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Vandalia Festival 2008

Adam Hager
Adam Hager, 17, another student of Robin Kessinger.
Logan Jones
Logan Jones, 10, student of Robin Kessinger.
Lady roasting pork on grill
The pork sandiches from the Dunbar Lions Club were popular.
Noah Lepp
2007 Youth Liar winner Noah Lepp entertains the crowd.
Rachel Eddy
Rachel Eddy and the Rock Farmers.
Chance McCoy on the fiddle
Chance McCoy
boy playing trombone under tree
You could find all kinds of instruments.
Closeup of hands throwing a pot
Up close and personal with clay.

Cub Scouts get a lesson in identifying wildlife.
Young boy in the fiddle contest
Music being made.
Meredith Pheasant
More music being made.
Young girls doing Celtic dance in the Great Hall
Dancing in the Great Hall.
Grayson and Mack Samples
Grayson and Mack Samples warm up in the Green Room.
Small boy sleeping
Warm sun, good music and a fine nap.
Lou Maiuri
Vandalia Award winner Lou Maiuri dancing onstage with the Appalachian Country Clogger.
Fiddler Virgil Ross
Fiddler Virgil Ross finishes up a hot set.
Mountain Grass
Jammers Mountain Grass:
l-r Rodney Miles, Shug Thomas, Marvin Christian, Jim Lester.
Mandolin player Mike Bing instructs a young pupil
Mike Bing at the Jam Tent with Frank Molarcik.
potter Mary Bethune and niece Amanda Jarry
Potter Mary Bethune and niece Amanda Jarry.
dulcimer player Tiara Sinclair
Dulcimer player Tiara Sinclair.
square dancing at the outdoor dance stage
It was great weather for square dancing at the outdoor dance stage.

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