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15 Records Found
Result #GroomBrideDateCountyImage Size
1 Peter BuerchAniela Mondelowsky1905Tucker1324 Kb
2 Peter BuerckAniela Mondelousky1905Tucker1312 Kb
3 Peter MezaikaAntonina Zolotoras1905Tucker1323 Kb
4 Peter PinskyFrancis Grabofska1905Tucker1301 Kb
5 Peter PinskyR Grabofska1905Tucker1470 Kb
6 Peter TinskyF Grabafska1905Tucker1474 Kb
7 Peter MisunaApolonia Appala1906Tucker1009 Kb
8 Peter MisunaApalania Appalo1906Tucker955 Kb
9 Peter TurackNellie Juvecak1906Tucker1000 Kb
10 Peter TurackNellie Juvezak1906Tucker920 Kb
11 Peter ChockowiskiKatharina Qalaskia1907Tucker1296 Kb
12 Peter CholkowiskiKatharina Polaskia1907Tucker1303 Kb
13 Peter JocstouttsRatie Bobo1907Tucker946 Kb
14 Peter JoestouttsKatie Bobo1907Tucker1000 Kb
15 Peter MakaikaAntorina Zalatnas1907Tucker1260 Kb

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