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Vandalia Festival 2010

Banjo action on the stage.
Logan Jones
Another great year for the crowd.

Let the music play.

Costum change.

Guitar and banjo, how can you go wrong.

The crowd seems to just keep growing.

Some discussions about the music.

Another good combo.

The hits continue to flow.

Stages, we dont need no stinking stages!

Filling the air with the sounds of Vandalia.

The craft vendors have plenty of visitors.

The sounds of old time music always bring in the people.

Mike Check!

A great shady spot to perform.

Guitar and fiddle, another great combo.

Shade is a great thing.

Nice place to take a break.

Good times for all ages.

Award time.

Sometimes it is good to sit and perform.

Watch out now!

Hear I come!

More stage time.

Yea, I see you.

You have to love a patriotic band.

Hey, what you want to play?.

Dancing on the stage is always a hit.

Crafts of all kinds.

I want one!

T-shirts, get your T-shirts.

Traditional dance in the great hall.

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