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Vandalia Festival 2001

Square dancing
Square dance on the Cultural Center plaza.
Kirk Judd on stage
Kirk Judd Friday night opening poem.
Gandydancer on stage
Green room scene
Jamming in the Green Room!
(Carl Rutherford and John Loving)
another Green Room scene
Jamming in the Green Room!
(Zack Fanok, James Summers, Andrew Dunlap and Jesse Milnes)
Mike Bing on stage
Mike Bing working hard on the mandolin.
Mudhole Control on stage
Charlie Loudermilk and the Mudhole Control concert.
Celtic dance in Great Hall
Celtic dancing in the Great Hall.
Flatfooting outside at the Dance Stage
Cooking food
A wide variety of foods available, including
that native West Virginia dish, scrambled eggs and ramps.
Gary Shaffer throwing a pot
Gary Shaffer demonstrating his pottery.
Little girl strumming banjo
Children's activities included Please Touch the Instruments, presented by Allegheny Echoes.
Woody Simmons in the fiddle contest
Woody Simmons
Lauren Moses in the fiddle contest
Lauren Moses
Elmer Rich in the fiddle contest
Elmer Rich
Butch Osborne, Bluegrass Banjo winner
Contest winner Butch Osborne.
Mike Melton, Mandolin contest winner
Contest winner Mike Melton.
Doctor Norman L. Fagan, Vandalia Award recipient
Contest winner Norman L. Fagan, Vandalia Award winner.
Jammers on guitar and banjo
Jamming on the grounds.
Gospel group on stage
The Sunday evening concert closed with God's Choice Women of Praise.
Two ladies sitting in a Radio Flyer wagon
Sometimes, good seating is at at a premium.
Woody Simmons and Ben Carr
Woody Simmons (seated) and Ben Carr (standing) from Senior Banjo competition.
Pasha in the flatpick contest
Pasha, an exchange student from Russia, competing in Flatpick Guitar.

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