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Updated 1/16/2019

Adamich, Tom
  “The  Dirt Was Flying!” Racing Pioneer Dave Kurtz  29:2;p38

Adams, Nancy
  The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame: Class of 2015 42:1;p29
  West Virginia Music Hall of Fame: Class of 2018  44:2;p32

Adams, R. B.
  Blair Mountain From the Other Side   13:3;p70

Albaugh, Carolyn King
  Christmas in the Valley of the West Fork 42:4;p2

Alexander, Irving
  Wilcoe: The People of a Coal Town    16:1;p28
  Jewish Merchants in the Coalfields    16:1;p34

Alvarez, M. Raymond
  The 1954 Disaster  44:3;p19
  Bob Campione  44:3;p30
  Chesney’s Totem Pole: Tribute to a Fairmont Landmark   34:3;p34
  Eleanor McElroy: "An Influence for Good"  20:1;p36
  Fairmont Architect Andrew C. Lyons 40:3;p16
  Fairmont’s Last Living Slave: “Aunt Hat” Wilson Whitely   42:1;p50
  Finding Aunt Hat’s Grave  42:1;p55
  In Close Touch with Reality: Photographer Lewis Hine  38:1;p44
  “Is your dad home from the mines?”  44:3;p22
  La Familia Fernandez: Recalling a Spanish Family in Clarksburg   35:3;p19
  Living Small: Marjorie Wolverton’s Journey to West  Virginia   40:2;p54
  The Manger Scene    33:4;p60
  The Night Eva Tanguay Rang Down the Curtain in Fairmont   43:2;p64
  Nurses at No. 9  44:3;p46
  The View from Fairmont: A Century in Postcards   29:4;p18
  Water Street: Rise, Fall, and Renewal in Fairmont      40:3;p10
  Young Nurses Long Ago: Fairmont's Cook Hospital  Training School  18:4;p42

Anderson, Belinda
  Bill Dysard of Lewisburg: "A Real Son" of the South  29:3;p38
  Clingman's Market  25:1;p58
  Coming Home: The George Hajash Story   29:1;p26
  The Fighting Hajash Brothers   29:1;p32
  Jim Costa: West Virginia Renaissance Man  27:3;p42
  Living In the Quiet Zone  26:3;p50
  The Other Coal House  28:1;p60
  "Something for Everybody": Going to the  State Fair with the Tuckwillers    25:2;p30
  Anderson, Colleen
  Arthurdale Craftspeople  7:2;p21
  Eleanor and Arthurdale   10:3;p5
  The Pepperoni Roll: State Food of West Virginia   32:1;p10
  Perfecting the Pawpaw: A Fruit and Its  Foundation  17:1;p37
  Redeeming the Wood: Self-Taught Woodcarver Herman Hayes  25:2;p20
Storming Heaven   14:1;p70
  The Unquiet Earth   18:4;p65
  Visiting Historic Malden  27:3;p40
  West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers: Echoes From the Hills  27:1;p19

Andersen, Kevin
  Sedor Fedukovich: A New American in Fayette County   22:3;p16

Andre, Richard
  Bill Wintz: Nitro's Grassroots Historian   27:3;p30
  "Here and Gone!" Midget Car Racing in West Virginia  21:3;p45
  "Indian Summer All The Time": B. E. Andre, Charleston  Motorcyclist  10:2;p47
  Remembering Harold Field  24:2;p18

Angle, Barbara A.
  Getting Started on Spring: Grandfather's Garden   24:1;p68

Antolini, Katharine Lane
  “Profiteers, Charity Charlatans, and Anti-Mother Propagandists”: Anna Jarvis and the Enemies of Mother’s Day   43:1;p48

Archer, Bill
  Elkhorn:  A Tale of Two High Schools      39:3;p46
  On the  Trail of the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers    36:2;p40
  “Salt  Pork, West Virginia”: A Musical Mystery Solved    30:2;p30
  Sharp’s Camp: Mercer County Poor Farm   35:2;p34
Argeo, Luis
  Asturian West Virginia   35:3;p14

Arnold, Allen D.
  Burgoo, the Stew    32:1;p30

Asbury, Martha J.
  Folk Humor for Fall: The Hog in the Road & Other Tales from Trout  20:3;p65

Ash, Gerald W.
  Preston County Educator is Expert Penman   3:2;p18

Ashley, Joan
  The Smoke Hole  18:4;p31
  The View from Brandywine: Looking Back with Lester Hoover  18:4;p25

Ater, Malcolm
  Birth of the Steamboat  13:4;p62
  A Good Life and a Full Life: John Wesley Harris of Shepherdstown  16:1;p42
  The Mountain Heritage Arts & Crafts Fair   19:3;p65
  Setting History Straight: Shepherdstown Builds a Steamboat  13:4;p59
  "Why Retire, Anyhow?" Berkeley Postmaster Truman McCauley  15:3;p33
  “You Never Know...”: Clarence “Bones” Wright of  Shepherdstown   32:4;p54

Athey, Lou
  Another Coal Man Looks Back: A 1901 Interview with W. D. Thurmond  15:3;p62
  Mining Coal and Minding Cows: Garland Skaggs of Ansted  13:2;p47

Atkins, Anna B. Shue
  "She Didn't Go Sangin' Alone"   25:3;p27

Bailey, Barbara Copenhaver
  Brooke County Trapping  29:4;p49

Bailey, Gene
  Grandma and the Gentleman  32:1;p50
  Harvesting and Threshing the Grain: Working for Our  Daily Bread  23:3;p49

Bailey, Richard S.
  Arden: Willie Nestor Recalls Life in a Barbour County Town    37:2;p43
  “Hand Tools and Hard Work”: Oil and Gas Man Darrell  Bush  35:4;p33
  “I Wish I Could Go Back”: A Visit with Pete  Henderson of Marion County  36:4;p54
  Paul Whiteman Recalls Early Days in Bridgeport   34:2;p18

Bagdon, Philip V.
  Cass: A Short History  26:2;p38
  "Hell's Acre": A Visit To East Cass   26:2;p42

Bain, Ericka
  “The Best of Times by Far”: A Visit with Sue Dingess of MacDunn  31:2;p46

Baker, Amy
  The Flatwoods Monster Goes to College   28:3;p62

Baker, Gary
  "Parables in Picture Form": The Art of Patrick J. Sullivan  6:3;p30

Baker, Geraldine Jacobs
  Lucky Lindy   23:2;p70
  When the River Came to Our House: Riding Out the Flood of 1936   23:1;p56

Baker, Luther D.
  Finley Taylor: Early Richwood Photographer      39:4;p22

Baker, Stanley
  Crocks and Churns: A.P. Donaghho and Parkersburg Stoneware  11:2;p32

Ball, David
  Sowball   43:2;p52

Ballard, Ross, II
  Doing Fine at 99: A Visit With Melvin Harris    28:1;p30

Balow, Jim
  From Right Here in the Mountains: West Virginia Public Radio's "Mountain Stage"  14:3;p67

Barbour, Russ
  Major General Charles R. Fox   29:2;p10

Barkey, Fred
  According to Miss Alice: A Farm Girl Recalls Coal Town Life  23:1;p33
  “Blair Mountain Changed My Life!” Reflections on the 1921 Armed Miners’ March  42:1;p56 
  George Delforge and the Banner Window Glass Company of South Charleston  1:3;p36
  Mike Owens’ Glass Company  22:1;p35
  West Virginia's Belgian and French Glassworkers   27:2;p28

Barlow, Mary Margaret
  The Harvest Day Quilt: A Pocahontas County Tradition  15:3;p65
  Salt-Rising Bread  19:3;p6

Barnard, Bessie
  "Grammy's Recollections": Growing Up in Ritchie County   9:2;p61

Barnett, Bob
  Black and White: Fairmont West vs. Fairmont Dunbar  44:4;p40
  Friday Night Rites: High School Football in the  Northern Panhandle   17:3;p55
  From Statesmen to Power: Minor League Baseball in Charleston  40:2;p8
  Holding Court: West Virginia’s First Girls’ High  School Basketball Tournament  39:1;p24
  Rise and Fall of the Newell Park Zoo   36:2;p26
  Tee Time in the Mountain State: West Virginia’s Golf History   41:2;p26
  Wall of China: Recalling the Greatest Dump in the  World   18:1;p52
  When the “Big Green” Rolled: Newell’s Championship Season   31:1;p10

Barnett, C. Robert
  "The Finals": West Virginia's Black Basketball Tournament, 1925-1957   9:2;p30
  "Something We Lived For": Coach James Wilkerson Recalls Basketball  and the Black Tournament 9:2;p37
  Spring Baseball    10:1;p8

Barnett, Florence
  We, the People of Chestnut Ridge: A Native Community in Barbour County   25:3;p30

Barnett, Lysbeth A.
  Black and White: Fairmont West vs. Fairmont Dunbar  44:4;p40
  Spring Baseball   10:1;p8

Bartemes, David W.
  Don Bosco: Agricultural Education in Randolph County   27:1;p32
  A Night on Kumbrabow Mountain   27:1;p36

Bartlett, Larry
  Back to Beason: Recalling Family Time on the Pullman Road  21:4;p40
  The Creed Cox Murder  21:1;p26
  Doodle Was a Tough Old Bird   26:2;p66
  First-Class: Bill Buckley and the Parkersburg Post Office  24:3;p42
  Mayberry in Harrisville: Keeping the Peace in Ritchie County   21:1;p23
  Paul Smith: "A Good Word for the Post Office"  24:3;p46
  Poet O.O. Eckels   25:4;p40
  Rural Murals: New Deal Art in West Virginia     24:3;p36
  "Those Weren't Bad Days": Ritchie County Farm Life   22:3;p9

Basconi, Wayne
  Growing Up in a Hardware Store  39:1;p54

Battlo, Jean
  Booger  Man: Recalling Revenuer Mack Day    22:2;p44
  "By God, and Thomas Jefferson!" Mother Jones on the Creeks  19:4;p24
  Cinder Bottom: A Coalfields Red-Light District    20:2;p60
  Coal Art: The “Other” West Virginia Coal Industry   34:4;p10
  “I Am  in a Swell Place Now”: Early McDowell County Postcards   30:4;p18
  Jones Mansion: The Checkered History of a McDowell  County Landmark   31:2;p52
  "Lavoro e Casa": Memories of an Italian Mining Family   25:1;p48
  Mining in the Melting Pot: The African American Influx Into the McDowell County  Mines  23:4;p46
  “Run Down to Gianato’s”: Kimball Memories       37:1;p40
  "The War is Over Weather Fair": The  Journal of J. W. Cline   23:1;p18

Beanblossom, Robert
  The Big Burn of ’52    35:3;p58
  Confessions of a Forest Ranger   35:3;p64
  Fire Towers: "Pop" Wriston Built the Big  Ones   13:1;p49
  Smoke Pilot: Flying Forester Asher Kelly    17:3;p50
  Writing is Second Nature: Mingo Reporter Charlotte Sanders   18:4;p17

Beckman, I. Lynn
  Home Delivery: Amy Mildred Sharpless, Mountaintop Midwife   19:4;p55

Beeson, Lillian Poe
  Butchering As Ritual   26:4;p58

Begler, George David
  Columnist Alyce Faye Bragg: Everybody’s Grandmother   33:2;p18

Belanger, Ruth
  Graceland: The Past and Future of an Elkins Landmark   5:3;p39
  Midwives' Tales  5:4;p42
  Thomas and Its Opera House   6:4;p23

Bell, Beth
  Raising Cane: A Sweet Story From Calhoun County   21:3;p20

Bell, Charles
  The Wild Turkey String Band   3:3;p55

Benjamin, J. W., Jr.
  A Lewisburg Institution: The Greenbrier Military School   22:2;p65

Bennett, Alan
  Catfish: Portrait of an Herb Doctor    3:3;p46

Bennett, Chessie Clay
  "These Times Stand Out in Memory": Reminiscences by Chessie Clay Bennett  15:1;p30

Bernardin, James
  "West Virginia—Hooray!": Growing Up in Wheeling   41:4;p32>

Betler, Bruce
  Bärg Käss: Cheesemaking Among the West Virginia Swiss   20:1;p28

Bianco, Patricia Stevens
  The Family Drug Store: Recalling a Huntington Business   18:2;p65

Bickley, Ancella R.
  Camp  War: Remembering CCC Company 3538-C    27:4;p22
  Company 3538-C Reunion   27:4;p26
  Denmar   22:4;p49
  Dubie, Spanky, and Mr. Death: West Virginia's Pioneering Black Airmen   23:2;p42
  Education and Activism in Gary: A Visit with Jessie Moon Thomas   32:4;p32
  General  Edward Greer: West Virginia’s First Black General     37:4;p42
  Lafadie  Belle Whittico: Black Medical Pioneer in Mingo County    29:4;p40
  “Lifting as We Climb”: Charleston Woman’s Improvement League   30:4;p54
  The  West Virginia Schools for the Colored Deaf and Blind    28:3;p22
Biola, Heather Roberts
  Barn Builder: The Working Wisdom of Lawson Kimbrew  13:4;p32

Bing, Louise
  Bringing Lincoln to West Virginia    7:3;p65
  The Famous Latlips, Charleston's Premiere Show Family  5:2;p30
  Remembering Luna Park  8:3;p5
  "Soup, Soap, and Salvation": "Brother Pat" Withrow and the  Charleston Union Mission   6:3;p25

Bjorlie, Clara Castelar
  Stepping Back in Time: Another West Virginia Gristmill   17:1;p20
  "What America Is Made Of": Country Ham in the German Tradition   15:4;p23

Bladyes, Sophia B.
  Reading and Writing: A Report from Morgantown's Literary Discussion Group   10:1;p61

Blake, Lisa
  Captain Pete Grassie and the Princess Margy    28:2;p10

Blisard, John
  Coondog Heaven  26:4;p10

Blizzard, William C.
  The Mystery of Rosbys Rock   2:3;p37
  Working on the Railroad   1:2;p28

Bloemker, Jim
  Whatever It Takes: Elmer Mollohan of Webster County   10:4;p9
  Working the Hardwood Country: Glenn Spencer and the Lumber Business   13:2;p25

Board, Bill
  Hinton's Masonic Theater   2:1;p3

Boggs, Hunter
  Mr. Grandview Meets Mr. Grandview: A Grouse Tale   22:2;p42

Bolling, Nan
  Spanning Time: Touring West Virginia's Covered Bridges   14:2;p32

Bolte, Ethel
  Aunt Mary's House   16:2;p8
  The Meadow   15:2;p8

Bond, S. Thomas
  The Old Brick Church at Lost Creek   33:1;p34

Bones, Mary Catherine
  “Mary, come home!” My Trip Back to Wenonah  44:1;p60

Bonnstetter, Cathy Meo
  "You Never Forget": Taylor County's Color Guard   27:4;p9

Booth, Adam
  2017 Vandalia Award Recipient Jim Good  44:1;p72

Bordinat, Philip
  Reading and Writing: A Report from Morgantown's Literary Discussion Group   10:1;p61

Botts, Patricia
  Curing at Hopemont: A Former Patient's Recollections   12:1;p36

Bousquet, Woodward S.
  Stories in Wood and Metal: Marshall Fleming's Little Hidden Valley   18:2;p58

Bowyer, Rev. O. Richard
  Healing Spirits  44:3;p34

Boyd, Laiken
  The Pigtown Fling  44:2;p72

Bragg, Alyce Faye
  My Home    33:2;p25

Bragg, Melody E.
  Glen Jean: Echo of an Empire   14:4;p9
  The Reliable Bill Trevey: Glen Jean's Photographer   14:4;p17

Brammer, Richard
  A Home for the Homeless: Remembering the Pleasants County Poor Farm    20:3;p45

Brand, Irene B.
  "And Never Learned to Swim": Bob McGuffin and the River   9:3;p15
  Boat Building at Point Pleasant  16:4;p34
  "Boy, How Things Have Changed!" Bob McGuffin Recalls  Turn-of-the-Century Point Pleasant   9:3;p23
  Captain Charles Henry Stone: "God Gave Us a Beautiful Gift in These  Rivers"  11:2;p25
  "The Finest in the State": Harry Shadle's Mount Vernon Farm   19:2;p48
  Harmony Church: Witness and Worship in Mason County    31:1;p30
  Rural Route: Jabez Beard Carried the Mail     13:4;p37
  Shantyboat Days: Gladys Price Recalls Life on the River   10:2;p40
  Showboat Families    9:4;p32
  Showboating: Garnet Reynolds Recalls Life on the Majestic   9:4;p28
  The Worst Since Noah: Point Pleasant Floods    17:4;p51

Brand, Marsha S.
  The Taste of Coal    32:2;p36

Brant, Mike
  Turtle Man of Lubeck 40:3;p24

Brannon, Charles E.
  Surviving the Great Depression: Our Year on the Farm  38:1;p56
  Tales of a B&O Fireman   33:4;p22

Brashler, Janet C.
  Before John King Arrived: Early History of the Monongahela National Forest   9:4;p62
  Don Gaudineer: The Ranger's Ranger    9:4;p60

Brawley, Harry M.
  Coalfields Vacations in the Mine Wars Era    17:2;p36
  Front Street Saturday Night   12:3,p8
  The Great Kanawha   15:3;p71
  Stories My Father Told Me   11:3;p8
  When the Capitol Burned   12:1;p8

Brennan, Jennifer
  Hickory Hill: Restoring a Childhood Home  44:2;p64

Brennan, Margaret
  Wheeling's Irish Thread: An O'Brien Family Tale    25:1;p18

Brewster, Donna Brown
  One-Room School Days   43:3;p64

Brewster, Kathy Webb
  Coal Fires and Memories    29:4;p38

Brightwell, Steve
  Point Pleasant: A Photo Essay   43:4;p26

Brinkley, Ellen Henson
  A Gift of the Past: Writing Family History    10:4;p4

Brown, Deb Austin
  The Daffodils Will Remember  44:1;p64

Brown, Jeanette
  Ghostly Remembrances: A Visit to Scollay Hall and Middleway   8:3;p65
  A Special Place and Two Special People: A Visit to Shepherdstown   7:4;p65
  Witchcraft, Freed Slaves, and the Naming of Needmore   7:1;p67

Brown, Leona G.
  Alderson Baptist Academy   16:3;p27
  Allegheny Lodge: Looking Back on a Lost Landmark   17:3;p38
  Apple Heritage   41:3;p62
  The Ghosts of Stretcher's Neck   24:3;p64
  Grandview  22:2;p34
  Life in College Park: The G.I. Bill Changes WVU   21:3;p25
  Quinnimont: Going Back to a New River Town     16:3;p23
  Recalling an Irish Mountain Farm Family: The O'Leary-Gwinn Connection   17:1;p55
  Round Bottom: Home of the New River Gwinns     10:1;p16

Brown, Shari
  At Home With the Browns: A Morgan Ridge Legacy   22:2;p24

Browning, Kathleen Hensley
  The Cattle Drive   10:2;p8
  When Dad Carried the Mail   9:2;p46

Browning, Linda Myers                                        
  Night Riders on the Air   35:1;p28

Browning, Rebecca
  Whiskey Days   6:2;p67

Bruffey, Jean
  The Girl from Ireland      38:4;p36

Bruner, Jim
  Hard Ground and Weeds: Will Bruner's Gardening Memoir   13:2;p60
  Recalling Will Bruner   13:2;p62

Bryant, Georgia Gordon
  How I Came To the Thorn Street Diner    26:1;p34

Bumgardner, Stan
  The 1954 Disaster  44:3;p19
  2017 Books on Appalachia   43:3;p76   
  Angelo’s Famous Italian Sausage: An Old-World Tradition in Fayette County   41:1;p16
  “Cap” Ferguson”: A Black Trailblazer   43:1;p62
     Comfortably Numb  44:3;p80
  The Culture Center: West Virginia’s “Treasure House”  42:2;p26
  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Charleston 44:1;p57
  The Farmington Mine Disaster  44:3;p6
  In the Beginning . . . South Charleston’s Belgian  Roots  37:4;p16
  Jane George: A Lifetime of Inspiration 44:2;p14
  Jimmy Joe Wedge: Memories of the Silver Bridge Disaster   43:4;p20
  Ken Hechler and the Farmington Widows  44:3;p52
     Kim Johnson: Our Beyoncé of the Banjo  44:4;p10
  The Miracle of Hominy Falls  44:1;p7
  New Books Available   41:3;p66
  The Quiet Dell Murders: West Virginia’s Crime of the  Century   33:3;p54
  The Silver Bridge Disaster   43:4;p8
     Recent Books on Appalachia  44:4;p70
  The “Wee Vee”: West Virginia’s Pride and Joy  42:4;p20
  West Virginia Journalist Wins Pulitzer Prize   43:2;p6 
  West Virginia Remembers Pearl Harbor  42:4;p14 

Bunting, Camilla
  When Hollywood Came to Moundsville: Filming Davis Grubb's Fools' Parade 21:2;p48

Burdette, Cody A.
  The  BC&G and the Last Stand of Steam    30:3;p24
  Farewell  to Steam: Railroading at the End of an Era    14:1;p9
  Firing  on the Grade: A Shay Summer at Cass    15:2;p58
  Home to Swandale 18:1;p9
  “Out On the Trail”: Tales of a Mail Rider   32:4;p46
  Recalling  the Great Depression: Hard Times on a Hillside Farm   19:4;p6
  The Section Hand    29:3;p36

Burnett, John
  Fishing  in Berwind   30:2;p46

Burnette, Nancy Svet
  "Where the Rails Turn Up": Slovenes in Richwood   26:4;p38

Bush, Michael E.
  The Appalachian Play-party   1:2;p10

Byer, Alan
  Dira Stout, Sr.: Steam Locomotive Prodigy   43:4;p58 
  More about the Ballis and the West Virginia Swiss;   41:4;p62
  Recalling Bob Caruthers: Last of the BC&G Steam  Railroaders   32:4;p10
  Steam Locomotives in the West Virginia Woods   43:4;p64 
  Swiss Family Balli: The Movie;   41:4;p56
  Visiting the Balli Sisters of Helvetia   36:2;p10

Byrne, W. E. R.
  Elk River Tales: A Webster County Story    22:1;p9

Cabbell, Edward J.
  "The Soulful Side of Mountain Life": Ten Years of the John Henry  Festival  9:3;p67
  Uncle Homer Walker   6:3;p70
  "Where Could I Go But to the Lord?" Shape-note Singing Among Blacks  in Southern West Virginia 7:4;p65

Caldwell, Charles W.
  Sandpaper    28:2;p64

Caldwell, Georgia
  Religion by the Roadside: The Halltown Memorial Chapel   22:4;p52

Call, Patricia
  A Visit to Winfield: Going Home With Carl Miller    13:4;p46

Cameron, Laurie
  The Howes Tannery: Making Leather in Pocahontas  County  37:3;p50

Campbell, Larry
  Warm Mornings in Clay County    29:4;p32

Campbell, Shirley Young
  Coal Towns: Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival    7:3;p6

Caniff, Tom
  Acres, Roods, and Perches: A Century of Glassmaking on a Wellsburg Corner  12:4;p51
  Wheeling's "Fancy Grocers": A Bottle Collector Writes of Early Food  Packing in the Northern Panhandle  7:2;p58

Cantrell, Betty
  Widen, The Town J.G. Bradley Built    3:1;p2

Caplinger, Michael
  Understanding the Band Saw  17:4;p16

Carder, Patricia Byrnside
     William Cooper Stiles, Jr., and Thornhill Mansion  44:4;p56
  Waterborne: River Work in Winter  38;4;p24

Carlson, Renie
  "Thank You, Lord, I'm Home": An Interview with Poet Muriel Miller  Dressler   9:3;p25

Caroli, Tina J.
  A Life in Time: Piano Man Paul Pannell    19:1;p33

Carper, Helen
  From Seminary to University: The First Century    14:4;p5
  Going Home Again: Once More to Ovapa   19:2;p28
  A Grand Move: Morris Harvey College Comes to the City   14:4;p46
  Looking Back on a Busy Life: Phyllis Hamrick of St. Albans   21:1;p44
  The Thursday Club   21:1;p48
  "What a Time We Had!" An Oil Field Love Story    19:2;p32
  With Never a Recipe: Family History and Dried Apple Pie    11:3;p59

Carpenter, Jerry
  Tressie Dale Smith: More Than a Lunch Lady to Me   32:1;p20

Carter, W. Hodding
  Thurmond: Change Continues in a New River Town    21:2;p15

Case, Bill
  Breaking New Ground: A Century of Agricultural Experimentation   14:1;p46
  Never Going to Quit: Maurice G. Brooks    14:1;p52

Casto, James E.
  Aboard the Paul G. Blazer:  Riding on the River    19:1;p14
  Dreamland: Summer Fun in Wayne County     22:2;p44
  From Hauling Pies to Hauling People: Bus Driver Harry Erwin   20:2;p37
  Hillsboro Observes the Pearl Buck Centennial    18:2;p70
  Locking Through: Remaking History on the Ohio    19:1;p9
  "Nickels and Dimes by the Barrelful": Taking the Bus in Huntington    20:2;p33
  "A Rattle Heard 'Round the Nation": The Saga of the Brinkley  Bridge   22:3;p57
  Something About Stewart's Curb Service in Huntington    21:3;p40
  A Warm Welcome: World War I Troop Trains   43:1;p58
  West Virginians on the Mexican Border a Century Ago  42:1;p64

Cervin, Michael
  Tasting the Waters in Berkeley Springs   35:4;p46

Chadwick, Doug
  New River Towns: 1900-1920   2:2;p17
  "Nothing Will Ever Bring Them Back"    2:1;p35

Chamberlain, Lorna
  Buying on Time: A 1920's Couple Sets Up Housekeeping    18:1;p30
  Family Farming   17:2;p45
  The Flu Epidemic, 1918    16:4;p2
  Nothing But a Ford   14:1;p69
  Uncle Sol and Devil Anse    13:2;p65
  We Never Missed the Bus    16:3;p8
  Work To Be Done: A Wellsburg Church Recovers From the '36 Flood    13:3;p18

Chambers, Bill
  "To Marry a Soldier": An Interview with Lena Kiser    7:1;p22

Clark, Jack
  Tick Lilly & the Junkyard Derby  40:3;p60

Clark, James C.
     Rocky Cornfields, a Watch, Confederate Money, and a Couple Millstones  44:1;p54
  Sixteen Years on Hackers Creek  39:4;p48

Clark, Robell B.
  Recollections of Ashford    20:1;p70

Clauson-Wicker, Su
  Riding Route 52: The Old Coal Road     28:1;p10

Cleek, Ward
  Allegheny Lodge: A Manager Remembers     17:3;p43

Cline, Paul C.
  James Tyree Rexrode, The Man    3:3;p39

Cobb, Mary
  Back to Williams Mountain    17:3;p65
  Basic Education: Gladys Fox Recalls Her One-Room Schools     17:3;p60
  "Good Times Together": Lucille Hanna Looks Back     19:4;p16

Coberly, Lenore McComas
  Bob Adkins: Lincoln County Gas Man     18:2;p31
  Settling Family Differences     18:2;p36

Coe, Michael
  Clowning Around: Shriner Jerry Conn     12:2;p66

Cogar, H. R.  
  William Holly Griffith: West Virginia Desperado   36:3;p40

Cohenour, Charles
  The  Murder of Snowden Crane   30:3;p62

Cole, Merle T.
  Another Mystery: How Did Samuel D. Brady Die? 42:2;p67
  Rentals, Radios, and Resurgence: The State Police in the 1930s  42:2;p62
  The Revenooers: Enforcing Prohibition in West Virginia   43:4;p36  

Coleman, Martha Caroline
  Martha Manning: A Century of West Virginia Stained Glass      38:3;p20

Collins, Maxson B.
  Berlin:  Boyhood Memories in Lewis County    28:4;p29

Collins, Wanda
  Christmas Apples    36:4;p62

Conte, Bob
  Debunking the Bunker   36:4;p25
  Hidden in Plain Sight: The Greenbrier’s Bunker  36:4;p18

Conti, Susan
  Mary S. Ferguson   2:1;p14

Cook, Virginia
  89 Years in the Coalfields: A Satisfying Life in Wyoming County      34:1;p48

Cookro, Beverly
  My Mom, the Snake Slayer  35:2;p54

Cooper, E. R., M.D.
  Memories of a Country Doctor      38:3;p50

Cooper, John
  Churning Butter   23:4;p62
  Living Through the Great Depression      36:1;p28
  Young Days on our Stone Lick Farm  31:1;p24

Cooper, Steven
  Holding Court: West Virginia’s First Girls’ High School  Basketball Tournament     39:1;p24
Copeland, E. Luther
  Confessions of a Lumberjack   23:4;p23

Copenhaver, Ben
  Ginseng: Digging for Treasure in Brooke County  36:3;p59

Corbin, David A.
  The 'Ups and Downs' of a British Coal Miner in the West Virginia Coal Fields  2:4;p35

Core, Earl
  Goldenseal   1:1;p1 / 6:1;p3 / 10:1;p2 / 15:1;p70 / 25:3;p22

Coscoe, Joe
  Cabell County Poor Farm, 1853 to 1929   5:2;p36

Costa, Jimmy
  Folklife at the Cultural Center: The Costa Collection  12:2;p58

Cottrill, David
  Oakhurst Links: Golfing the Old-Time Way    30:2;p62

Coulter, Mary
  Love Story of a Coal Miner's Widow    4:4;p28

Cox, Jessica L.
  Cox's Store: A Hampshire County Landmark    21:1;p18

Cox, William E.
  A Daughter Remembers   10:1;p17
  "McKendree No. 2": The Story of West Virginia's Miners Hospitals   7:3;p36

Crabtree, Becky
  Picture Day  40:2;p50

Crabtree, Mark
  Coalwood Today    27:2;p60
  Hard Work and Music: Fiddler Elmer Rich   35:3;p44
  Red Ribble, Coalfield Photographer  7:1;p9
  Worley Gardner: Mountain Music, Dance and Dulcimers   18:2;p9

Craig, Christopher
  The Curio House at Harpers Ferry  35:2;p60

Craigo, Robert W.
  West Virginia Coal Company Scrip  5:4;p68

Cramblett, Laura L.
  The Bethany Trolley  37:2;p16

Crawford, Janetta
  Home Sweet Home: Blue Jay, West Virginia  42:4;p62

Crawford, Richard
  Making Judge Robinson's Death Mask    27:3;p50

Creadick, Nowell
  What is Old-time String Band Music?   1:1;p9

Creasy, William D.
  Beaver Creek   12:2;p51
  A Depression Ramble   18:1;p70
  Preacher James and Sally Ann   19:3;p9

Crockett, Maureen
  Berdines: A Visit to Ritchie County’s Old-Time 5  & Dime  34:3;p24
  Bessie Barnard: A Visit with "Grammy"  9:4;p23
  A Big Noise on Knapps Creek: W.C. Gentry Makes Sawdust  15:1;p15
  Doing Time in Style: The State Prison for Women at Pence Springs   16:2;p48
  Doing Time on Kennsion Mountain: Pocahontas County's Forgotten Prison   11:1;p38
  Flummery and Purslane: Food and the Great Depression     32:1;p24
  Follow the Coal: A Visit with Oreste Leombruno    31:3;p6
  Getting Along Together: Black Life in Pocahontas County    22:4;p41
  Hill Daughter Louise McNeill   17:4;p65
Hopemont: Curing Tuberculosis in Preston County   12:1;p30
  Johnnie Hill   24:1;p22
  The Man Who Fed the Animals: Nap Holbrook and the Early Days at Watoga   17:2;p50
  Pence Springs Resort Lives Again   16:2;p54
  "Special Music and Dedicated Service": Miss Autumn Amos of Braxton  County   9:4;p23
  Wild Foods at North Bend: Some Were Eaten and Some Escaped   15:4;p65

Croft, Maple
  A Mineral County Farm  9:2;p41

Crookshanks, Ben
  "All in a Day's Work": Former State Trooper William R. Seal   25:1;p43
  Making Whiskey in Greenbrier County  34:2;p58
  Nothing But Hardwood: The Meadow River Lumber  Company   17:4;p9
  Second to None: Eighty Years of the West Virginia State Police   25:1;p32
Croston, Lois
  We, the People of Chestnut Ridge: A Native Community in Barbour County  25:3;p30

Crummitt, Hattie M.
  Conversation with an Old House  22:4;p63

Culbert, Anne Clark
  Grandmother's House: Memories of a Brooke County Farm  8:1;p24

Cullinan, Kathleen
  Arthurdale: The New Deal Comes to Preston County  7:2;p7

Curry, Roy Watson
 Home Again: Don Neill of Buckhannon   14:2;p46

Custer, Frances Upton
  After the Fall of '29: A Clarksburger Recalls the Great Depression   14:3;p44

Cuthbert, John A.
  A Musicological Look at John Johnson's Fiddling   7:4;p16
  "In Steel and Song": The Wheeling Steel Radio Show   18:4;p32

Damron, Bob
  Building the Capitol  8:2;p16

Damron, Bob and Carole
  Mother Jones in Court: Act I, Scene 3, from "Brimstone and Lace"  6:4;p43

Daniel, Will
  The Last of Its Kind: Dib Harmon and the Sistersville Ferry  16:3;p50

Davis, F. Keith
  The Hatfields, the McCoys, and the Other Matewan Shootout  42:1;p14
  Johnse Hatfield: Violence and Mayhem after the Vendetta  42:2;p50

Davis, John L.
  The Great Harmon Creek Flood of 1912   41:1;p34

Davis, Nadine
  The Way it Was: Memories of Glenna Harrah Weaver  37:4;p48

Davisson, Lucille Kemper
  Springtime in Plaugher Hollow   33:1;p18

Daugherty, George
  "A Good People Doing a Good Thing": Pinch Reunion Reaches 100   27:2;p44

Daugherty, Kenneth C.
  The Bushy-Tailed Defender  38:2;p48

Davis, Bradford
  Dad's Sheep  15:1;p8

Davis, Cora Hanlin
  Angus Cattle in West Virginia and America    9:2;p45
  Maple Croft: A Mineral County Farm   9:2;p41

Davis, John
  Buffalo, Putnam County: A West Virginia Community Enters the 2Oth  Century   5:3;p13

Davis, Lloyd
  How Folk Music Got That Way: Thanksgiving Memories by Lloyd Davis  17:3;p68

Davis, Rachelle
  Nickels and Dimes in Parsons   28:3;p37

DeBellis, Jeff
  Tapping into History  44:4;p62

DeBerry, Mary Lucille
  Auburn, 1913-1929  3:4;p4
  Perry Cox: "A Good Photographer, Much in Demand"  22:4;p26
  "A Home Away From Home": Harrisville's Whitehall Hotel   25:4;p36
  A Slave's Son But Not a Slave  2:3;p14

Deitz, Dennis
  Hog Butchering  10:3;p69
  "I Think We've Struck a Gold Mine": A Chemist's View of Hawks Nest  16:3;p42
  Maple Sugar Time   11:1;p64

Deitz, Elizabeth
  "As We Lived a Long Time Ago"  7:3;p9

Dempsey, Sarah
  Norton House: Malden's Best-Kept Secret   27:3;p36

Denton, Margo Blevin
  Echoes of Buffalo Creek: Lewis Bondurant   35:4;p18

Dennison, Corley F.
  WSAZ Radio: "The Worst Station from A to Z"   27:4;p40

DePollo, Janice
  "Win or Lose, There's Always Tomorrow"  10:3;p65

Deskins, Charlotte
  Family Graveyard: The Collins Cemetery of McDowell County   13:3;p54
  From Nature's Bounty: Mushroom Hunting in Mercer County   16:1;p36
  Groundhogs   14:4;p65
  Haints, Hairy Men, and Headless Mules    14:3;p61
  Healing from the Hills: Folk Medicine of the Southern Mountains   16:4;p60
  It Makes the World Go 'Round: A McDowell County Love Story   14:1;p66
  Moonshine "New Moon, True Moon": Love Lore From McDowell County   12:1;p62

DiBacco, Jerry
  Night of Raging Waters: Parsons and the 1985 Flood   31:3;p14                                    
  Saving Pauline   31:3;p23

DiBacco, Lori Marie
  The Ricottillis of Barbour County: An Italian Family Carries On   32:3;p48

Dickerscheid, Pamela J.
  Ho-Ho-Ho! Santa Bill Kimmons 38:4;p62

Divens, Douglas Clyde
  Hunting Squirrels and Leaving Home: A Story for Father's Day   12:1;p7

Doan, Wilma
  "A Chance to Make a Dollar": Grace Lowther, Tyler County Grocer and Innkeeper  7:3;p41
  "Petticoat Government": The All-Woman Administration of a Tyler  County Town   7:2;p67

Dodrill, Carl
  Tools of Mountain Living: The Knot Maul    20:1;p8

Doll, Susan M.
  Starstruck by Stage Struck: Hollywood Comes to New Martinsville   28:1;p36

Donegia, Wayman A.
  How We Fed Ourselves Back Then: Eating Well in Barbour County   33:2;p26

Douglas, Eric
  Growing Up Jewish in Charleston  44:4;p28

Douglas, James Wilson
  Claude R. Linger: West Virginia’s Other Presidential Candidate   30:3;p38

Douglas, John
  Joltin' Jim McCoy: Morgan County's Country Music Troubadour   28:1;p54
  The Redhead Murder Case: An Unsolved Mystery from  1950  37:3;p62
  "Sleeping Beneath the Sand": Songwriter  John W. Unger of Morgan County   19:4;p61

Douglas, Wilson
  How I Came to be a Fiddler  3:1;p21

Dragan, Jon
  "A Dirty, Messy Place to Work": B.H.  Metheney Remembers Hawk's Nest Tunnel   7:1;p34

Driver, David
  Lew Burdette: The Pride of Nitro  24:3;p56

Drummond, Anne
  Dugan Drew It All: Recalling a Great Huntington Cartoonist   15:1;p22

Duffield, G. Curtis
  Hobo's Coon: A Braxton County Hunting Tale   21:3;p53
  Sporting Goods    20:3;p64

Dumont, Edgar, Jr.
  Remembrances of Grandma and Grandpa Dumont 37:4;p22

Dunkle, John L., Sr.
  The Dunkles of Deer Run: A Pendleton County  Family  16:4;p22

Dunlap, Andrew
  Brooks Smith: The Making of a Banjo Player  22:1;p53

Dwire, Kailey
  My Lost Hamster      38:1;p64

Dye, Steve
  Building Rigs the Old Way: Oilman U.S. Dye   35:4;p26
  40 Years of Sawmilling   43:3;p42

Earls, Stephanie
A King-Sized  Reunion: Capon Springs Resort  23:1;p9
  A Little Idea with Great Expectations   23:1;p14

Ebert, Lucy
  Timothy Corn: Folk Tales from the Eastern  Panhandle  11:4;p66

Efaw, Jennifer L.
  Button, Button: St. Marys Had the Button  Factory  21:2;p33
  High Hopes at Colin Anderson Center  24:4;p52

Eff, Elaine
  "A Whole Lot to It Buddy, A Whole Lot More Than  Meets the Eye"  5:1;p5

Elkins, Crystal
  Echoes of Buffalo Creek: Leon Ball   35:4;p14

Ellifritt, Duane
  Baseball Crazy in Doddridge County 37:2;p24
  Puttin’ Up Hay in Doddridge County 39:2;p52

Ellison, Helen Steele
  Electricity Comes to the Country: Recalling Rural Electrification  15:2;p48
  The Ellisons of Hans Creek Valley: Two Centuries of Monroe County Family  History  6:4;p56

Ellison, J. Z.
  Fast Express: Riding the Rails with REA   14:4;p22
  Hard Times and Higher Learning Education on the Family Plan  12:3;p52
  Reading, Riding and 'Rithmetic: Monroe County School Life  12:1;p43
  School Work   11:4;p65
  Tools of the Trade: The  Broadax  17:3;p8
  While the Iron is Hot: From Blacksmithing to Modern Welding  17:4;p46

Elhamdani, Rawan
  Rooted in the Mountains  42:4;p12

Estep, Janet
  Danger in the Hole: 1958 Mine Rescue Team   36:1;p34
  The Joy of Flying: Squire Haynes and the Rainelle  International Airport   34:2;p24

Eurich,  Johanna
  Bringing Back Memories: On the Air with Bessie Gray  8:4;p5
  "The First Time I Ever Rode a Lear Jet": Boone County Coal Sculptor  James Stewart  8:4;p21

Evans,  George Bird
  Hunting the Blackwater-Canaan: From The  Upland Shooting Life  19:4;p36

Everson,  Hobart
  A Horse Called Fred    36:2;p24
  My First Job  37:3;p48
  Schoolboy and the Blizzard   33:4;p58

Fair,  Holla Price
  "I've Done My Best": Old-Time Preacher Denver Hill   28:3;p52

Fansler,  Paul Hensley
  Eating Natural: Oaks and Oak  Nuts  18:3;p8
  Falling Where They May: West  Virginia Walnuts  19:3;p60
  Martinsburg Memories: My Life as an Urban Outdoorsman  17:3;p46

Farley,  Yvonne Snyder
  The Civilian Conservation Corps and Babcock State Park  7:1;p51
  "A Good Part of Life": Remembering the Civilian Conservation  Corps  7:1;p42
  Holiness People  5:2;p22
  Holiness People Revisited  25:2;p10
  Homecoming  5:4;p7
  The Legg Egg Hunt  8:4;p19
  Lilly Reunion, 1979  6:1;p31
  Memories of the Oil and Gas Fields: Conversations with Pleasants County Oil  Workers   7:4;p25
  "No Place They'll Treat You Better": A Weekend at Indian Creek  Primitive Baptist Church   9:4;p9
  Oil and Gas in Pleasants County  7:4;p30
  One of the Faithful: Asaff Rahall, Church Founder  8:2;p51
  Plain Cooking: Barbara Meadows of Raleigh County  7:3;p46
  Ramps  6:3;p59
  Ramps  20:4;p20
  Remembering Earlier Reunions  6:1;p35
  Talking Turkey: J.C. Legg of Clay County   8:4;p9
  Taking Up Serpents  25:2;p14
  "To Keep Their Faith Strong": The Raleigh County Orthodox  Community  8:2;p43
  An Urgency to Preach: Yvonne Farley Interviews Elder Mann  9:4;p17

Faulkner,  Pearl Bratton
  Preacher Carr: Remembering a Grand Old Circuit Rider  21:1;p56

Feather,  Carl E.
  Allegheny  Treenware: Carving Out a Living in Preston County   38:4;p48
  “Almost  Mushroom Heaven”: Finding Fungi in the Mountain State  39:2;p58
  Apple  Royalty: Berkeley County's Miller Family   27:3;p6
  Berkeley  Castle: Living in a Landmark      37:4;p8
  Bill  Murray: A Round-up Original   30:4;p38
  The  Bottling Works: Keeping History on Ice in Romney  22:4;p35
  The Buckwheat Stops Here: Preston County’s Hazelton Mill  39:3;p58
  Building  Blackwater: A Visit with Daniel “Boone” Pase   36:1;p56
  Buster  the Bluegrass Kitty  35:1;p26
  Cabwaylingo  State Forest: Bonnie Watts’ Playground   32:3;p56
  Coleman’s  Fish: A Great Catch in Wheeling  37:2;p30
  Country  Store Opry: Grant County's Music Capitol   29:2;p56
  Crum Brothers: Witnesses to the Change   32:3;p62
  Doyle  Kisner: Tucker County’s Single-Handed Clock Man   36:4;p36
  Everbreeze:  Life at an Ohio County Landmark     39:3;p52
  The  Executioner’s Story: Bob Harness and the Moundsville Pen  31:3;p38
  “Fair  Dealing”: Richardson’s Hardware in Marlinton     38:1;p38
  A  Fence Full of Apples: Espalier in Sistersville   27:3;p19
  First  Cutting: A Story for June  13:2;p2
  Friendly Spirits at the Sportsman's Club   29:3;p58
  "Go  See Sonny": Hedrick's Store in Hendricks   29:1;p44
  "Go  See Willard": Selling Farm Machinery in Preston County  21:1;p32
  Grant  Kimble’s Store: A “Scherr” Thing in Grant County   32:1;p62
  Harpers  Ferry Ghost Walk  27:3;p60
  A  Harrison County Drive-In: Sunset Memories   21:2;p65
  Harsh  Reunion: “A Friendly Bunch of Customers”    36:2;p54
  Heirloom  Apples  27:3;p14
  Henry  Ruppenthal III: Never Too Young to Be a Weatherman  40:4;p46
  The  Honeymoon's Over: Selling Souvenirs on U.S. Route 50   27:1;p20
  “I  Have All I Need Here”: Glass Artist Ron Hinkle    35:4;p56
  “I  Just Have the Memory”: Wilma Shriver and Her Farm  33:1;p26
  “I’m a  Walking Miracle”: Jim Davis of Cunningham Run     34:4;p45
  The  Jones Diamond: Mixed Blessings for a Peterstown Family   34:4;p18
  “Just  a Little Bit of History”: Finding the Fairfax Stone   36:1;p50
  Katherine  Reemsnyder of Buckhannon: A Wesleyan Family Legacy   33:3;p30
  Koolwink  Motel: The American Dream in Romney    35:1;p54
  The  Lady is a Fireman: Amy McGrew of Cass       38:1;p32
  LH&W  Railroad: The Mason Family’s Backyard Train    33:4;p34
  LH&W  Railroad: The Mason Family’s Backyard Train   40:1;p40
  Little  John Graham and Cherokee Sue: A Radio Love Story   30:4;p42
  Mail  Time in Glady: Calvin Shifflett and his Post Office  33:2;p58
  “Mayor”  Ivan Gorby of Bowman Ridge  31:2;p58
  Merchants  of Thomas: Doing Business in Tucker County   19:4;p27
  The  Milk Had to Get Through: Home Delivery in Tucker County  25:1;p26
  Modeling  History: John Bowman and his Steamboats  37:1;p8
  Moondog:  Taking a Bite Out of Crime in Wheeling 40:2;p60
  “The  Most Busiest Man in the County”: Tom Knotts of Fellowsville  36:2;p60
  An  Old-Fashioned Auction  39:1;p22
  One  Marie Road: Something Interesting in Summers County  40:3;p62
  Organ  Cave: A World Within a World  34:2;p42
  Our  Lady of the Pines: The Small Church With a Big Heart   26:1;p52
  Packing Pickled Peppers in Clarksburg: An Oliverio Family Tradition    41:1;p10
  A  Passion for the Drive-In: 1950's Institution Alive and Well at Grafton  21:2;p57
  Peter  Shaver’s Grave  33:2;p65
  The  Purple Fiddle: New Tradition in Thomas   33:1;p54
  Really Fine People: O’Hurley’s: Home to Sweet Music    41:3;p46
  Redeeming  the Real Crum  32;2;p62
  Remembrance,  Reflection, and Honor: Rowlesburg’s World War II Museum 38:3;p60
  Rosbys  Rock: No More, No Less   31:4;p46
  Selling Side-By-Side at Seneca Rocks    34:3;p18
  “Seventh  Heaven”: Saturday Night at the Sagebrush Round-up   30:4;p32
  Sharp’s  Store: 100 Years of Nostalgia in Pocahontas County    37:2;p59
  Smaller  Than the Smallest   26:1;p54
  "So  Proud To Be Here": A Visit With Comedienne Elsie Whitmer   29:2;p62
  “Sounds  of Home”: Songwriter Dorsey Wiseman    30:4;p48
  Stages  Costume Shop: 20,000 Characters for Rent in Wheeling   39:4;p30
  Still  Standing in Tucker County: Sonny Lansberry Carries On   32:2;p56
  Sweet  Repose in Bartow            38:4;p10
  Tilting  at Turbines: Nick Boinovych's Windmill    22:3;p41
  “Top  Kick”: Gereald Bland and his Military Museum    33:3;p19
  Twin  Houses of Maken 39:4;p58
  Update  — LH&W Railroad      40:1;p47
  The Washington Houses of Jefferson County 42:4;p42
  "We  Like This Old Music": Wetzel County's Hillbilly Haven   29:2;p66
  “We’re  Very Blessed”: Sweet Life at Laurel Fork Farm     37:1;p16
  West  Virginia Back Roads: All Aboard in  Belington: Leon Cross and the New Tygart Flyer   31:4;p60
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Antiques and  Memories in Pendleton County        38:4;p64
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Being Different in Hepzibah   33:2;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Bible Walk in  Morgantown   33:4;p64
  West Virginia Back Roads: Building Houses for a Feathered Clientele   41:1;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Center Point  Covered Bridge  40:2;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Chain-Saw Art in  Horner   35:3;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Chapel for a Boy  in Upshur County  35:4;p64
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Character Farm in  Morgan County     34:2;p66
  West Virginia Back Roads: Cook’s Old Mill: You Can’t Help But Stop  42:4;p68 
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Dave Cross III:  The Coalwood Greeter  31:1;p58
  West Virginia Back Roads: A Dentist at the Pinnacle   43:4;p78
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Drive-In Nights  at Franklin  38:2;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Driving A  Bargain on Route 50  34:1;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Dwar Cooper’s  Chain Saw Shop in Harman  37:1;p68
  West Virginia Back Roads: A Chip off the Old Pringle    41:4;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Eating Green with  a View     39:3;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Echoes of the  Flood at Harman   31:3;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: “Farmer Lessons”  in Preston County   36:4;p64
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Fishing for Souls  on Route 219  40:3;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Friendly Glass,  Glowing Memories  30:4;p60
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Go Fish:  Discovering Pleasure Valley   32:2;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: The Great Pumpkin  of Preston County  36:3;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Harpers Ferry’s  Haunted Cottage  37:3;p68
  West Virginia Back Roads: Heart of the Town    41:3;p68 
  West Virginia Back Roads: Highland Springs: A Compassionate Farm   43:3;p78 
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Hobart Ellifritt  and his Bluebird Motels  33:1;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Irish Road  Bowling in Wheeling  39:1;p58
  West Virginia Back Roads: It’s in Her Background: Helen Bowers’ Garden  42:1;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Jamboree at Dunmore  Schoolhouse     39:4;p64
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Johnson’s Corner:  Wisdom, Inspiration, and Bargains at a Wide Spot in the Road   30:1;p60
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Keeping an Eye on  the Wheeling Suspension Bridge 40:4;p64
  West Virginia Back Roads: Keyser’s Cobbler   43:2;p72
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Meet Betty  Thompson: The Weather Lady of Glady    32:4;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Military Museum  in Weston    38:3;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Motoring and  Memories in Kingwood   36:2;p66
  West Virginia Back Roads: No Gas in Monongah    41:2;p66 
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Old Glory on  Haystack Hill  30:3;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Old School  Bookstore in Pocahontas County  39:2;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: PIGS Haven  in Shepherdstown   35:2;p66
 West  Virginia Back Roads: A Plate from  Every State: License Plate Forest in Pleasant Valley   30:2;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: The Poet of South  Jefferson Street  34:4;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Pressing Cider in  Preston County   34:3;p64
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Ramp Sunday at  Mount Grove   36:1;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: A Real Barn Dance  in Aurora   33:3;p66
  West Virginia Back Roads: Selling Bikes in Bath   43:1;p78
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Selling Daylilies  in Bunker Hill  37:2;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Shave and a $6  Haircut in New Martinsville  37:4;p60
  West  Virginia Back Roads: A Shop for Sore  Eyes in St. Marys   34:1;p62
  West Virginia Back Roads: A Tale of Two Centuries  42:2;p68
  West  Virginia Back Roads: A Texas Tradition  in Preston County   32:3;p66
  West  Virginia Back Roads: Wheeling &  Dealing in Wheeling      38:1;p62
  West  Virginia Back Roads: “Your Move”:  Honor and Checkers in Matewan  31:2;p66
  What’s  it Worth to You?: Pendleton County Auctioneer Garry Propst    39:1;p16
  Woodcarver  Matt Wilkinson: Boone County’s Tool Man    32:4;p24
  Yokum’s  Vacationland: Carving Out a Big Life at Seneca Rocks   34:3;p10

Felton,  Tom
  “Fleetie Belle”: Adventures of a Tucker County Milk  Truck  31:1;p18
  A Life Well-Spent: “Doc Pete” Michael of  Parsons   34:3;p40
  Proud to Have Been Called Nurses: Recalling Davis  Memorial Hospital School of Nursing  40:2;p20
  Tales from the Cells: Recalling the Tucker County  Jail   32:3;p42

Fenn, Christine D.
  "What Made You Kill Poor Jay?" A Clay County Murder Ballad  12:3;p66

Ferguson, Carolyn Sue
  Home Comfort   16:4;p48

Fesenmaier, Steve
  A Call to Action: Let’s Save West Virginia’s Film History  42:4;p78
  Early West Virginia Cinema (1919-1941)  28:1;p40
  Films, Videos, and DVD’s about West Virginia and Appalachia  32:3;p68 / 33:3;p68
  Films and Videos on West Virginia and  Appalachia  29:4;p62
  Films of Appalachia 2015-2016  42:4;p75
  Films on West Virginia and Appalachia   5:2;p52
  Films and Videos on West Virginia and Appalachia  31:1;p68
  Films on West Virginia and Appalachia    34:3;p68 / 35:3;p68 / 36:3;p68
  More Films on West Virginia and Appalachia  6:2;p4
  New Films and Videos on West Virginia and Appalachia  28:1;p68
  Remembering Bob Gates      39:2;p70
  Special Music Edition: Films about West Virginia and  Appalachia  37:4;p62
  "West Virginia — That'll Win Ya!" The  Fesenmeier Brewery at Huntington    7:4;p45

Field,  Harold
  Our Cruise on the South Branch: The Log Book: July 13-27, 1919   24:2;p9

Fike,  J. Michael
  From the Ashes: Saving Eglon School             38:1;p50

Fiske,  Mel
  On the Road, 1940: Job Hunting on Route 52    20:1;p41

Flegel,  Louise Burner
  "Durbin Was Quite a Big City": Mabel Burner Remembers  18:3;p27
  Lefty the Barber: Still Clipping at Cass   19:3;p29

Fleischhauer,  Carl
  We Sing about Life and What It Means to Us    1:2;p14
  West Virginians at Washington Festival    2:4;p3

Fleishman,  Tamar Alexia
Roadkill Cook-Off: You Ate What?!?   33:3;p62

Fleming,  Betty Johnson
  Remembering the Maybeury Train Wreck   19:3;p64

Fleming,  Dan B., Jr.
  A West  Virginia Boy at the New York World’s Fair    30:2;p10
  WVU’s Mountaineer: Mascot with a Mission   32:3;p30

Fleming,  Delores
  One Order Brought It All: A Morgantown Mail-Order House  8:2;p36

Fletcher,  Karen L.
  16 Years of Foot-Stompin': The Footmad Story   23:1;p31

Fortner,  Juliette Auger
  Granny & Paw  18:4;p7

Foster,  Elaine Morrison
  "Big Andy Boggs:" In Search of the Legends and His Real-Life  Story  4:1;p5
  Boyd M. Henry, Gunsmith  5:2;p11
  Gunsmithing: The Revival of a Tradition   5:2;p14

Fox,  Carol L.
  Gifts from Santa  14:4;p8

Frazier,  Kitty B.
  From the Fields of Clover: Looking Back with Georgie Chambers Webb  10:3;p42
  Initial Chapters   10:4;p24
  Out in the Field: An Interview with Botanist Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew  10:1;p47

Fredericks,  Robert H.
  Mornings in the Mill Camp  19:1;p52

Freeman,  Lud
  Mother  and the Drunken Chickens   30:1;p44
  My Early Days in Lost Creek  28:3;p30

Friend,  Daniel J.
  Charles Town Photographer John League   32:2;p32
  “I Like to Tell This History”: William O.  Macoughtry, Jr. Recalls the Treason Trials    32:2;p27
  The Norwalk: Martinsburg's Motor Car  29:2;p30
  The Norwalk: Martinsburg’s Motor Car     40:1;p16
  Update — The Norwalk Comes Home  40:1;p23

French,  Buddy
  My First Night In the Mines  25:4;p25

Fulks,  Danny
  Back to School at Big Laurel  13:3;p60

Fuller, Karin
  The Resilience of West Virginians   43:4;p24

Furbee,  Jack                                                        
 Battle of the Bugs   41:1;p52
 A Blackberry Day   41:2;p48
 Christmas Eve in the Manger of the Little Barn    41:4;p28
  Wood Gathering Day   40:4;p32

Furbee,  Mary Rodd
  Bootstraps and Biscuits  23:4;p59
  Flight Memories  23:2;p41
  "I Was Never Afraid of Anything": Pilot Rose Rolls Cousins  23:2;p36
  Making Jam From Sour Grapes: Anna Lee Terry and Her Mountain Cookbook  23:4;p54
  Slim Arnold: Mountaineer Emeritus   22:3;p34
  Mary Carter Smith  24:1;p24
  Tell it On the Mountain: A Storytelling Festival at Jackson's Mill  24:1;p10

Gabehart,  Jim
  Mountaineer Opry House: Milton’s Home for Bluegrass  Music     38:3;p36

Gabriel,  H. William
  Frank Edwin Mower: Keeping Cass Alive   26:2;p47
  Robert S. Hickman: Keeping the Company Store   26:2;p45

Gainer,  Jeff
  Pat Gainer on Witches and Ghosts   11:3;p70

Gaines,  Elliott
  Sharp's Country Store  14:1;p17

Gallagher,  Francis J.
  Migrating to the Mountain State:  An Irishman Comes to The Greenbrier   19:3;p55

Gallagher,  John
  Remembering Red  27:1;p49

Gallagher,  Marielle
  Bridging the Years: A Visit With Dorothy Yaus Cuonzo  29:3;p44

Gamble,  Mort
  The Bethany Trolley   37:2;p16
  Circus!: Life Under the Big Top   35:3;p34
  JoAnn Davis: Singer, Author, Survivor     39:3;p34
  Dr. Jay Buckelew: The Bird Man of Bethany    41:1;p56

Gardner,  Sharon L.
  Memories of a Mining Family: Tony Armstead Recalls Four Generations  26:4;p52

Garnette,  Bill
  A Spruce Knob Miracle  26:3;p56
  Miracle Dust on Spruce Knob 40:1;p24

Gartner,  Paul
  Bill Browning   43:4;p46 
  David Morris (1944-2016)  42;4;p8
  Dr. Gainer: Folk Festival Founder  26:2;p58
  Elmer Bird: The Banjo Man From Turkey Creek   23:2;p45
  The Kessinger Family  23:3;p20
  Mountain Music Roundup  26:4;p64 / 41:4;p64 / 42:4;p71 / 43:4;p74
  Musical Wood: Violin Maker Harold Hayslett   33:1;p46
  “One Day More”: Activist Songwriter Elaine Purkey   32:2;p14

Garton,  George
  First Lady and the Ramp Egg   34:1;p60

Giardina,  Denise
  Another Idea of Cinder Bottom: "Sure We Got Problems"  20:2;p65

Gibbs,  Judith
  "Nature Always Worked": Opal Freeman, Moatsville Midwife  10:1;p22

Giffin,  Vernon O.
  Tokens From the Past: Supernatural Tales for the Fall Season  11:3;p65
  Traveling the Trough: Camping and Fishing the South Branch  13:2;p10

Gilbert,  Cass
  Our Capitol: Architect Cass Gilbert Speaks   8:2;p19

Gilbreath,  Beulah
  Fifth Augusta Heritage Arts Workshop   3:2;p3

Gilchrist-Stalnaker,  Joy
  “I Wish I Could Remember Her Face”: Searching for  Ethel Anders   35:1;p31
  "It Was Crowded Up There": Paddlewheelers  on the Little Kanawha  20:2;p17
  104 and Counting: Bill Lowther of Wildcat, West Virginia  19:2;p60
  More Bad Weather: The Big Snow of 1950   23:1;p52
  Rebuilding a Dream: The Other Mill at Jackson's Mill  20:3;p51
  "The Worst Disaster in the Memory of Man": Recalling the '50  Flood  23:1;p48

Gillenwater,  Mack
  "The Best Fuel You Could Find": Frank Pizzino Remembers the Briquette  Industry  8:3;p34

Gilot,  Jon-Erik                                                     
  Wheeling Photographer Eddie Martin       0:4;p56

Gioulis,  Mike
  Evidence of Times Past: A Preservationist Looks at the Sutton Photographs  13:1;p13
  Recasting a Landmark: New Life for an Old Sutton Church  14:3;p65

Giudice,  Betty Jo
  “Bad Luck Hit Us Again”: Josie Walton’s Journal   35:3;p52

Godfrey,  Florence Lewis
  "Avery, Dear Avery"  26:3;p30

Goehring,  Susan
  Sweeter Than the Flowers: Edith Baker of King Knob  25:3;p50

Good, Crystal
  My Mountain Mama: 1967-1978   43:4;p3
  The Praying Tree  42:3;p7
  These People Live Here  42:3;p66

Goodnite,  Abby Gail
  "Living the Right Life Now": Lynn Davis & Molly O'Day  24:1;p56

Goodwin,  Jacqueline G.
  Aunt Laura: 100 Years in Jackson County   19:1;p18
  Belgians and Other Draft Breeds  12:2;p14
  Big Possums Stir Late: Oldtime Fiddler Harvey Sampson  12:1;p24
  Faith and Works: The Sisters of DeSales Heights   16:4;p9
  Garden Guardians: Some West Virginia Scarecrows   9:4;p41
  Gentle Giants: The Draft Horse Revival   12:2;p9
  Going 'Senging  11:4;p16
  "Good for Us to be Here": The Sisters Settle In  16:4;p19
  "I Remember Well": Events Surrounding the Last Public Hanging in West  Virginia  16:1;p10
  "I've Always Loved Music": Champion Fiddler Glen Smith  16:2;p18
  Keeper of the Bees: Howard Collins of Wirt County  12:4;p42
  The Trappers' Rendezvous  11:2;p9
  Water Witching  11:1;p47
  Water Witching  20:4;p40
  The West Virginia Honey Festival   12:4;p47

Gordon,  Josh
  “Soul of the Mountains”: A Visit with Fiddler Bobby  Taylor  36:3;p20

Gottieb,  Peter
  S. George Company History  6:3;p13

Gower,  Shirley
  A Home in Cassity  28:2;p50
  Jake Currence of Cassity  28:2;p56

Grady,  Jerry
  Uphill, Both Ways: Stewart Sisters Went the Extra  Mile for Education 38:3;p56

Grafton,  Bill
  Some West Virginia Wildflowers: A Portfolio for Elizabeth Bartholomew  10:1;p52

Graham,  Ray                                                         
  Mountain Boys: My Wyoming County Memories   40:4;p36

Green,  Archie
  "Daddy Please Don't Go Down in that Hole Today"  2:1;p23

Green,  Jeffrey A.
  A.O. Barnette's Neighborhood: Changing Times in Kanawha City  22:1;p30

Green,  Marian E.
  A Visit to Volga  14:2;p8

Green,  Ted
  Catfish: Portrait of an Herb Doctor   3:3;p46
  The Champion of Greenbrier Valley   4:2/3;p39

Griffin,  Buddy
  The Legend of the Flatwoods Monster   28:3;p56

Griffin,  Lucille
  Battling the Blight: A Second Chance for the American Chestnut  21:4;p9

Griffith,  Amber
  Gravedigger Dallas Dunn  28:4;p40

Griffith,  Ann Bishop
  "Absolutely a Sportsman's Paradise": An Oral Memoir by Paul Ashton  Hepler  16:4;p42

Griffith,  Jim
Coming Full Circle: West Virginia Musicians Continue Singing in Arizona  4:4;p14

Grimm,  Jeanne
  Salvaging the Past: The West Virginia Newspaper Project  12:4;p65

Grubb,  Davis
  "Westbound to Parkersburg": The Opening Scene from Fools' Parade  21:2;p52

Gunther,  Mark
  Leprosy: A Medical Perspective  23:3;p63

Gutmann,  Lud
  Three Important Things: Recalling Keith Wolfe of Walton  31:1;p46

Gutsell,  George S.
  The Leetown Mill  12:4;p27

Gwin,  Adrian
  The Remarkable Miss Rose  21:3;p56

Hacker,  Stacy G.
  The  Coal and the Call: The Life of Homer Dale Hacker   30:1;p34

Hackett,  Bea
  Tom Barney's First Job: The Hardware Man of Berkeley  Springs  14:4;p35

Hackett,  Cliff
  Tom Barney's First Job: The Hardware Man of Berkeley  Springs  14:4;p35

Hackett,  Clifford
  Fire on Fairfax Street!  34:1;p34

Haga,  Pauline
  A Dream Fulfilled: The Life and Times of Parthenia  Edmonds  26:4;p46
  On Hallowed Ground: Jimmie McGrady and Beckley’s  American Legion Cemetery   34:3;p48
  Honestly Abe: Lincoln Impersonator Jim Rubin   36:4;p50
  My Memories of Mark Twain High School  25:3;p38

Hager,  Beth
  Katherine Hewitt Barringer  8:4;p52
  Millionaires' Town: The Houses and People of Bramwell  8:4;p43

Hager,  Lora Lea
  A Death in the Family  15:3;p7

Hall,  Patricia
  Singing on the Back Porch: Roy Faulkiner of Moundsville  14:2;p40
  Sound Man: James Black of Wheeling   15:1;p42
  "What Next?" The Busy Life of Deemy Dick  11:3;p37

Halsey,  David H.
  Knighted a Long Time Ago: Memories of the Golden  Horseshoe  22:1;p68
  Mine Mishap   18:2;p54
  Otsego: Remembering a Wyoming County Coal Camp   26:3;p44
  Road Trip: An Eye-Opening Journey to Pocahontas  County in 1947  34:2;p34

Hames,  H. L.
  The Mule School: The West Virginia Home Front in World War II  17:1;p30

Hamm,  Teresa
  Sarah Singleton: A Fiddler All Her Life   18:2;p16

Hammon,  Robert
  Burning Coal and Running Water: Recalling Life “Up Quick”  29:3;p52

Hanna,  Lucille
  Remembering the Mine Wars: "It Was a Bad Time"  19:4;p23

Hansen,  Susan Beates
  Salvaging the Past: The West Virginia Newspaper Project  12:4;p65

Hanson, Todd A.
  Campbells Creek Train Robbery     40:2;p44
  Monumental Miniatures: Kanawha Riverboat Replicas   43:3;p50
  Putney: “Model” Coal Town in Kanawha County     38:3;p42

Haptonstall, Clark
  Huntington on Ice: A Short History of the Hornets  19:4;p41

Hardesty, Susan M.
  James C. McGrew’s Kingwood  42:4;p58

Harding,  James E.
  Capitol Street, Charleston: Commentary on a Central Business District   4:2/3;p43

Hardman,  Olga S.
  A Frenchman in Clarksburg: Recalling Glassmaker Danton Caussin  27:2;p24

Harless,  Marion
  In Search of the Wild Goldenseal   25:3;p24

Harmon,  Carolyn
  “Pure Entertainment”: Wallace Horn and the Friendly  Neighbor Show    35:1;p20
  Tending the Herd in Jackson County: Mitzie Rival and  her Goats   33:2;p32

Harper,  Amy M.
  The Kelly Axe Story  38:2;p28
  “Kelly Perfect”: Annabelle Rhodes Recalls Kelly Axe    38:2;p20

Harper,  Sheldon
  Rex Harper: My West Virginia Dad   26:2;p12

Harsh,  Sharon Wilmoth
  Life On the Road: Selling Hardware for Kane & Keyser  28:2;p38
  "Win With Katie McGee": The First Governor of Girls' State Looks  Back  29:2;p18

Harshman,  Cheryl
  Marx Toy Company: Making Memories in Glen Dale  33:4;p8
  The Official Marx Toy Museum   33:4;p14
  Raised Among the Hills: Storyteller Bonnie  Collins  15:1;p56

Harshman,  Cheryl Ryan
  Father Time's Workshop: The Grandfather Clocks of Fred Reichenbach  22:4;p9
  The Grandfathers of Oglebay  22:4;p12
  A Modern Noah: Penny Miller of Wheeling   15:3;p40
  Our Lady of Lebanon: The Maronite Church in Wheeling  16:2;p63
  Scissors, Paper and Glue: The Art of Mary Olive Eddy Jones  21:2;p20
  West Virginia Foodways: A Visit to the Lebanon Bakery  16:2;p57

Harshman,  Marc
  Education at Sand Hill  22:3;p30
  Raised Among the Hills: Storyteller Bonnie  Collins  15:1;p56

Hartley,  Richard S.
  Tools of Mountain Living: The  Drawknife  22:2;p71
  Tools of Mountain Living: The  Shaving Horse  19:2;p70
  Tools of the Trade: The  Froe  18:1;p8

Hartman,  Richard
  The Box It Came In: Saving the French Gratitude Train  31:3;p51
  The Forty & Eight  31:3;p55

Harvey,  Clifford
  Wood Block Printing  6:3;p19

Harvey,  Jeffery
  Fidler's Mill: Rediscovering an Upshur County Landmark  28:2;p18

Harvey,  Tom
  Treat Yourself to the Best  2:4;p13

Hatfield,  Coleman A.
  Anse Hatfield's First Bear  21:3;p17

Hauer,  Peter
  Saltpetre Mining in West Virginia   1:2;p36

Haught,  Gwendolyn Hoskins
  My Early Life in Calhoun County  40:3;p54

Hawker,  Ginny
  "I Never Gave Up the Art": Boyd Boggs of Gilmer County  29:3;p10

Hawkins,  Michael
  “Moonfixer”: Basketball Pioneer Earl Lloyd  35:1;p44

Hayes,  Barbara L.
  The Family Man of Jordan Creek   35:1;p48

Hayes,  Junior D.    
  The Family Man of Jordan Creek   35:1;p48

Heaster,  Georgia
  Sixteen Miles  12:4;p2

Heishman,  Phoebe
  Surviving the Flood  12:1;p54

Helmick,  Bernie
  The Shades: Rockin’ the Mountains 38:1;p10

Helper,  Mona Walton
  Emmie: The Last Years of a Long Life   16:4;p54

Henshey,  Lori L.
  Broom Making  12:2;p26
  Facing the Music: Musician and Labor Leader Ned H. Guthrie  13:3;p9
  Fox and Geese  12:4;p23
  Juanita Farmer Hamby: "In Life You Do What You Have To Do"  11:4;p42
  Starting From Scratch: Mack Roberts and the Charleston Broom Company  12:2;p22
  The West Virginia State Farm Museum   12:4;p11

Hepler,  Linda
  The C&O Patch: Remembering a Huntington Neighborhood  12:2;p16
  The Preacher and the Bear: A Monongalia Church Celebrates an Unusual  Tradition  17:1;p24

Heyer,  Bob
  Ivydale The Morris Family Old-Time Music Festivals  24:2;p56
  "Let's Keep It Traditional": West Virginia State Folk Festival Turns  50  26:2;p50

Hidalgo,  Tom
  En las montañas: Spaniards in Southern West Virginia  27:4;p52

Hile,  Ed
  Synthetic Rubber: How It’s Made   38:1;p30

Hill, Becky
  The More You Dance, the Better You Feel: A Journey along the Mountain Dance Trail    41:3;p10
  “Once that all clicks, you can really put it on the dance floor”: An Interview with Square Dance Caller Bill Ohse  41:3;p18

Hill, James Orville
  The Hill Farm: Making a Living from Mountain Land  15:2;p18

Hilliard, Emily
  Adventures Menu: Sharing Traditional Filipino Food in Parkersburg   43:2;p8
  “Eat it to save it”: Preserving the Helvetia Ramp Supper  42:4;p10
  The State Folklorist’s Notebook: What Is Folklore?  42:2;p6
  Talking Turkey Calls: Aaron Parsons of Jackson County   43:1;p6
  Wanted: Master Traditional Artists & Apprentices   43:3;p9
  Woodworker Charles Steven Adams   43:4;p6

Hiner,  Gary
  Quilter Ada Grimes  15:3;p70

Hinkle,  Andrew Lee
  Granddaddy Hinkle and the Age of Technology: The Recollections of Upshur County  Octogenarian Ralph Hinkle  5:1;p11

Hinkle,  James Beecher
  Mountaineer Gold: Reflections of a Ginseng Philosopher  18:3;p70

Hoffman,  David E.
  November 14, 1970: Remembering the Marshall Tragedy  21:3;p65

Holtzman,  David
  Back to the Land in Pocahontas County   35:2;p8

Horacek,  Jeannie
  Ab Cole: Portrait of a Country Entertainer   1:3;p42

Horacek,  Louis
  Ab Cole: Portrait of a County Entertainer   1:3;p42
  Ethnic Music: A Neglected Part of Appalachian Culture  3:2;p41
  Folk and Folk-Related Music from West Virginia: A Discography  4:1;p3

Hosch,  Marie S.
  "Adolph Was Home": Thelma and Giff Zickefoose  13:3;p28

Howard,  Wayne                                                       
West Virginia’s Hammons Family 40:4;p6

Howe, Barb
  Dr. Emory Kemp: A West Virginia Preservation Pioneer   43:1;p72
  Ralph Lemley: Resourceful Caretaker and “Best Pap Pap”   43:3;p68

Howell,  Eck
  "We Drive Cattle from Beverly to Oceola"  24:2;p51

Hoylman,  Rod
  The Hard Road Home: Governor William Casey Marland  24:3;p12
  Underwood on Marland  24:3;p20

Hudgins, William Kent
  Bunner Ridge: Life beyond the Paved Road   43:3;p58

Hudnall, William R.
  The Extraordinary Adolph Connard    41:1;p49

Hudson,  Bert W.
  Respecting Miss Skaggs   34:3;p46

Hundley,  Kathy O. Smith
  Guy  Kelley: The Beekeeper of Bloomingrose    30:2;p38

Hunter,  Kermit
  Drama at Grandview: From the Prologue to Honey in the Rock  22:2;p39

Hurley,  Basil
  Tales from the Irish Tract  24:1;p38

Hutchins,  Steven
  Fairy Diddles  11:2;p8

Ingram,  Bruce
  Turkey Talk with Peck Martin  31:3;p24

Ireland,  Melissa
  "You Name It, and I Done It": A Visit with Agnes Runner Nestor  23:3;p36

Jackson,  Amazetta
  Christmases Past  21:4;p7

Jackson,  Debby Sonis
  Building Cedar Lakes  16:3;p18
  Christmas Year-Round: The Annual Cycle at the Tree Farm  18:4;p14
  Fanny's Last Run  16:3;p28
  A Good Sport: Broadcaster Ernie Saunders   16:2;p29
  Growing Christmas: John Cooper and Santa's Forest  18:4;p9
  "Happy to be a West  Virginian": Architect Alex Mahood   19:2;p18
  Hugh McPherson: "The Prince of Highland Swing"  14:2;p9
  Recalling the Robbery: "We  Were Scared"  22:1;p48
  The Short Flight of the Blue Eagle   14:3;p39
  So You Wanna Dance?  18:2;p20

Jackson,  Ruth A.
  Best of Times: Rine Family Memories  40:3;p40

Jacobs,  Kathleen M.
  Hawk's Nest, A Novel  16:3;p47
  Home to the Hofeckers: A Story of Bridge Building, Inn Keeping and Fine  Furniture  19:1;p54
  "You Always Want to Better Yourself": An Immigrant Success Story  18:2;p24

Jacobus,  Robert
  A Half-Century of Nature Work  17:2;p54

James, Anna Dickson
  Fair Minded     42:2;p39

James,  Donna
  The Barr Reunion 14:4;p63
  Natural Tone: An Eastern Panhandle Family Band   14:4;p60

Janus,  Christopher
  Streets Paved with Coal  18:2;p28

Jarrett,  C. W. “Bill”
  Three Boys and a Train      37:1;p36
  The Unthinkable Game    41:1;p42

Jarvis,  Peggy
  Andrew F. Boarman, the Banjo Man from Berkeley County  5:1;p50
  A Visit with Mary Coulter  4:4;p30

Jeffries,  Bill
  "My Monkey's Your Monkey"   10:2;p36

Jennings,  Caroline P.
  Making a Life in the Valley: Witt Jennings of the Upper Kanawha  23:1;p40
  Was Witt Jennings Involved?:  The Hawks Nest Tragedy  23:1;p44

Johnson,  Allen                                                            
  The Rhythm of Dwight Diller  40:4;p14

Johnson, Anne
  Last Photographers: Finley Taylor   43:2;p26

Johnson,  Edward L.
  Steam Power  25:3;p66

Johnson,  Kim
  Bear  Fork Trading Post: Live Music in Calhoun County   34:1;p16
  New  Books Available   35:2;p68 / 36:2;p68
  Rube Stump:  Calhoun County’s King of Swing  31:2;p28
  “Satisfaction  in My Heart”: Lester and Linda McCumbers of Calhoun County   30:1;p18
  Vandalia  Wives   27:1;p61

Johnson,  Rody
  Old Sweet Springs: A Lewis Family Legacy    26:2;p60

Johnson,  Skip
  Bob Withers: Upshur County Logger, Lumber Camp Cook,  and Game Warden  5:4;p32
  A Capsule History of Planning for the Stonewall  Jackson Dam  5:1;p22
  Country Photographer Ferrell Friend: 70 Years Behind  the Camera  33:2;p10
  Weather Watchers: Frontline Volunteers for the National  Weather Service  17:3;p25
Jones,  Diana
  Writing “Henry Russell’s Last Words”     40:3;p48

Jones,  June C.
  L.M. McNeil’s Store    36:3;p62
  Whitcomb Boulder    32:4;p18

Jones,  June Cowles
  "To Seek and Save": Memories of Good Hope Church  28:1;p50

Jones,  Vicki Samples
  Eva Samples King: Her Granddaughter's Portrait   3:1;p28

Jordan,  Norman
  Camp Washington-Carver: An African American Landmark in Fayette County  25:4;p56

Jordan,  Sam
  Laying Track in Nicholas County  29:3;p26
  A Poor Man's Funeral  29:3;p35

Jourdan,  Katherine M.
  Another Roadside Attraction:  The Chester Teapot  17:1;p62
  Diving Into History: Pools of the Northern Panhandle  28:2;p24

Joy,  James E.
  "Get Yourself a Good Horse"   8:1;p41

Jude,  Dallas H.
  Eyewitness:  Marie Robinette of Matewan   30:4;p24

Juergens,  Alice Brown
  My  Mother’s Apron   30:1;p42

Julian,  Norman
  Accordion  in My Genes   30:3;p52
  Bocce:  An Old Game Lives in Harrison County   18:3;p51
  Cool  Springs Park: Harlan Castle Goes Into Business   17:1;p57
  "The  First Century is the Hardest": A Morgantown Centenarian Reminisces on  Glassmaking and Poetry Writing  6:1;p44
  Fred  Layman Saves It All   26:3;p36
  Hard  Work and Independence: The Showwalters of Eagle's Nest Ranch  11:1;p34
  Harrison  County History: As Fred Layman Sees It    26:3;p40
  “I Am  Going to Tell the Story”: Al Anderson of Osage     37:3;p26
  “I  Like to Make People Happy”: Connie Mantini and His Accordion   30:3;p46
  Kingmont: The First Place They Called Home   12:3;p44
  Logging and Loggers: Background on Lumbering    10:4;p35
  "My Line of Work": Augusta Gallozzi Recalls the Mining Life   8:1;p60
  Playing the Game   18:3;p56
  Red Brown: Tales of a West Virginia Sportsman    13:4;p51
  The Roosevelt Outhouse   24:4;p28
  Thomas Greco: Shinnston Shoemaker   19:2;p22
  Thoney Pietro's Castle   14:2;p59
  "Today Everybody Wears Tennis Shoes": George Blue and the Shoeshine  Business  8:4;p30
  "We Liked Big Wood": Recollections of a Wood Hick  10:4;p30
  "A West Virginian or Nothing": Fred McCoy  21:1;p51

Karasek,  Laurence
  The Seldom Seen Work of Huntington Model: Maker and Painter  2:3;p33

Karelis,  Cindy
  Remembering Karl Dewey Myers: West Virginia’s First  Poet Laureate    39:4;p42

Karickhoff,  Connie
  Lew Burdette Day in Nitro  24:3;p63
  Our Old House: Recalling a Wayne County Homeplace  22:4;p51
  Photographer William Harvey Jordan: A Portrait of Ansted's Black Community  24:4;p44

Kay,  Trey
  Great Kanawha County Textbook War  37:3;p34

Keefer,  Louis E.
  Enemy Diplomats at The Greenbrier   19:3;p48
  Flying Frank Thomas: "Just Like a Preacher with the Calling"  18:2;p47
  The Hampshire Club: Where Millionaires Relaxed on the South Branch  21:2;p9
  Harvesting the Victory: Richwood Joins the WWII Effort  17:3;p18
  The Island: Surrounded by Water in Wheeling   21:1;p9
  Prisoners of War at Camp Ashford   19:1;p31
  Shaw-Mi-Del-Eca: A Summer Camp on the Greenbrier  22:2;p58
  WAVE Betty Copenhaver  18:3;p13
  The West Virginia WWII Home Front:  Ashford General Hospital — The Greenbrier Goes to War  19:3;p46
  The West Virginia WWII Home Front:  Bell Bottoms at Bethany  18:3;p9
  The West Virginia WWII Home Front:  POW — The Italian Prisoners at Camp Dawson   19:1;p24
  Wheeling West Virginia — No Comma: A Postcard Pun  18:1;p35
  Wings Over Glen Dale: When Fokker Trimotors Flew Over West Virginia  17:4;p32

Keeney,  C. Belmont “Chuck”
  Son of the Struggle: A Visit with William C.  Blizzard   32:2;p20

Keith, Steven
  The Roots Run Deep: Berry Farming in West Virginia  42:2;p44

Keller,  Michael
Art From  Steel  12:1;p12
  Between Hammer & Anvil: Jeff Fetty and West Virginia Blacksmithing  12:1;p9
  Vandalia Faces  26:1;p68

Kelly, Sharon E.
  WVU’s Watts Museum    41:2;p18

Kemp-Rye,  Mark
  Saved — Again! Restoring the Barrackville Covered Bridge   25:3;p56

Killoran,  John P.
  Mrs. Howard: Reflections on a Grand West Virginian  1:3;p31

Kimmell,  Dick
  Andrew F. Boarman, the Banjo Man from Berkeley County  5:1;p50
  The Folk Festival at Glenville  1:3;p47
  A Visit with Mary Coulter  4:4;p30

Kimmons,  Rebecca H.
  Keeping Boarders: Opal Ooten Remembers   16:2;p43
  "No Other Place to Be": How the Boarders Saw It  16:2;p46
  “We’re Here for Service”: United Gospel Singers        38:4;p18

Kinderman,  Gibbs
  Cal Price  16:2;p13
  The Pocahontas Times  16:2;p9
  WVMR: West Virginia Mountain Radio   8:4;p6

King,  Eva Samples
  Eva Samples King: Her Story  3:1;p24

King,  John
  Protecting Uncle Sam's Interests: A Year in the Forest Service  9:4;p55

Kinzel,  Jim
  Edge Cover  15:2;p68

Kirk, Brandon Ray
  Feuds, Fiddles, Family, and Friends: Ed Haley’s Life on Harts Creek    41:4;p12
  John Hartford’s Search for Ed Haley    41:4;p24

Kirk,  Charles E.
  Red Clay Memories: My Early Life in Turner Hollow  27:1;p38

Kistler,  Maura
  "I Won't Be Home No More": The Death of Hank Williams  28:4;p54

Kinzer, Anthony
  The Block   43:1;p70

Kline,  Carrie Nobel
  "Just a Good, Clean Life": Ben Borda of Marion County  28:4;p16
  Ohio River Voices: Echoes of the Army Corps   24:1;p28

Kline,  Michael
  Arthur Prichard of Mannington: A GOLDENSEAL 10th Anniversary  Feature  10:3;p41
  Augusta: A Reaffirmation of Homemade Values   8:2;p68
  The Coon Dog Truth: Charlie Blevins at the Red Robin Inn  8:4;p35
  Doing the Impossible: An Interview with Don Mole  9:1;p33
  Ernie Carpenter: Tales of the Elk River Country   12:2;p30
  Every Tree, Every Bush, Every Rock: An Interview with Hyman Weiner, Charleston  Tailor, Part I   4:2/3;p31
  Growing Up on Cabin Creek: An Interview with Arnold Miller  7:2;p35
  Hand-Clapping and Hallelujahs: A Visit With Ethel Caffie-Austin  23:4;p28
  Jennings Randolph: "Always Remember the Man and Woman by the Wayside of  the Road"  9:2;p17
  "Just a Good, Clean Life": Ben Borda of Marion County  28:4;p16
  Kelton Roten: "The Word Handicap Never Bothered Me"  10:4;p40
  Miriam Weiner's Story  4:4;p38
  The Music Made Everything Okay: Michael Kline Interviews the Perkovic Family of  Boggs Run  8:2;p27
  A New Home and Making Friends: Conclusion of an Interview with Hyman  Weiner  4:4;p32
  "A Pretty Good Thing, All the Way Around"  7:4;p9
  Something to Give: Nat Reese's Early Life and Music  13:4;p9
  "The Spark to Play Music": Interview with Jimmie and Loren, the  Currence Brothers  6:3;p44
  Teaching at Huttonsville  10:2;p39
  Woody Simmons: Recollections of a Randolph County Fiddler  5:3;p5

Knight,  Torie
  The Fiddling Pheasants of Fairmont    26:1;p39
  Sweet Harmony in Pennsboro  28:2;p58

Koon,  Thomas
  The First Father's Day  26:2;p10

Kraina,  Jane M.
 Death of a Gypsy King  24:4;p18
  Death of a Gypsy King      40:1;p10
  In Time and the River: The Story of Browns  Island  15:4;p54
  Nightmare at Point Pleasant: The Fall of the Silver Bridge  21:4;p46
  Update — Gypsies in Weirton 40:1;p15
  The World of the Gypsies  24:4;p24

Kreiser, Christine M.
  The Med School Sideshow   43:3;p22
  WVU: The First 50 of 150   43:3;p10

Kroeger,  Mildred
  Central West Virginia Farm Life Between 1893 and 1970   1:1;p5

Kuska,  Bob
  Top Score: Morris Harvey’s George King   35:1;p38

Kyle,  Birdie
  Growing Up in the Coalfields  6:2;p7
Lackey, Jim
  From Candle to Carbide: Early Mine Lighting in West Virginia    41:2;p10

Lafferty,  Patricia Black
  Obert Parsons: Boone County's Apple Expert   27:3;p22

Lantz,  Janice D.
  Piecing Together the Past: Documenting the Mountain State Quilt Heritage  16:4;p65

Lawrence,  Randy
  "Make a Way Out of Nothing:" One Black Woman's Trip from North  Carolina to the McDowell County Coalfields   5:4;p27

Leavengood,  Betty
  The Hillbilly Hundred   33:3;p52
  "I'm the One Who Stayed": Walter Taitt's  99 Years in Volcano  28:4;p10
  The Legendary Pennsboro Speedway: Fast Times in  Ritchie County   33:3;p46
  Music on the Hill: The Cronin Family of Pleasants  County   33:2;p52
  Pilot Jean Pickering: 75 and Still Flying   34:2;p29

Leffler,  Susan
  Ballads and Baskets: The Clyde Case Story   17:3;p31
  Basket Making  17:3;p34
  "Busy About the Lord's Business": Rita Emerson, Woman Preacher  18:4;p58
  Cabin Creek Quilts Coming Back  17:4;p66
  Farewell to Noah Cottrell  18:1;p69
  Home Forever: Carving a New Life in Tucker County  18:2;p38
  Melvin Wine  17:2;p9
  Mountain Music  18:1;p68
  "Music Can Take You Anyways You Want in This World": Interview with  David Daniels   7:2;p26
  Music Man Joe Dobbs  17:4;p68
  "Nothing But Just Fighting": The 1936 CCC Race Riot   27:4;p30
  Patience and Sawdust  18:2;p42
  Radio Poetry: Louise McNeill's Gauley  Mountain  17:3;p6
  "Recollections" and "The Home Place": Folklife Programming  on West Virginia Public Radio  8:1;p5
  Rural Life on West Virginia Public Radio   9:1;p7
  The Stones of Stanley Paczosa  18:2;p44

Lepp,  Bil
  Bees and Vines: Frank Androczi's Little Hungary Winery  18:3;p18
  Lying about West Virginia  40:3;p70
  The Lying Lepp Brothers  24:1;p14

Legan,  Zana
  A Stitch in Time: The Needle Neighbors of Monongalia County  13:3;p37

Lewis,  Bonnie G.
  A Haven of Rest: Morris Memorial Hospital for  Crippled Children   36:2;p47
  Grandma Bessie   22:1;p8

Lewis,  Ronald L.
  "Why Don't You Bake Bread?" Franklin Trubee and the Scotts Run  Reciprocal Economy  15:1;p34

Liden,  David
  "That's the Difference": An Interview with Pemperton Cecil,  Toymaker  6:1;p52

Lilly,  Jack
 The Lost Village of Lilly  24:2;p42

Lilly,  John
  Blacksville  Pottery: Local Hands and Native Clay  26:1;p44
  The  Blind Man’s Song: Recalling Blind Alfred Reed    34:4;p54
  Books  about Mountain Music   36:4;p68
  Buy, Sell, or Give Away: WHAW’s Swap Shop  41:2;p52
  Echoes  of Buffalo Creek: An Introduction    35:4;p9
  The  Fighter: Larry Gibson of Kayford Mountain   37:4;p30
  Finding  Balance in Logan County: A Visit with Roger Bryant    39:4;p10
  Fly  Fishing: Up a Creek with Danny Wickline     38:2;p32
  Forever  Trains: Railroad Photographer Jay Potter    30:3;p16
  From  the Hills to the Classroom: Folklife Goes to College     39:3;p10
  George  Karos: Martinsburg’s Pharmacist Mayor    40:4;p26
  Hank's  Lost Charleston Show  28:4;p64
  Hearth  & Fair: Don Page and the Roots of  GOLDENSEAL   30:1;p52
  Hunting  for the State: Charles Rand’s 1914 Adventure   31:4;p18
  “It  Was the Talk of the Town”: Russell Davisson Recalls the Quiet Dell Murders   33:3;p60
  Italian  Mushroom Magic  39:2;p66
  “Keep  a-Goin’”: Musician Everett Lilly of Clear Creek   35:2;p26
  Ken  Hechler on JFK  26:3;p20
  Lisa Elmaleh and the Modern Art of Tintype      41:2:p58
  Local  Hands and Native Clay: Blacksville Pottery 40:1;p48
  Making  It Legal: A Visit to the Isaiah Morgan Distillery in Summersville   34:2;p64
  The  Morris Brothers: Music from the Head of the Holler  37:1;p52
  Mountain  Music Roundup   27:4;p66 / 28:4;p66 / 29:4;p66 / 30:4;p64 / 31:4;p66 / 32:4;p66 / 33:4;p66 / 34:4;p66 / 35:4;p66 / 36:4;p66 / 37:4;p66 / 38:4;p66 / 39:4;p66 / 40:4;p66
  “A  Neat Way to Live”: Vandalia Award Winner Mack Samples   30:1;p10
  New  Books about Music   32:4;p64 / 34:4;p64
  New  Books Available   37:1;p70 / 37:2;p68 / 38:2;p68 / 39:1;p60 / 39:3;p68 / 40:2;p68 / 41:2;p68
 Open  Arms at Clifftop: 20th Appalachian String Band Music Festival   35:2;p16
  A  Pattern To Life: Folk Dancers Rush & Ruby Butcher  26:1;p58
  "Peace  In the Valley": West Virginia's Singing Doorkeepers  26:3;p24
  The  Photography of Lloyd Gainer: Worth 10,000 Words   33:4;p40
  “Raised  Really Tough”: The Life and Music of the Bing Brothers 38:2;p40
  Recalling  the Centennial: West Virginia at 100   39:2;p26
  Remembering  Lincoln Taylor: Legacy of a Roane County Fiddle   36:3;p24
  Remembering  Robert C. Byrd   36:3;p10
  The  Salt Returns: Rebirth of the J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works   40:4;p20
  Seeing  in Black & White: Photographer Sam McCulloch    39:1;p32
  Senate  “Kidnapping” of 1911  37:3;p70
  Stepping!  37:1;p46
  “There  Was Always Music”: Vandalia Award Recipient Buddy Griffin  37:3;p20
 There’s a Riot Going On!: Emergency Training at Moundsville   41:1;p36
  USS  West Virginia: A Tale of Three  Ships  27:4;p16
  Vandalia Award Recipient: Ken Sullivan     41:3;p39
  Weaver  Dorothy Thompson  29:4;p10
  The  West Virginia Coon Hunters: On the Trail of a Lost String Band  29:1;p56
  “West  Virginia, My Home”: A Visit with Hazel Dickens    30:2;p32
  Where  Coal People Meet: 2011 Bluefield Coal Show   37:4;p24

Lilly,  Paul R.
  The June Meeting  14:2;p64

Linville,  Shirley
  Life in Breece Coal Camp: Memories of a Coal Miner's Wife  27:2;p40

Lipton,  Michael
  “Making Good Music”: A Visit with Drummer Gordon  Cupit 38:1;p16

Lloyd,  Brenda
  Sparky Burr  24:1;p26

Lockard,  Duane
  Bulltown of My Youth  29:2;p50
  A Miner’s Life: Clyde Lockard’s Diary   31:2;p38

Long,  Kate
  An Area Full of Teachers  5:1;p34
  Bringing the Kids Back Home to George   5:1;p26
  Phyllis and Carl Guthrie: A Wartime Romance   36:1;p8

Lornell,  Kip
  Clarence Tross: Hardy County Banjoist   2:3;p7
  On Tour With a Black String Band in the 1930's   2:4;p9

Lough,  Zera
  My Boys: Teaching at Pruntytown  16:1;p58
  On Flag Run: Looking Back on a Taylor County Family  12:3;p16

Love,  Edith Howell
  "A Time Out of Time"  10:1;p62

Lovern,  Kyle
  Farewell to a Mingo Landmark:  The Last Days of the Red Robin Inn   18:4;p23
  A Happy Warrior: Over the Humps with Jimmy Wolford  21:1;p38

Lowry,  Terry
  Days of Glory: Rock Music in the Kanawha Valley  (1965-1975)   38:1;p12
  Tradition Rocks!     38:1;p22

Lowther,  Martha
  The Devil Wind  24:2;p69
  The Shinnston Tornado  24:2;p65

Lutz,  Paul F.
  One Room Was Enough: Ed and Julia Viers, Wayne County Educators   22:3;p26

Lynch,  Bill
  Townsend’s Barbershop: Shave and a Haircut in  Summersville   32:3;p26

Lynch,  Brittani
  Help a Belly Out!: The Story of Jebby Sauce   35:4;p38

Macdonald,  Frederic “Ted”
  The Station Master’s Christmas   32:4;p20

MacQueen,  Betty L.
  Dear Anna: The Love Letters of Holly Jack Perkins  11:3;p30
  "With All Tenderness and Devotion": The Love Letters of Holly Jack  Perkins, Part II    11:4;p35

Mahaffey,  Mary Ellen
  Once More Through the Tunnels Remembering Grafton and the Railroad  13:1;p26
Maiuri,  Jessie Lee  
  Mom Was a Hard Worker: Remembering Jennie Bee Hall     37:1;p30

Makricosta,  Pam
  A Bundle of Treasures: Greeks in West Virginia   23:4;p36
  Yiayia's Bundle  23:4;p44

Manning,  Martha Lewis
  Cities Celebrate: Morgantown, Clarksburg and Parkersburg Turn 200   11:4;p54
  "Most Radiant Windows": West Virginia Stained Glass  8:2;p21
  "Paden City Was Like the Other End of the World"  8:2;p25
  West Virginia Cut Crystal  10:1;p38

Marcum, Randy
  “Devil Anse” Hatfield: Soldier, Farmer, Feudist, Movie Star?  42:1;p24

Marks, Kathy
  Where in the World Is Cat Heaven?   43:2;p46

Marks, Phyllis
  The Case of the Traveling Dress   43:4;p56

Marra,  John L.
  Ben Gravely's Garden Tractor  23:2;p26
  "Dear Gravely"  23:2;p31
  "The Greatest Apple in the World": Striking Gold in the Clay County  Hills  21:3;p31
  West Virginia State Farm Museum  23:2;p33

Marrs,  Ross
  Christmas in Canebrake  26:4;p62

Marshall,  Paul D.
  The Graceland Restoration  5:3;p48

Mason,  Cecelia
  "Old-Fashioned Things": Yellow Spring Memories  27:4;p46

Massey,  Tim R.
  C.M. Troxell, Bookbinder  8:4;p26
  Carter G. Woodson  13:4;p30
  A Distinguished Alumnus: Carter  G. Woodson  19:3;p27
  "I Didn't Think I'd Live to See 1950": Looking Back with Columbus  Avery  8:1;p32
  "It Wasn't Any Pleasure to Me"   9:4;p39
  Let 'Em Hit It!  8:3;p15
  Never Late for Court: Wayne County Attorney Milton J. Ferguson  9:4;p35
  Remembering Bill McKell  8:3;p21
  Singing the Gospel  12:1;p38
  "Wonderful Hands": Metal Engraver Norris Sperry   12:3;p60

Masters,  Bob
  As It Was in Hundred: Recalling Life in a Wetzel  County Town   35:4;p48
  Days at the Knights of Pythias   31:2;p34
  Growing Up in Hundred: A Wetzel County Retrospective  25:2;p48
  Summers in the Brush: DOH Memories in Wetzel  County  33:2;p46
  Sundays on Miracle Run   35:2;p55

Matheney,  Jeri
  Women at Work: Veteran Telephone Operators Look Back   14:4;p40

Matney,  Kathy
  Too Many Tragedies: Survivors Account Details of 1940 Bartley Mine  Disaster  4:4;p50

Mathews,  Garret
  Country Radio: The Early Days of WHIS, Bluefield  10:3;p57
  Just Plain Folks: Notes from a Bluefield Newspaperman  9:4;p4

Mattaliano,  Jane
  The First Miss West Virginia  24:2;p20

Matthews,  Madge L.
  The Box Elder Tree  13:1;p24
  Silver Bell: Wayne County Farm Life   13:1;p19

Maxey,  Hucie
  Lillybrook: The Memories Never Die   34:2;p53

Maxwell,  John
  "Learning By Doing": Teachers Remember Arthurdale School  8:1;p65

Maxwell,  John A.
  A West Virginian's Experience in Germany After Hitler  4:1;p28

Mazzio,  Joann
  By the Signs  23:1;p68
  Christmas in a One-Room School  24:4;p62
  A WPA Thanksgiving  22:3;p70

McAndrew,  Mike
  Four Generations: An Irish Family in West Virginia  14:3;p55

McAvoy,  Rogers
  Mr. Basketball: The Clair Bee Story   17:4;p40

McBrayer,  Harold
  Kennedy in Charleston  14:1;p65

McCallum,  Barbara Beury
  Russell Foglesong: A Boyhood in the Coalfields   15:3;p48

McClellan,  Nancy
  How I Came to be a Fiddler  3:1;p21
  Wilson Douglas: Mountain Man and Mountain Musician  3:1;p15

McClelland,  Jean
  Central City Bung Company  29:4;p52

McClung,  Betty Conner
  Magic and Memories: Recalling Noble and Louise  Conner   35:4;p40

McClure, Patricia Richards
  Pearl Harbor: They Were There  42:4;p24
  West Virginia Remembers Pearl Harbor  42:4;p14

McColloch,  Sam                                                            
  Dinger Daugherty: New Martinsville’s Fabulous Flying  Fool 40:4;p42
  Flood of Memories: High Water in New Martinsville    41:1;p28

McDonald,  James J.
  Principal Influences on the Music of the Lilly Brothers of Clear Creek, West  Virginia   1:1;p27

McDougal,  Beryle Hess
  What the Old Folks Say   32:1;p43
  A Year in the Country   32:1;p38

McDowell,  Rene
  "This One is Ready, You Can Lock it Up:" Black Ghost Lore from  Southern West Virginia   5:2;p55

McDowell,  Sedena
  "This One is Ready, You Can Lock it Up:" Black Ghost Lore from  Southern West Virginia   5:2;p55

McEntee,  Sheila
  Bill Gillespie: Forester, Naturalist, Fossil Expert   43:3;p30
  Celebrating West Virginia Women    26:1;p10
  Elizabeth Witschey Today   26:1;p22

McGehee,  Stuart
  Bluefield Baseball: The Tradition of a Century  16:1;p50
  Bluefield's Biggest: The Grand West Virginian Hotel   19:2;p15
  A Busy Time in McDowell History: Looking Back with John J. Lincoln   15:3;p56
  Free Drinks in Nature's Air-Conditioned City: Bluefield's Lemonade  Escapades   23:2;p65
  Gary: A First-Class Operation  14:3;p28
  Historic Coalwood   27:2;p52
  Marching to Glory: Bluefield’s American Legion Junior Drum & Bugle  Corps   34:3;p58
  Portraits of Gary: Photographs from the Mike Hornick  Collection   14:3;p33
  "Riding on Fire": The Great Maybeury Railroad Disaster   17:1;p42
  The Wedding of the Bluefields   29:2;p25

McLean,  Lois
  Forgotten Heroes of the 1912-13 Miners' Strike: Hunt for UMWA Grave Markers  Produces Research and Mystery  4:4;p23
  "I'll Teach You Not to be Afraid": Monia Baumgartner Remembers Mother  Jones   6:1;p20
  Irish Mountain: The Story of a West Virginia Immigrant Community  17:1;p47
  The Monongah Miners' Band  6:4;p9
  The Monongah Miners' Band  16:3;p36
  Warm Receptions and Cordial Invitations for Mother Jones in West Virginia  4:1;p14

McNeill (Pease),  Louise
  The Gauley Mail  15:3;p36
  The Milkweed Ladies:  From a Memoir by Louise McNeill  14:3;p48
  Spring Cleaning  19:1;p61

McNelis,  Jim
  Dancing with Mrs. Roosevelt 38:2;p17
  Growing Up in Arthurdale 38:2;p8

Meacham,  Matt
  “Daddy Loved Music”: Recalling Guitarist Roy  Harvey   33:4;p50

Meade,  James
  Tale of Two Dogs     38:3;p68

Meador,  Margaret
  More Words from Pearl Faulkner  21:1;p59
  Riding on that New River Train    41:3;p22

Meador,  Michael M.
  Aunt Nannie Meador and the Bluestone Dam   6:1;p24
  Carving a Niche: The Blacks of Bluefield    13:4;p19
  "A Cover for the Nation": Ella Martin's Blue Eagle Quilt  14:3;p36
  Ella Martin: An Uncommon Woman of the People   14:3;p42
  Faith Knowledge and Practice: The Jews of Southern West Virginia  11:2;p16
  Frank George's Music  9:1;p30
  "Grandpaw Got Me Started": Frank George and the Old-Time Music  9:1;p26
  Head, Heart, Hands, and Health: The West Virginia 4-H Movement  10:2;p9
  Healing Waters?  8:3;p25
  "I Did the Very Best I Could": An Interview with Virginia Lipps  15:2;p38
  "The Lincoln County Crew": A Feud Song  12:2;p46
  A Man and his Mill: Jim Wells Takes on the Greenville Mill  17:1;p9
  Margaret Moore Meador    41:3;p33
  "Part P.T. Barnum and Part Billy Sunday": Jim Morris Remembers  'Teepi' Kendrick  10:2;p16
  "A Pretty Big Thing for Princeton and Athens": Virgil Fletcher  Remembers Mercer Healing Springs  8:3;p28
  The Red Neck War of 1921   7:2;p44
  The Seige of Crooked Creek Gap  7:2;p52
  Taking the Waters  8:3;p23
  Viola Clark  13:4;p28
  “You Write Songs Like People Breathe”: Billy Edd Wheeler, Renaissance Man  42:2;p12

Megan,  Kathy
  A Meal at the Mission  6:3;p29

Meredith,  Donna
  Museum of American Glass   38:3;p19
  Norm Julian: The Monongahela Valley’s Woodsman  Philosopher    39:4;p52
  Visions of Heaven: Cameo Glass Artist Kelsey Murphy    38:3;p10

Merical,  Nancy
  Cedar Lakes: Recalling the Farm Years   16:3;p14
  Mountain State Art & Craft Fair  39:2;p38      

Meyer,  Rose Ann
  Beverly, West Virginia  1:3;p7
  The George McLean Diary: 1831 to 1849   2:1;p43

Michael,  Edwin Daryl
  Friendship Quilts   39:4;p16
  Life in the Levi Shinn House  31:3;p58
  New Martinsville in the 1950's: Teen Years in a  River Town   33:1;p40
  Summer in a Jar  42:4;p36

Miller,  Alma Thomas
  "An Act of Christian Love": The Annual Footwashing  22:4;p23

Miller,  Alta Durst
  Initial Chapters  10:4;p24

Millimet,  Lisa Gray
  "All They Knew Was Pull and Get It": Daniel Richmond About Then and  Now  23:2;p10

Millner,  Reginald
  Conversations with the 'Ole Man:' The Life and Times of a Black Appalachian  Coal Miner   5:1;p58

Milnes,  Gerald
  Appalachian White Oak  Basketmaking: Handing Down the Basket  19:2;p12
  Bagpipes in West Virginia   32:3;p54
  The Banjo in West Virginia   43:1;p40
  The Barns of Pendleton County  24:1;p50
  "Boy, That Was A Fine Bean!": A Harvesttime Interview With An  Old-Fashioned Gardener  10:3;p9
  "Boy, That Was a Fine Bean!": A Harvesttime Interview with an  Old-Fashioned Gardener  25:3;p10
  Ernie Carpenter: Tales of the Elk River Country   12:2;p30
  Carved in Stone: West Virginia Grave Markers   28:4;p46
  Cole Boats  31:4;p43
  Groundhog!   36:4;p46
  The Hammonds Family of Randolph County 40:4;p13
  "Listen to That Beautiful Music": Fox Chasing  in the Mountain State  22:2;p27
  Losing Maggie and Sherman  15:4;p6
  The Natural World of Bernard Cyrus    35:1;p10
  Old Christmas and Belsnickles: Our Early Holiday  Traditions  21:4;p26
  Oldtime Fiddle Tunes  13:2;p66
  Passing It On: West Virginia Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program  26:4;p35
  Pat Jordan: Mushroom Hunter 39:2;p64
  Phyllis Marks: “Learned By Heart”    41:1;p22
  Seed Saving   10:3;p18
  Seed Saving  25:3;p18
  Skunk Grease and Mutton Tallow   36:4;p48
  Stonecutting: Passing on an Old Tradition  16:4;p28
  Thank You, Homer: Preserving a Basket Making Tradition  19:2;p9
  West Virginia Split Bottom: The Seat of Choice   12:3;p9
  Wilkie Dennison: Country Fiddlemaker   14:1;p24

Milspaw,  Yvonne
  Appalachian Folk Crafts in Transition   2:2;p14

Minney,  Katrina
  Leading Creek Baptist Church: Up from the Ashes in Gilmer  County   34:1;p28

Mitchell,  James R.
  Sharing the Weight: A Visit With Glassmaker Jennings Bonnell  25:4;p48

Mitchell,  Luke R.
  Back in Time: Clock Maker Rick Dillon       36:4;p43

Mitchell,  Matthew
  “Water from Hill to Hill”: Paint Creek Flood of 1932  31:1;p52

Montgomery,  Bardwell
  "Recollections" and "The Home Place": Folklife Programming  on West Virginia Public Radio  8:1;p5

Moore,  Alice
  America’s First Modern Tea Party  38:2;p60

Moore,  Bob
Homer L. Wells: Midland Trail’s Mystery  Photographer   32:3;p18

Moore,  Catherine
  “Let’s  Show Them What a Fight We Can Give Them”: The Black Lung Movement in West  Virginia   32:2;p6
  Ties  that Bind: The Hahn Brothers of Hardy County   31:2;p22
  Whimmydiddles  and FlipperDingers: A Visit with Toymaker Dick Schnacke   30:4;p10

Moore,  Daphne
  Dishpan Rock  38:4;p40

Moore,  J. Roderick
  Clarence Tross: Hardy County Banjoist   2:3;p7
  Mack Jenks, Union Bard  3:2;p25
  On Tour With a Black String Band in the 1930's   2:4;p9

Morrison,  Charles M., Sr.
  I Remember Chickens    36:2;p18

Mosley,  Jennifer
  Surviving the Tough Times in Decota  37:2;p48

Moss,  Paul
  Before the 18-Wheelers   24:1;p36

Moulden,  Bill
  Getting the Paper Out  16:1;p24
  In The Family: A Hundred Years at the Hampshire  Review 16:1;p21
  Lottie Thompson  1:2;p25
  Mountain Trace Reprint  1:2;p27
  "Not a Going Business": Ed Weaver's Service Station Museum  19:3;p14
  Paw Paw: The Centennial of a Panhandle Town   17:1;p34
  Pruntytown: "A Good Place To Do Time?"  9:3;p42
  The Reverend Reneau: 33 Years as a Pruntytown Chaplain  9:3;p50

Mounts,  Willard
  We Lived Along the Railroad Tracks: My Early Years  in Mingo County   36:2;p34

Mozier,  Jeanne
  Betty Lou Harmison: Muse of the Park View Inn   34:1;p47
  DeFord’s Tannery at Berkeley Springs     37:3;p57
  “It Feels Like Coming Home”: Old-Time Hospitality at  the Park View Inn   34:1;p40
  Postcards from the Pepperoni Highway   32:1;p15

Mullins,  Matthew
  UFO's in West Virginia: An Historical Overview   28:3;p66

Murchison,  Richard L.
  Remembering a Mountain Neighbor: The Man from River Ridge  22:4;p25

Musgrave,  George Curtis
  My Life as a Mason County Educator   31:3;p36

Mylott,  Jim
  The Robey Theater of Spencer: A Roane County Tradition  7:4;p57

Nash,  Nancy A.
  Christmas at the Company Store  16:4;p8

Neal,  Ralph “Butch”
  Football  1960: Philippi High School’s Perfect Season 39:3;p40

Nedeff,  Roger
  Growing Up on 7th Street: Recalling Parkersburg’s East End  42:4;p52 
 “To Live as One Like Brothers”: Remembering St.  Joseph Seminary  39:1;p42
Newbraugh,  John W.
  "Sleeping Beneath the Sand": Songwriter John W. Unger of Morgan  County  19:4;p61

Newcomb,  William
  High Water and Growing Pains: A Huntingtonian Looks Back on 1913   11:4;p9

Newmark,  Todd L.
  Looking Back Ten Years Later: The Flood of '85   21:3;p59

Nice,  Donetta
  Born in the Hills: Bill & Mary Moats of Preston County   27:1;p27

Nowland,  Virginia
  Suffrage Crusade   24:3;p24

Nyden,  Paul J.
  Clint Thomas and the Negro Baseball League   5:4;p17
  Coal Town Baseball 6:4;p31
  Guide to Coal Mining Collections in  the United States  5:2;p58
  "I Might As Well Go Back In": Remembering the Eccles and Layland  Explosions  8:1;p54
  Mabel Gwinn, New River Nurse  7:3;p30

Oates,  Cynthia
  “Honoring the Apple”: Mountain State Apple Harvest  Festival   40:3;p34

O'Keefe,  Joseph
  Suffrage Crusade   24:3;p24

Ochsendorf,  Gene
  "Coach": A Visit With Bill Weber    26:2;p19
  Doing the Impossible: An Interview with Don Mole  9:1;p33
  Jennings Randolph: "Always Remember the Man and Woman by the Wayside of  the Road"  9:2;p17

Olsen,  Marty
  Shadows of the Past    34:2;p50

Olson,  Ted
  Remembering Jack: A Hampshire County   19:2;p42

Orr,  David
  "A Dirty, Messy Place to Work": B.H. Metheney Remembers Hawk's Nest  Tunnel   7:1;p34

Painter,  Ginny
  "I Was Born Talking": Lois Koontz Nypl on Selling Cars   29:2;p45

Parker,  Sharon
  Keeping to the Straight and Pure: The Stonewall Jackson Jubilee   11:2;p65

Parkinson,  George
  Charles Ward Engineering Works   3:3;p31
  Dr. Margaret Byrnside Ballard: 1900-1976    3:2;p5
  The Ellisons of Hans Creek Valley: Two Centuries of Monroe County Family  History   6:4;p56

Partain,  Susan Craddock
  Logan Rambling  19:2;p65

Pauley,  Michael Joseph
  Grinding Grist: The Inner Workings of Mollohan Mill  10:4;p13
  Remembering Davis Grubb  7:1;p70

Payne,  John
  Bad Luck on the Middle Fork  37:2;p37
  Old-Fashioned Country Ingenuity    41:4;p54

Payne,  Kevin
  Paying Respect: Wake and Funeral Traditions of  Barbour County  40:4;p50

Payne,  Norma
  Christmas In a One-Room School   35:4;p54

Pedersen,  Ralph
  Mail-Order Housing: An Architect's View   8:2;p40

Pennington,  Albert
  Halloween at Mr. Mac’s Store   36:3;p66
  My Friend Kirk             38:3;p69

Pennington,  June
  Aunt Lucinda  38:2;p18

Perry,  Woodrow
  Life on Perry Ridge: Memories of a Wayne County  Family  37:4;p36

Pettit,  Todd
  A Clay County Snake Story  21:3;p69
  When I Was a Young Boy: My Clay County Memories  40:3;p30

Peyton,  Dave
  Remembering Molly O'Day  24:1;p64

Phillips,  Grace
  Widen, The Town J.G. Bradley Built    3:1;p2

Phillips,  Jo Boggess
  "I Greatly Appreciate Your Courage": West Virginia's Women  Legislators  24:3;p27
  A Rose Among the Thorns: Lawmaker Jackie Withrow  24:3;p32

Phipps,  William E.
  Biblical Treatment of An American Leper   23:3;p62

Plasky,  Joe
  Cable TV Comes to Red Jacket      38:4;p42
  “Worth Their Weight in Gold”: Recalling Red Jacket  Safety Day   33:2;p38
  “Worth Their Weight in Gold”: Recalling Red Jacket Safety  Day   40:1;p56

Platania,  Joseph
  "Actions  Louder Than Words": Remembering Stella Fuller  12:3;p38
  The  Camden Carousel 13:2;p14
  Canning  and Camping: Girls' 4-H in Mason County   17:2;p22
  Clifford  Weese and the West Virginia License Plate   25:3;p47
  The  Elusive Jarvis-Huntington Early Automobiles of West Virginia  25:3;p42
  Fall  Victory: Huntington’s 1918 Flu Epidemic   31:3;p44
  "Getting  Down the Originals": Folk Song Collector Marie Boette  14:3;p14
  Getting  Ready for Life: The Douglass High School Story   19:3;p21
  The  Hitchhiking Ghost of Fifth Street Hill   26:3;p66
  The  Huntington Bank Robbery: The Facts Behind the Folklore  9:3;p63
  Huntington’s  Memorial Arch   36:3;p48
  Jack  Dempsey Comes to Huntington   30:3;p60
  Just-Rite: Huntington's Air-Ola Radio Company  27:4;p34
  Ketchum Caught 'Em: Remembering a Wayne County Lawman  15:2;p31
  Marching on the Road to Excellence: Huntington Music Man Henry Shadwell  12:1;p16
  Men to Match Mountains: Devil Anse Hatfield and Uncle Dyke Garrett  10:3;p26
  Mission in the Mountains: West Virginia's Pallottine Missionary Sisters  29:1;p18
  The Museum of Radio and Technology   27:4;p38
  Music Out of School: Huntington's Adult Bands from the Shadwell Era  12:1;p21
  "Objects of Beauty and Light": Glassmaking in West Virginia  9:1;p51
  Original and Genuine: The Story of Marsh Wheeling Stogies  15:4;p39
  "The Sign of the Happy Clown": Looking Back at Camden Park  13:2;p9
  Three Sides to the Story: Governor Hatfield and the Mine Wars  11:2;p53
  "A Tough Joint": The West Virginia Penitentiary at Moundsville  21:2;p39
  Tracking the James Gang: Folklore of the Great Huntington Bank Robbery of  1875  9:3;p53
  War on the Tug: A Brief History of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud  10:3;p30
  West Virginia's State Stores: A Legacy of Prohibition  25:1;p46

Plumley,  Roscoe
  A  Miracle at Fall Run Church   30:2;p55

Poe,  Michael E.
  A Wheeling Sketchbook  8:3;p70

Poling,  Newton L.
  Growing Up in a Family Store  28:1;p44

Posey,  Bryson R.
  Florien Vaughn, M.D.: Mystery Doctor of the Coalfields  6:4;p17

Posey,  Lawton W.
  A City  Preacher Comes to Pendleton County    30:2;p50
  Florien  Vaughn, M.D.: Mystery Doctor of the Coalfields   6:4;p17
  Richard  Ruddle and the Reed Organs of Pendleton County    34:1;p22

Prichard,  Arthur C.
  "Are You in the Book?" Early Telephone Service in a West Virginia  Town   9:3;p9
  Auctions and Auctioneers  11:2;p38
  "A Circus is Coming!" Touring Extravaganzas and Their Downtown  Parades of the Past  4:4;p41
  The Heck Radio Society  7:1;p55
  The Horseless Carriage Comes to a West Virginia Town  3:3;p27
  "In West Virginia I Had More Freedom": Bruce Crawford's Story  10:1;p34
  "The Jackson Mystery": Dr. I.C. White and  Mannington's First Oil Well  6:2;p47
  Living and Learning: Margaret Allen of Moorefield  13:2;p54
  Local News: Phoebe Heishman and the Moorefield Examiner  12:1;p49
  Making It On His Own: Hardy County Farmer Dayton Bradfield  10:3;p51
  More Than a Century: Looking Back with Doc Elliott  8:3;p9
  Nest Eggs: Glass Egg Manufacturing in Marion County  14:4;p53
  Phoebia G. Moore, M.D.: First Woman to Study Medicine at West Virginia  University  5:4;p36
  "A Real Good Life": Silas S. Ritchie, Hardy County Mountaineer  6:1;p49
  Russell Fluharty Remembers the Radio Line   7:1;p59
  Russell "Dick" Rittenhouse: Growing Up Black in Marion County  8:1;p17
  Teams and Teamsters in the Mannington Oil and Gas Field  3:4;p21
  The Tusings of South Branch Mountain: Lynn Tusing Recalls Family in Hardy  County  7:3;p17
  Two Hundred Pounds or More: The Lebanese Community in Mannington  4:2/3;p18
Priest,  Karl
  America’s First Modern Tea Party  38:2;p60
  Mission Hollow Memories   35:2;p44
  Over the Hill Is Out: Baseball in the Projects   32:2;p46
  “They Were So Good To Me”: Recalling Life at  Brookside   35:2;p52

Prince,  Jeanie
  Back To the Future: Huntington's Heritage Farm Museum  28:2;p44

Pritt,  Troy Lynn
  Wye Plummer Pritt: Fifty Years As a Track Man   31:4;p54

Pritt,  Troy Wye
  Wye Plummer Pritt: Fifty Years As a Track Man   31:4;p54

Purkey,  Virgil
  Groundhog Lore from Dry Fork   32:4;p52

Quinn,  Kate
  City Kids on the Farm  42:2;p56 
  Fighting a Good Fight: Billy Sunday Comes to Wheeling 38:2;p50
  Woodsdale Kids: Memories of a Wheeling Neighborhood    39:1;p48

Radabaugh,  Doris M.
  Job's Temple Homecoming  17:2;p62

Ramella,  Richard
  Champions with Dirty Knuckles: Marbles in the Mountain State  19:2;p35
  The Great Itmann Pig Invasion  19:3;p40
  John Hardy: The Man and The Song  18:1;p47
  "Now I'm on My Hanging Ground": Some Verses to the Song  18:1;p51
  On Bower's Ridge: Family Life in Wyoming County   19:3;p36
  “Salt  Pork, West Virginia”: A Musical Mystery Solved    30:2;p30
  A  State of Music: Songs of Hills and Home    30:2;p24
  West Virginia’s Three State Songs   30:2;p18
  West Virginia’s Three State Songs   40:1;p34
  When “Country Roads” Began: Genesis of a Mountain State Favorite   30:2;p29

Rasmussen,  Barbara
  Food and Rebellion in Monroe County: Recalling  Georgia Wickline   33:3;p40
  Storer College: A Bygone Harpers Ferry  Institution  16:1;p46

Reece,  Carol
  Beauty In Rocks: Earl Ellifritz and His Museum   26:3;p8

Reed,  Helen
  Widen, The Town J.G. Bradley Built   3:1;p2

Reed,  Louis
  Gusher!  18:1;p44

Reed,  Louise
  Putnam County Homebrew Troubles  13:2;p44

Reed,  Reva
  Old Soldiers  19:4;p68
  School Days at Davis Creek  18:4;p66

Reeder,  W. Howard
  Pushing and Shoving a Model T    31:3;p56

Reul,  Myrtle R.
  Zebedee John Crouse: Mountain Photographer   24:2;p26

Rexroad,  William D.
  “It Was a Hard Life”: Growing Up at the Pendleton  County Poor Farm   35:2;p38
  Recalling Miss Lottie      39:4;p36

Reynolds,  Ethel Burdette
  The Place, the Plans and the People  17:2;p30

Rice,  Bill
  Mountain State Forest Festival  37:3;p9

Rice,  Donald L.
  Clearing Up a "Hazy Proposition": Ford,  Firestone, and Edison Explore West Virginia    9:1;p46
  The West Virginia Home Front: More on the Maneuver Area  17:2;p70
  West Virginia Maneuver Area   33:3;p16

Richmond,  Daniel
  How to Train a Giant  23:2;p14

Ridder,  Mona
  The Barn Raising  1:3;p15
  Norman's Store: A Mineral County Institution   8:3;p51

Rittenhouse,  Donna Jean
  Grandma and Grandpa Zekany: Growing Up Hungarian in Logan County 

Rivard,  Betty
  Marietta Manufacturing Company: Building Ships and  Boats in Point Pleasant 40:2;p30
  Revelation in the Mountains: West Virginia FSA  Photographs   36:3;p30

Rizetta,  Sam
  "Whoop It Up a Little Bit": The Life and Music of Blackie Cool  7:3;p51

Roberts,  David W.
  Granddad Mullens  8:2;p71

Roberts,  Katherine
  Augusta  Festival  23:2;p53
  Ritchie  County Cellar Houses   30:3;p40
  Sunday Dinner in Ritchie County   35:3;p26

Roberts,  Kathy
  Tygart Valley Homestead: New Deal Communities in  Randolph County  31:2;p10

Robinson,  Delmer
  Linotype   6:1;p59

Robson,  Houghton
  Soap Box Derby 1937    33:2;p50

Rodd,  Tom
  On the Back Porch, There's Always Room for One More   4:4;p4

Rogers,  Kathee
  A Campus Called Home: The West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind  28:3;p10
  From Students to Teachers  28:3;p14
  The Radio Boys  28:3;p18

Rogers,  Rod
  John  W. Davis and the 1924 Presidential Campaign    30:3;p32

Romano,  Mark
  Bergoo, the Town    32:1;p34

Rose,  Nicole
  Blackberry Tales    32:2;p52

Rosenak,  Charles B.
  "A Person Has to Have Some Work to Do": S.L. Jones, Woodcarver  8:1;p47

Ross,  Deborah McHenry
  Decoration Day    33:1;p32
  Instilling a Passion for Music: The 1970s in Wood County Schools    41:3;p56
  A Wonderland of Books: Recalling Parkersburg’s  Carnegie Library   36:3;p52

Ross,  Peggy
  Christmas Candles and Country Roads: Lighting the Way in Preston County  22:4;p16
  "Dogs and Birds and Shooting": George and Kay Evans of Preston  County  19:4;p32
  Echoes of Things Past: Preston County’s Oak Park,  20:2;p46
  The Farmer's Friend: TheWest  Virginia Market Bulletin   19:2;p57
  Goodbye, Old Man Winter: Helvetia Celebrates Fasnacht  19:1;p2
  Manheim: Faded Glory in a Quarry Town   23:3;p28
  Preston County Buckwheat Festival   23:3;p45
  "We Need to Get Together": 100 Years of the Brown Reunion  22:2;p17
  The West Virginia WWII Home Front:  "Dear GI" — Preston Soldiers Get Letters from Home  18:4;p50
  "Wish You Were Here": The Long History of the Hermitage  21:4;p54

Ross-Robertson,  Lola
  Ida L. Reed, 1864-1951   2:4;p25

Rounder  Collective
  The Life of Blind Alfred Reed   2:1;p19

Rowh,  Mark
  The Hawk's Nest Tragedy: Fifty Years Later    7:1;p31
  "The Only Product is Oil": Looking Back at the Town of Volcano  7:4;p35

Russell,  Melinda
  One Tree's Story   17:4;p20

Sadlowski,  Marie Twohig
  My Childhood on Irish Mountain   24:1;p46

Sale,  Anna
  “Bus on a Rock”: Bruiser Cole’s Camp at Gauley  Bridge   31:4;p36
  Sisters in Coal: A History of Women in the West  Virginia Mines   33:1;p10

Samples,  Mack
  Dancing at Ireland   23:1;p28
  Good Times at Glenville: The West Virginia State Folk Festival  11:2;p68
  Hope and Success in Corton 38:4;p56
  Join Hands and Circle: Old-Time Dancing Alive and  Well  23:1;p25

Sanders,  David H.
  Outdoor Justice in Morgan County   25:3;p62

Savage,  Joe
  The Armed March in West Virginia    13:3;p65

Savage,  Lon
  The Gunfight at Matewan   17:2;p33

Savereno,  Joan
  Anna Guarascio Peluso: Preserving an Italian Art in West Virginia   7:4;p39

Schnaultz,  Carnella Moccia
  Humility, Enthusiasm and Time on his Knees: Home Missionary Alexander  Moccia  15:4;p59

Schultz,  LeRoy G.
  The Barns of West Virginia  4:2/3;p51
  The Barns of West Virginia  7:4;p56
  Log Barns of West Virginia  9:1;p40
  Tobacco Barns   11:4;p60
  West Virginia Cribs and Granaries   9:4;p47
  West Virginia Silos  10:3;p20

Schwarz,  Bob
  Adam and Lula Adkins: A Life on Big Ugly    13:1;p43
 Dick Lloyd: He Kept the Gas Moving for 43 Years   11:2;p44
  Doing All Right: Through the Years with Pearl Davidson   13:3;p23
  "46 Years Was Enough": Wetzel Schoolteacher Opal Minor  10:3;p33
  Shanty Pickers   12:3;p25
  Weaving White Oak   13:1;p46

Scott,  Eugene
  Chestnut Memories   21:4;p12

Scott,  Rosalie
  Aunt Dorie's Harvest   9:3;p65

Screven,  Tom
  Capsule Guide to Charleston's Foodways: A Photographic Essay  4:2/3;p57
  An Early 1920's Baseball Game in Mingo County   4:1;p24
  A Former West Virginian in Detroit: A Sketch of His Life and a Tape Recorded  Baseball Story  4:1;p22
  An Interview: Harley E. Warrwick Visits New Museum  2:4;p16
  An Interview with Alan Jabbour  3:3;p10
  John B. Wright  1:1;p11
  One of the Last American Railroad Hotels   1:3;p19
  Red Clay Country Pilgrimage  2:2;p50
  Remembering Jenes Cottrell  7:2;p70
  We Sing about Life and What It Means to Us   1:2;p14

Sculle, Keith A.
  “Charmingly Funky”: See’s Motel in Wardensville   43:2;p70

Seeger,  Mike
  Elmer Rich and “Colored Aristocracy”   35:3;p50

Semrau,  Ronda
  Roxie Gore: Looking Back in Logan County    16:2;p23

Shambaugh,  Helen Bradfield
  Apple Butter Time   27:3;p26
  The Magnolia Nurse: Patty Norton of Morgan County  29:4;p46

Sheets,  L. Wayne
  "Able Courage": The Monumental Sallie Maxwell Bennett   26:1;p28
  The Pickens Leper  23:3;p58

Sheets,  Michael
  Reliving History: Memories of a Civil War Reenactor    39:2;p10

Shepherd,  Karen R.
  A Fayette County Christmas   31:4;34

Sherwood,  Dolly
  There's a New Parent for the Heritage Trunk    3:4;p2

Sherwood,  Topper
  Capitol Cover-up: Gold-leafing the Dome   15:3;p25
  The Dust Settles: Felts Papers Offer More on Matewan  17:2;p39
  Kennedy In West Virginia  26:3;p14
  New State and Regional Books  15:4;p8
  Reunion: The Smoots Gather for the 60th Time    15:4;p9

Shockley, Larry
  The Cockayne House: A Preservation Effort by the Whole Community   43:2;p36

Shombert,  Dave
  Turning and Learning: Paul Weinberger's Woodshop   26:4;p28

Silman,  Jo Calendine
  "The Best Therapy": Making Music At the O'Dell Farm   10:4;p58
  Meeting the O'Dells  10:4;p69

Simmons,  Dorrene Spencer
  Rev. Herbert Spencer: Roane County Preacher    2:1;p31

Simmons,  Gary
  "A Hard Life, Anyway You Take It": Recollections of a Putnam County  Miner and Mine Foreman   5:3;p30
  "The Harder It Is, The Better I Like It"  2:2;p40
  Palmer Hill, Oil Man  3:4;p16

Simmons,  Gordon
  Blair Mountain: A Brief Overview   32:2;p26
  The Homestead Movement in West Virginia  31:2;p18
  The Lonely Battle: Ken Hechler’s 1958 Campaign    33:3;p24
  New Books Available   28:2;p67 / 31:2;p68 / 31:4;p62 / 33:2;p68 / 34:2;p68
  One Hundred Years of Collecting: State Archives  Centennial  31:4;p10

Simon,  Harold
  Ferreting   9:4;p65

Simons,  Nathaniel
  Bow Making in West Virginia   34:3;p30

Sisco, Maria
  “Cap” Ferguson”: A Black Trailblazer   43:1;p62

Sisler,  Donetta
  Water Witching in Preston County: A Visit with Keith  Wotring   34:1;p4

Six,  Dean
  “The Best Thing I Ever Did”: Willa Norman and Fenton  Glass   34:2;p16
  Fenton: A Century of Art Glass in Williamstown   34:2;p8
  Stained Glass in West Virginia: A Brief History   29:1;p15

Smik,  Barbara Diane
  Silver Yodelin' Bill Jones   17:4;p22
  Unbiased and Unbossed: Sam Shaw and the Moundsville Daily Echo   14:4;p28

Smith,  Barbara
  Allen Byrne: The Last of the Tramp Printers   15:1;p9
  “Are You Sick?”: Dr. J.W. Myers and his Remedy Company  31:1;p36
  Bringing Back the Beauty: Stained Glass Restoration in Randolph County  29:1;p10
  Dr. Howard: Looking Back With a Philippi Pharmacist  10:2;p26
  "Enough World for Me": Stella Gordon of Newberne  12:4;p57
  The Franklins: A Barbour County Family Story   16:2;p38
  The Golden Rule: Doing Business in Barbour County  18:1;p16
  "I Know Them All": Monongah's Faithful Father Briggs  25:4;p21
  "Lovingly, Mama": The Letters of Viola S. Springer  26:1;p12
  Miner's Widow: Sara Kaznoski, Fighter and Survivor  14:2;p52
  Monuments to the Past: A Barbour County Church Cemetery  13:3;p50
  The Myers Clinic: A Family Legacy in Barbour County  31:1;p44
  No Ambulances Then: Tales of a Country Doctor   13:4;p65
  "Preserved Until Judgement Day": The Philippi Mummies  27:3;p56
  Randolph County Cattleman Herman Isner  37:1;p22
  "Ready, Wheeling and Able": Movie Maker  Ellis Dungan  22:3;p51
  Shipshape in Philippi: The House That Lair D. Morrall Built  15:4;p18
  "What A Community Is All About": Friday Nights at Boulder  10:4;p48

Smith,  Deborah B.
  From Academy to University: Marshall Turns 150    13:1;p58

Smith,  Elmer L.
  James Tyree Rexrode, The Artist  3:3;p42

Smith,  Joanne
  We, the People of Chestnut Ridge: A Native Community in Barbour County   25:3;p30

Smith,  Mariwyn McClain
  A Lasting Impression: Recalling Printer Ken McClain   26:2;p31

Smith, Marketa S.
  Ben Carr and his Banjo: What Music Means  42:1;p45

Smith,  Melissa
  Fountain Hobby Center: Passing the Test of Time   29:4;p26

Smith,  Oce
  The Passing of a Grand Hotel: Recollections of the Daniel Boone in  Charleston   8:2;p54
  Recollections of Mr. Geary  8:2;p57

Smith,  Virgil L.
  Recalling Life along the Little Kanawha         38:4;p30

Smith,  W. Murray
  Jenes Cottrell   15:3;p22

Smucker,  Kim
  By Faith and Sacrifice: Salem College Celebrates Its First 10

Snider,  Louie Dawson
  Three Years at Three Mile School: Memories of a  Calhoun County Educator   32:3;p36
 What’s with These Dawson Names??   32:3;p41

Snyder,  Betty Bowers
  “Across  the Ocean in Philadelphia”: My Early Years in Mineral County   30:2;p56

Snyder,  Ken
  Pot of Beans  38:2;p58

Snyder,  Michael
  J. E. Dillon: Master Blacksmith   1:2;p5

Somerville,  Jane
  How It Feels to Wait: Report on Parkersburg Poetry Writing Project for Older  People   4:4;p6

Sontheimer,  Marcia M.
  Thermond L. Fletcher: Self-sufficient Farmer, Artist, Musician  2:3;p16

Spence,  Beth
  Arthurdale: The New Deal Comes to Preston County   7:2;p7

Spence,  Robert
  After the Feud: Livicey Hatfield's Photo Album   24:3;p50
  The Devil Turned to Stone  28:1;p27
  "A Good Historical Record": The Reece Sisters Recall Their Father and  Holden  8:4;p62
  Hatfield History: Reconsidering the Famous Feud   21:3;p9
  "He Just Loved the Music": Traditional Fiddler Red Henline  27:1;p44
  "I Grew Up With Music": The Memories of Aunt Jennie Wilson  10:1;p9
  "I Just Use a Bow": Oldtime Fiddler Mike Humphreys  11:4;p30
  "I Never Wanted to Live Anywhere Else": Wallace W. Farley of  Williamson  28:1;p20
  Island Creek and the Building of Holden    8:4;p57
  "It Was Rough at Times": The Memories of P.L. Johnston  11:1;p28
  "A Lot of Good Music": Lefty Shafer Talks Fiddling  10:4;p18
  Music From the Woodpile: Musician and Craftsman Ray Epler  11:3;p9
  The Poet of Lawnsville  5:3;p55
  "A Real Fine Looking Man": Aunt Jennie Wilson Remembers Frank  Hutchison  10:1;p15
  The Scholar and the Legend: The Research of Coleman A. Hatfield  21:3;p13
  West Virginia Foodways: The Lock, Stock and Barrel Restaurant, Williamson  5:4;p3

Spencer,  James
  Victory Loan Tour of 1945  37:3;p42

Spindler, Katherine R.
  From the Bottom Up: Cinder Bottom’s Red-Light District   43:2;p56

Stanton-Smith,  Audrey
  Cadet Nurses Maggie and Terri Payne      40:2;p26

Stafford,  Margo
  "All Greek and All Hard Workers"    8:3;p57
  Fighting the Flu: The Experiences of Two Beckley Nurses  10:2;p69
  Frank, Cole, Devil Anse, and Senator Elkins   9:3;p61
  RFD: A West Virginia First  9:2;p52

Stafford,  Thomas F.
  The First Mountain State Forest Festival: Organizing an Elkins Tradition   5:3;p51

Stalnaker,  Karen
  "So Charitable a Mission": The Odd Fellows Home in Elkins   29:3;p18

Stanley,  Bonnie G.
  But We Were Tough and Hardy   3:1;p30

Stapler,  Alisa
  Gardening and Gathering: A Visit with Wanda Tucker  Jarrell of Winifrede   36:3;p54

Stark,  Tim
  Tools of the Trade: The  Crosscut Saw   17:1;p65

Starkey,  Edith Kimmell
  Back to Braucher 14:2;p70
  Over the Mountain: Timbering at Braucher   13:2;p34

Stealey  III, John E.                                         
  Great Kanawha Salt Industry: An Overview  40:4;p24

Stealey,  Mary V.
  Chautauqua: Bringing Culture to Clarksburg   17:4;p27
  Water Birch: A 1929 Elk River Fishing Camp   16:3;p66

Steele,  Virginia
  "Colored People Had a Hard Time": Miss Ruby Never Quit   22:4;p44
  "Good for the Soul": Gladys Larew at 100  25:2;p40

Steenstra, Beverly
  The World’s Largest Clothespin Factory   43:2;p10

Stenger,  Mary Beth
  Lebanese in the Land of Opportunity: The Michael Family of Clarksburg  28:4;p22

Stevens,  MaryAnne
  No Place Better to Live: The Campbells of Monroe County  11:3;p25

Stewart  C. C.
  A Boy's Dream Spring;25:1;p38
  The Buffalo Bank Robbery: Further Adventures in the West Virginia State  Police  22:1;p45
  Street Life in the Capital City  22:1;p50
  Strike Duty: A Trooper Recalls Trouble in the Coalfields  21:4;p32

Stinespring,  William E.
  Country Roads  21:1;p63

Stone,  Elizabeth Ballard
  "So Much To Endure": Early Epidemics in the Kanawha Valley  10:2;p67

Stone,  Olive Smith
  Hard  Times, Proud Memories in Jackson County   28:3;p24
  “I’ve  Enjoyed It All”: Bonnie Cadle Hartley Recalls 103 Years   30:1;p38

Stover,  Jerry D.
  Hickory and Ladyslippers  3:1;p35

Stover,  Kara Perdue
  Coach Bobby Stover: The Making of a Clay County  Legend        33:3;p36

Stutler,  Judith
  Randolph County Horsepower  23:2;p18

Sullivan,  Ken
  The Appalachian Photographs of Earl  Palmer   16:2;p71
  Buffalo, Putnam County: A West Virginia Community Enters the 20th  Century   5:3;p13
  Building Bridges  19:1;p58
  "Cheap, Quick and Drafty": The Jenny Lind House  16:1;p65
  Don West, Poet and Preacher  5:4;p47
  Feud: Hatfields, McCoys and Social  Change   14:3;p72
  GOLDENSEAL Meets Hillbilly:  An Interview with Jim Comstock  6:1;p9
  How Hickam Got Away  27:2;p57
  An Interview with John Davis  5:3;p26
  "Just 48 Years, That's All:" Harry Sydenstricker, Company Store  Manager  5:2;p17
  Locks and Dams: Improving Navigation on the Kanawha  8:3;p46
  Mountain Trace. Book I   7:3;p70
  Naming the Coal Towns: A Study in West Virginia Place Names  4:1;p34
  Out in the Weeds and Briers  4:2/3;p26
  Russell Fluharty: The Dulcimer Man   12:4;p16
  Sidney Box, West Virginian  5:2;p59
  Squirrel Tales: Readers Recall Squirrel Migrations  17:1;p7
  "To Keep the Peace": Captain Charles W. Ray, State Policeman  6:4;p46
  "Totally Country"  12:2;p63
  Towing Coal: Francis E. Wright, Riverboat Captain  6:3;p33
  A Tribute  5:1;p60
  "We Lived Good Back Then": Vandalia Award Winner Sylvia O'Brien  15:3;p9
  Working the Kanawha with Captain Wright   6:3;p40

Sutton,  Clive B.
  Return to Turtle Run  16:3;p60
  "We Toiled and Labored and Grew Up": Looking Back in Ritchie  County  16:3;p55

Sutton,  David
  Ella Betler Remembers Helvetia   6:2;p23
  A West Virginia Swiss Community: The Aegerter Photographs of Helvetia, Randolph  County  6:2;p9

Sutton,  Mary Lee
  Sweet Pickens: Looking Back at Maple Harvest Time  14:1;p55

Swartz,  Gordon Lloyd III
  "Hard Work for a Boy": Growing Up in McKeefrey  18:3;p62
  Hero and Desperado: Reflections on the Reburial of Lewis Wetzel  17:2;p66
  Locomotive Engineer Gilbert King: "I Like Railroading"  24:2;p34
  Louis Reed: Remembering a West Virginia Writer   13:2;p40
  McKeefrey: A Marshall County Coal Town   18:3;p58
  0l' Rusty  13:4;p8
  Walter Seacrist: A Songwriting Miner Remembers the Mine Wars  11:2;p60

Sweeney,  Edwin
  Marbles and Pressed Glass: Remembering Akro Agate of Clarksburg   10:2;p20

Swiger, Lynette
   H. B. Huffman Coal Company       42:2;p20

Swisher,  Bob
  Historical Overview of the Upper West Fork River and Skin Creek Valleys   5:1;p19

Swisher,  Charles F.
  The Engineer as Artist: Thomas Swisher's Sutton Photographs   13:1;p10

Swope,  Kenneth D.
  December 24, 1908: A Monroe County Christmas Story  6:4;p8

Tabscott,  Robert
  John Henry: The Story of a Steel-Driving Man    22:2;p9

Tanner,  Borgon
  Into  the Woods with Ely-Thomas: One Day’s Drama at Jetsville   36:1;p40
  Night  Sounds  38:2;p30
  The Swecks’ Circle Tour   43:4;p68 
  Thursday  Night at the Wetzel Republican   30:1;p46
  Two Days That Changed Our Lives   27:4;p14
  Waterborne Entertainment on the Upper Ohio  River  40:2;p38
  Wetzel & Tyler Railway   37:2;p10

Tanner,  Donna McGuire
  The Color of May   25:1;p56
  A Country Girl Comes Home: A Visit With Olive Workman Persinger   26:1;p23
  Milroy's Road  29:1;p34
  Night Riders on the Air   35:1;p28
  Richwood: The Way It Was   43:2;p21

Tanner,  Lori
  Clay County Folklore and Folk Medicine: Empty Rockers & Sassafras Tea   21:3;p67

Tarowsky,  Tom
  Weir Going West: A High School Band and a Very Big  Parade   36:4;p10

Taylor,  Hali
  Panhandle Portraits   12:4;p36

Taylor,  Lucy
  "A Place for Memories": The Leatherman Barn of Hardy County   7:4;p50

Taylor,  Robert
  "Fiddling Around": An Interview with French Mitchell   9:2;p9
  I Remember Clark Kessinger  23:3;p18

Taylor,  Wilma Rugh
  Glory Bound: Chapel Cars Come to West Virginia   33:4;p28

Tennant,  Dennis
  Crystal Beauty: Four Seneca Patterns    10:1;p43

Tennant,  Diane
  Blennerhassett Island: Report on a Wood County Archaeological Dig   6:2;p53
  "I've Enjoyed Every Minute of It": Myrtle Auvil of Grafton  7:3;p25
  "It's Always Well to Remember": Bing Keller of Preston County  8:3;p29
  "An Obsession": John Newbraugh of Newbraugh Brothers Toy Company  9:1;p60

Tenney,  Noel W.
  Birds of My Hollow: Claude Kemper, Bird Carver   9:1;p21

Terman,  Tim
  Power from the Past: Engines of the Oil and Gas Festival   14:3;p20

Theriault,  William
  Bakerton: A Jefferson County Village   12:3;p30
  For Love and Money: Jefferson County Horse Racing  15:1;p48
  Julia Davis: West Virginia Wordcrafter   18:3;p25
  The Movie Man Remembers: Tim Sinn   17:2;p66
  Patsy Grant   15:1;p54
  The Way We Were: Jefferson County, 1941   17:2;p17

Thibeault,  James
  Collection of Six Quilts Made for State by Cooperative Members   2:4;p53

Thomas,  Dr. C.R.
  Cough Drops and Mother’s Day   35:1;p30

Thomas,  Edward H.
  Life on Lick Creek: Recalling a Boone County Community  22:1;p24
  Uncle Jake and Juniper  22:1;p28

Thompson, Eric
  “Dark Hollow”   43:4;p55

Thrash,  Mary
  Wilbur Veith: A Good Man   14:3;p9

Tice,  John
  Searching for Ikie's Tomb   29:3;p64

Tieche,  Albert Updyke II
  Business, Country-Style: Buying A Truck and Hunkering Down with the  Neighbors   22:3;p22

Tinnell,  Shannon Colaianni
  Feast of the Seven Fishes  37:4;p56
  Francis H. Pierpont: Father of West Virginia  39:2;p24
  Gone, Not Forgotten: Recalling the Everettville  Mining Disaster  40:3;p42
  Hidden in Plain Sight: Marion County’s Civil War-Era  Landmarks 39:2;p18

Todd,  Greg
  Aunt Ruth   12:4;p30

Toothman,  Mike
  Work Relations in the Coal  Industry: The Handloading Era, 1880-1930   4:4;p66

Tribe,  Deanna
  Patti Powell: WWVA’s “Long Haul Widow”   36:4;p30

Tribe,  Ivan M.
  All-Around Musicians: Ralph Hamrick and Early  Country Music  11:1;p23
  The Buddy Starcher & Sleepy Jeffers Shows: Live Country Music on TV!  39:1;p8
  Cap, Andy and Flip: Mountain State Radio Trio  15:4;p30
  Doc Williams: A Half Century at the "Wheeling Jamboree"  13:1;p32
  "Fiddling Around": An Interview with French Mitchell  9:2;p9
  "Living the Right Life Now": Lynn Davis & Molly O'Day  24:1;p56
  Natchee the Indian: Many Stories, Some Factual  40:3;p50
  Patti Powell: WWVA’s “Long Haul Widow”   36:4;p30
  Slim and Tex: Mountain Boys on West Virginia  Radio  8:1;p9
  Songs of the Silver Bridge  5:4;p57
  West Virginia Country Music During the Golden Age of Radio  3:3;p15

Trimble,  Vernice
  From Morocco to Swiss: Family Life Around the Mines and Mills   19:1;p45
  Grandpa Copeland  19:1;p49

Turner,  Herman B.
  The Grant County "Thing"    28:3;p70

Tyler,  Alicia
  Benjamin Matheny: "Doing a Man's Work"  2:3;p26
  Everything Except Putting Your Feet In: Home Wine the Old Way  18:3;p25
  Home Winemaking: An Italian Tradition in the Upper Kanawha Valley  3:2;p35

Tyler-McGraw,  Marie
  "But After All Was She Not a Masterpiece as a Mother and a  Gentlewoman"   3:4;p29
  "Give Us the Old Mud-caked Oh-ho-ho:" Flooding on Wheeling  Island  4:4;p13
  Mother's Day Revisited: "But After All Was She Not a Masterpiece as a  Mother and a Gentlewoman…”  25:1;p10
  Remembering March '45: Flooding on the Island    21:1;p13

Underwood, Sid
  Summers on My Grandfather’s Farm     41:2;p42

Valentine,  Fawn
  "Quilt of Happy Memories": Mabel Moore of Nallen   27:1;p11
  Mabel Moore Talks Quilting  27:1;p16

Van  Gundy, Doug
  “I Dearly Love to Dance”: Mountain Dancer Lou  Maiuri   34:1;p8

Vance,  Warren
  Close  Call at Altman   30:3;p30

Venable,  Norma Jean
  Drillers, Shooters and Roustabouts: Oil at Dunkard  Ridge   18:1;p39

Vergis,  Johnny M.
  Edwight: Recalling a Coal River Company Town  19:1;p38

Wachholz,  Paul F.
  Crossing Over: The D'Arianos Come to West  Virginia  9:3;p31

Waggoner,  Eric G.
  "A New and Wonderful Goal": Musician  Virgil W. Bork   16:3;p32
  Pulling the Weight, Doing the Work: Barbour County's  Horse Pull  23:2;p20
  A Satisfied Man   16:1;p64
  "A Splendid Job Done": Mattress Making in the  Great Depression  22:3;p46

Wallen,  James A.
  Coal on the Kanawha  8:3;p40

Walker,  Mike
  Raising Calves in Monroe County   32:1;p44

Wallen,  James A.
  Coal on the Kanawha   8:3;p40

Ward,  Barry J.
  "Going Yander:" The West Virginia Guineas'  View of Ohio   2:2;p9
  Old Tales, New Places  2:4;p40

Ward,  John J. J.
  The  Enchanted Coat   34:4;p52
  The  First Picture Show in Chapmanville    30:4;p30
  Living By the Bell   29:1;p55
  Spinning Memories on Fowler Branch   29:1;p52
Warnock,  Charles
  Sand Man: Glass Sand Engineer Earle T. Andrews    12:1;p56
  "Satisfied to Stay Here": Nellie Fulk Hill of Sunnyside Farm  11:1;p52

Warrick,  James
  Helmet Boys  27:2;p62

Watkins,  Bill
  The World's Fair in a Rowboat   27:2;p66

Watkins,  W. Merle
  The World's Fair in a Rowboat   27:2;p66

Watson,  Henrietta
  Spanning Time: Touring West Virginia's Covered Bridges   14:2;p32

Waugh,  Jack
  "The Spark to Play Music": Interview with Jimmie and Loren, the  Currence Brothers   6:3;p44

Waybright,  C.M.
  A Sportsman at the Concert   21:4;p5

Weaver,  Steve
   My First Flight      41:3;p34
  The Runaway Airplane!   36:1;p20

Weaver,  Susan
  Rock Springs Park: A Panhandle Playground    11:4;p22
  Rock Springs Souvenirs: Postcards of the Park   11:4;p25

Weems,  Donna M.
  Drillers, Shooters and Roustabouts: Oil at Dunkard Ridge  18:1;p39

Weitkamp, Kim
  The Many Faces of West Virginia  41:4;p8
  The Many Faces of West Virginia  42:1;p10
  The Many Faces of West Virginia  42:2;p8

Welch,  Alice Fortney
  Shape-note Singing in Appalachia: An Ongoing Tradition   4:2/3;p13

Welch,  Jack
  Ed Carson of the Homer Laughlin China Company   11:1;p19
  A Heritage of Regional Landscapes: Appalachian Baptistry Paintings  6:2;p40
  The Homer Laughlin China Company: "There's Something About  Dinnerware"  11:1;p9
  Shape-note Singing in Appalachia: An Ongoing Tradition  4:2/3;p13
  Of Steel and Stock: Taking Over  at Weirton — One Worker's Perspective   18:4;p39

Wellington,  Bill
  "Always Come Home After The Dance": The Welch Brothers Band   10:2;p55

West,  Brenda
  The Best Curb Girl in Logan County   24:1;p65

West,  John Eric
  Echoes  of a Mountain Preacher: Recalling Laban Richmond of Summers County   30:3;p54

Wheeler, Billy Edd
  Remembering “Aunt Jennie” Wilson  42:2;p24

Whetsell,  Robert C.
  Army Pigeons at Seneca Rocks   33:3;p12
  Climbing to Victory: WWII Assault Training at Seneca  Rocks   33:3;p8
  Photographer A. Aubrey Bodine and Seneca’s  Cliff-Scaling Soldiers   33:3;p11
Whipkey,  Harriet
  “I Never Dreamed I’d Be This Old!”: Gilmer County’s Roxy Ellyson at 105   31:3;p30

Whitcomb,  Judith
  Mountain Cattle Drives  24:2;p48

Whitcomb,  Robert
 Crider's Store  28:4;p34
  Mountain Cattle Drives  24:2;p48
  Sparky Burr  24:1;p26
  Still Singin': A Visit with Bill and Hazel Westfall  27:2;p33

White,  Elesse D.
  Hard Work Was a Must: Chaney Boone’s Braxton County  Farm  37:2;p54

White,  John
  Early Life on the Nuzum Dairy Farm    29:1;p38

White,  Joseph B. C.
  Electricity Comes to the Farm  16:2;p6
  John Hershey, Saddler  17:2;p8

Whiteford,  Mike
  Back in ‘46, We Did the Unthinkable    41:1;p47
  The Charlies: Recalling Charleston’s Golden Era  40:2;p16

Whiteman,  M. A.
  Albert Estep Remembers St. Joseph Rural Life   9:1;p18
  St. Joseph Settlement  9:1;p9
  "When I Was Home as a Child": Marie Miller Recalls St. Joseph Family  Life  9:1;p15

Whitley,  Phyllis Campbell
  Finding the Barns of Summers County      37:4;p52

Whittaker,  Phoebe
  Grandma’s First TV Show   36:2;p39

Wilbur,  Dave
  Robert Byrd, Mountain Fiddler   5:2;p41
  Robert Byrd: Mountain Fiddler   36:3;p12

Wilcox,  William J.
  The Big Blackberry Patch   9:1;p8
  My Last Haystack  9:2;p7
  An Old-Fashioned Winter  8:4;p65

Wilkes,  Nancy
  Traditional Music Store: Transplanted Enterprise in Berkeley Springs   3:2;p43

Wilkins, Patricia
  Farmerettes in the Field: The Women’s Land Army at Media Farm      41:2;p34
  World War II West Virginia Land Girls      41:2;p40

Williams,  Charles
  Following the Old Ways: Bill Jeffries Recalls Country Life   10:2;p32

Williams,  Danny
  Alive and Working: Folk Sculptor Connard Wolfe    20;1;p9
  Carrying on the Music: Dulcimer Player Patty Looman   21:4;p61
  "Clifftop": Appalachian String Band Music Festival   25:2;p64
  Here All the Time: The Mountain Dulcimer in West Virginia  14:1;p41
  Jane George: Proud To Be a West Virginian   19:4;p47
  Kessingers on Record  23:3;p24
  Mountain Music Roundup  19:3;p69 / 20;2;p68 / 20;3;p68 / 21:2;p67 / 22:2;p66 / 22:4;p5 / 23:3;p65 / 24:4;p64
  Stonewall Jackson Heritage Jubilee   23:2;p60
  The Wolfe Style  20;1;17

Williams,  Helen Byrnside
  South Charleston During World War II   36:1;p16

Williams,  Tony L.
  "An Important Part of Our Heritage": Walden Roush Recalls Mason  County's One-Room Schools  12:4;p9

Williamson,  Elizabeth
  Tools of Mountain Living: The  Grain Cradle  19:4;p8

Williams-Allred,  Amy
  Carving Memories: Making Chips Fly in the Northern Panhandle  21:2;p28

Wilson,  Jim
  One With Nature: Mountain Man Coy Fitzpatrick   26:2;p25

Wilson,  Michael K.
  Pleasant Island: Sin and Salvation in the Elk River    39:3;p26

Wilson,  Rick
  Happy to Have a Chance: The Founding of Eleanor   14:1;p28
  Matewan   13:4;p7
  "More Than Butterfly Words": Don West Comes Homes to Pipestem  14:4;p67
  "We're In For It": Early Days at Blenko Glass  13:3;p42

Wilson,  Riley
  "Food, Feathers, and Whiskey": Two Stories  by Riley Wilson  8:2;p62

Winebrenner,  Margaret
  Memories of Ely-Thomas Lumber Company: Through the Eyes of a Child  23:4;p20
  A Nicholas County Christmas  25:4;p44

Winkles,  Gary
  "Getting on the Job Early": The Priest Family of Franklin  11:3;p18

Winter,  John
  Cracked Crucible: Freeform Photos from Fenton   38:3;p26

Wintz,  William D.
  "The Boys of '17": WWI Vets Talk It Over Again in Pendleton  County  7:1;p2

Witek,  John
  Huntington, the Way We Were: The Hometown Photographs  of Levi Holley Stone 39:2;p44
Withers,  Bob
  The  Caboose Man: A Visit with Jim Mullins of Madison   33:4:p16
  Capturing  Steam: Railroad Photographer J.J. Young   27:2;p10
  The Cardinal and Its Rolling History Lesson   34:4;p24
  Cornfield  Navigation: The Boat Wreck at Willow Grove   21:4;p18
  The  Duke of Prince: Ticket Agent Marvin Plumley    34:4;p32
  A  Floating Palace  21:4;p24
  Grafton’s  B&O Station: Revisiting a Railroad Treasure   30:3;p10
  J.J. Young and His Camera  27:2;p22
  Readin’, Writin’, and Ridin’ the Rails  39:3;p18
  Slow Train: From Huntington to Parkersburg by  Steam  15:2;p65
  Smoke and Cinders: Railroading Up Big Sandy and Back in Time  17:4;p57

Witschey,  Elizabeth Thurmond
  My Memories of Logan: More Than Feudin' and Fightin'  26:1;p17

Wolfe,  Charles
  Clark Kessinger: Pure Fiddling  23:3;p10

Wolfe,  Eugene
  December 6, 1907: No Christmas at Monongah   19:4;p9
  December 6, 1907: No Christmas at Monongah   25:4;p12
  Hog Killing Time on Mill Fall Run   18:4;p64

Wolford,  Michelle
  Creating the Steel Drum   32:4;p44
  Steel Drums in Morgantown: Percussion Pioneer Ellie  Mannette   32:4;p38

Wood,  Edelene
  Making Vitrolite: Edelene Wood Interviews Ralph Hayden  18:3;p38
  A Pretty Little Box for Christmas   23:4;p65
  Vitrolite  18:3;p34

Woods,  Joetta Smith
  Spencer VFD: Roane County's Teenage Smoke Eaters  22:1;p38

Woofter,  Betty Langford
  A Good Start on Duck Run  27:4;p60

Woofter,  James
  Job's Temple: A Gilmer County Landmark   17:2;p58

Woomer,  Warren
  “Just Get it Done”: Synthetic Rubber in Institute      38:1;p24
  The Union Carbide Story: Franklin Jividen Recalled     38:1;p26
  The U.S. Rubber Story: Frank Sayre Recalls      38:1;p30

Workman,  Barbara J. Young
  The Train, the Smoke, the Whistle, and the Bell:  Memories of Widen   34:4;p38

Workman,  Michael
  Low Tech: The Workings of a Water Mill   17:1;p16

Workman,  Patricia Samples
  Between Twistabout and Dismal: Flying Dogs and Ghost Frogs at the Haunted Mud  Hole   22:3;p62
  Country Vet Doc White  24:4;p10
  Ely-Thomas Lumber Company  23:4;p10
  Raccoon Tales  26:4;p20
  Recollections of Robinson Fork: Nicholas County Rural Life  22:1;p18

Wyatt,  W. Joseph
  When We Were Boy Scouts   32:2;p38

Yale,  Andy
  Charlton Cox: "People Call Me the Garbage Man"  10:1;p55
  Elmer Richmond: "Hard Work Was All We Knew"  14:2;p27
  Jimmy Cooper: "So Much in So Short a Time:   16:2;p65
  The Old-Timey Way: Lillian Mann of Talcott   14:1;p36
  One Piece at a Time: The Small World of Leland Feamster  11:1;p59
  Parking the Truck Store: Hale Arbuckle Makes a Change  15:4;p49
  "Putting Things Together": Mark Blumenstein Finds the Spirit in  Metal  16:3;p9
  "Respect That River": William Richmond and the Richmond Ferry  10:4;p52
  24 Tons was Enough: Gene McGraw Recalls Old-Time Mining  18:1;p23

Yarrow,  Doug
  Words and Pictures from McDowell County   6:4;p65

Yeager,  Barbara
  Mostly Work: Making a Home in Widen   3:1;p7

Young,  Harold P.
  When I Was a Young Man in Clay County   28:3;p45

Young,  J. J., Jr.
  Train Talk  24:2;p38

Zahniser,  Ed
  A Bird's-eye View of West Virginia: The Panoramic Maps of Thaddeus Mortimer  Fowler  15:2;p9

Zicafoose,  Ruth
  Ghost in the Church  23:3;p70

Zink,  Abbey L.
  Grandma's Legacy  16:3;p65

Zwierzchowski,  Mary
  Death  of a Gypsy King  24:4;p18
  Death  of a Gypsy King  40:1;p10
  An  Easter Tragedy: The Weirton Bus Crash of 1951    30:1;p26
  Hollidays  Cove Murder Mystery  28:2;p30
  “Thankful  to Be Alive”: Survivor Chris Valenti Barker    30:1;p30
  Update — Gypsies in Weirton  40:1;p15
  Weirton’s Singing Men of Steel  31:4;p28
  The World of the Gypsies  24:4;p24

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