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Vandalia is a Place

Vandalia was a proposed colony, originating in the land speculations of politically influential Englishmen and prominent Colonial Americans. In 1768 Benjamin Franklin was one of the organizers of the Great Ohio Company, which proposed the creation of Vandalia as the 14th colony. It would have included almost all of present West Virginia, except for the Eastern Panhandle, and much of Kentucky. The name was a gesture to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, who proudly claimed descent from the Vandals through her birth to German nobility. The plan almost came to fruition in 1772-74, until the deteriorating American political situation made the British government back off.

The word Vandalia is rich in West Virginia heritage, synonomous with the desire for a free government in the mountains. And today, Vandalia is a place every Memorial Day weekend, at the Capitol Complex in Charleston, West Virginia, where the Vandalia Gathering presents traditional music, dance, crafts and food to keep the old ways alive in young minds.

Vandalia Home

Need a map to find us? You can get to the Vandalia Gathering via
Interstates 64, 77 or 79 to Charleston, West Virginia.
Take the Greenbrier Street exit at the State Capitol (Exit 99 on I-77);
you'll see the gold dome a mile away!
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