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Vandalia Festival 2005

Bing Brothers
The Friday show opened with a tribute to the late Bob Kessinger
Dwight Diller
Dwight Diller
Boyd Phillips
Boyd Phillips on fiddle.
Danny Arthur
The Bing Brothers (with Danny Arthur on fiddle)
Kanawha Pipes and Drums
Kanawha Pipes and Drums from Saint Albans.
wood hats
Yep, those are wooden hats.

Children's activities included sawing, shaving and woodturning.
girls watching dancing
Even angels come to Vandalia to watch the dancing in the Great Hall.
girls playing guitar
Please touch the instruments.
Donald Jones
Donald Jones of Scott Depot, winner in the Senior Fiddle Contest.
celtic dancer
Dancing in the Great Hall.
girls jamming on the sidewalk
Jamming on the Capitol grounds.
winning liar
The lies were THIS big.
dulcimer contestant
A great music contest.
dancers relaxing on the floor
Everybody needed a break sometime.

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