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68 Records Found
Result #NameDateCountyImage Size
1 E. L. PRENTICE26 Feb 1905Fayette955 Kb
2 Thos Prentice10 Oct 1908Fayette1290 Kb
3 James Prentice25 Jun 1951Fayette122 Kb
4 Billie Prentice05 Jul 1888Greenbrier1755 Kb
5 Laura Prentice16 Feb 1924Greenbrier123 Kb
6 Laura Prentice16 Feb 1924Greenbrier1486 Kb
7 Edd Prentice09 Mar 1932Harrison739 Kb
8 Edd Prentice09 Mar 1932Harrison133 Kb
9 Margaret Prentice25 Aug 1934Kanawha123 Kb
10 Margaret Prentice25 Aug 1934Kanawha1335 Kb
11 Emma Prentiss21 Feb 1936Kanawha1212 Kb
12 Emma Prentiss21 Feb 1936Kanawha100 Kb
13 Leroy Prentiss22 Feb 1944Kanawha143 Kb
14 Leroy Prentiss22 Feb 1944Kanawha2090 Kb
15 Margaret Prentice24 Jan 1951Kanawha1541 Kb
16 Margaret Prentice24 Jan 1951Kanawha114 Kb
17 James Prentice21 Jan 1934Lewis119 Kb
18 James Prentice21 Jan 1934Lewis916 Kb
19 Walter Prentice10 May 1934Logan1547 Kb
20 Walter Prentice10 May 1935Logan120 Kb
21 Jesse Ray Prentice1905Marion1432 Kb
22 Jesse Ray Prentice12 May 1905Marion1427 Kb
23 Elizabeth E. Prentise31 Dec 1908Marion1576 Kb
24 Elizabeth E Prentise1909Marion1596 Kb
25 Wm J Prentise1909Marion1596 Kb
26 Mrs. Wm. J. Prentise27 Oct 1909Marion1576 Kb
27 Agnes Doty Prentice04 Sep 1964Marion1851 Kb
28 Agnes Doty Prentice04 Sep 1964Marion127 Kb
29 Audrey Prentice28 Nov 1964Marion1851 Kb
30 Audrey or Butch Prentice28 Nov 1964Marion137 Kb
31 Margrette Prento03 Jun 1927Marshall125 Kb
32 Theresa Prento09 Jun 1927Marshall146 Kb
33 Therresa Prento09 Jun 1927Marshall1308 Kb
34 Mamie Prent22 Jul 1928McDowell1434 Kb
35 Margaret Miller Prentice06 Dec 1953McDowell140 Kb
36 Margaret Miller Prentice06 Dec 1953McDowell1233 Kb
37 Thomas Prentice20 Aug 1954McDowell1652 Kb
38 Thomas Prentice20 Aug 1954McDowell147 Kb
39 William Prentice19 Dec 1954McDowell142 Kb
40 William Prentice19 Dec 1954McDowell1543 Kb
41 Johnny Patrick Prentice01 Jun 1955McDowell1558 Kb
42 Euphemia Hamilton Prentice09 Mar 1963McDowell1136 Kb
43 Euphemia Hamilton Prentice09 Mar 1963McDowell112 Kb
44 Ruth Prentice07 Apr 1941Mercer128 Kb
45 William Hamilton Prentice08 Jul 1957Mercer119 Kb
46 William Hamilton Prentice08 Jul 1957Mercer1699 Kb
47 Infant Prentice15 Jul 1922Monongalia2044 Kb
48 Infant M Prentice15 Jul 1922Monongalia119 Kb
49 Elizabeth Prentice07 Nov 1853Monroe2055 Kb
50 Jas. L. Prentice17 Dec 1857Monroe2019 Kb
51 Arthur Prentice18 Feb 1892Ohio1243 Kb
52 Nellie Waton Prentice28 Dec 1935Ohio100 Kb
53 Nellie Watson Prentice28 Dec 1935Ohio408 Kb
54 Clarence Prentice10 Mar 1941Ohio965 Kb
55 Clarence Prentice10 Mar 1941Ohio130 Kb
56 Opal Margret Prentice02 Jun 1968Preston935 Kb
57 Opal Margret Prentice02 Jun 1968Preston113 Kb
58 Manella Prenter30 Dec 1906Putnam1362 Kb
59 Ethen Prentice15 Feb 1932Putnam1491 Kb
60 James Johnson Prentice25 Dec 1935Raleigh108 Kb
61 John Prentice24 Nov 1947Raleigh133 Kb
62 John Prentice24 Nov 1947Raleigh1493 Kb
63 Emily Weir Prentice06 May 1962Raleigh1435 Kb
64 Emily Weir Prentice06 May 1962Raleigh131 Kb
65 Charlotte Weir Prentice03 Dec 1968Raleigh1573 Kb
66 Charlotte Weir Prentice03 Dec 1968Raleigh112 Kb
67 Jane Prentence16 Apr 1932Wyoming131 Kb
68 Jene Prentice16 Apr 1932Wyoming1811 Kb

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