd place ($25) - Molly McGuigan of Hellam, Pa.

Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance - ages 14 through 59
1st place ($75) - Ira Bernstein of Asheville, N.C.
2nd place ($50) - Sharon Leahy of Spring Valley, Ohio
3rd place ($25) - Rodney Sutton of Marshall, N.C.

Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance - 60 years of age and over
1st place ($75) - Carole Bendick of Winfield, Pa.
2nd place ($50) - Daniel Butner of Winston-Salem, N.C.
3rd place ($25) - Mary Butner of Winston-Salem, N.C.

Camp Washington-Carver is located adjacent to Babcock State Park just off Rt. 60 (Midland Trail) on Rt. 41. For more information call (304) 558-0220.

The West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History, an agency of the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History, brings together the state’s past, present and future through programs and services in the areas of archives and history, the arts, historic preservation and museums. Visit the Division’s website at for more information about programs of the Division. The Department of Arts, Culture and History is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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