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Vandalia Festival 2003

Larry Rader talks about Melvin Wine
Larry Rader talks about the late Melvin Wine.
Elmer Rich
Elmer Rich
Jack Bowman
Jack Bowman relaxes in the Green Room.
John Morris
John Morris in a solo set.
High Country
Frank Boles (on fiddle) and High Country.
Samples Brothers
The Samples Brothers close the evening concert.
Child on shoulders
Saturday's great weather brought everyone out for a visit.
Young girl working on crafts
Kids in the Young'uns area makeing crafts.
Keith Lahti working in clay
Keith Lahti working on his clay dragons in the Crafts Circle.
Square dancers
Square dancers at the Dance Stage.
Celtic dancing
Celtic dancers in the Great Hall.
Native American dancer
Native American dancers on the lawn.
Jenny Alinder
Jenny Allinder, winner of the Old Time Fiddle contest.
Mack Samples
Mack Samples, winner of the Vandalia Award.
Woody Simmons
Woody Simmons, winner in the Senior Old Time Fiddle contest.
Mack Samples and Lou Maiuri
Mack Samples and Lou Maiuri show a little flatfooting.
Two boys watch dancing
Young fellows watching flatfooting.
Young girl with pottery
This young lady was fascinated by work of Summer Hollow Pottery(right).
Summer Hollow Pottery
Tim Bing
Tim Bing, winner in the Old Time Banjo contest.

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