West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Auditor's Office. Land grants, 1754-1864. 96 volumes. Auditor's Office. Ar1901

Blueprints and specifications. Greenbrier Community College Center renovation, 1996-1999. 5volumes and 71 sheets. Burgess and Niple, Parkersburg. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Liberty State College: Bonar Hall Renovations, 1995-1997. 1volume and 20 sheets. McKinley and Associates, Wheeling. Ar1838acc

Blueprints, specifications. West Virginia University: Eiseland Hall Classroom 624 Renovation, 1995. 17 sheets and 3 items. Charles L. Desmone and Associates, Pittsburgh, PA. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. WV Regional Jail and Correctional Authority: Huttonsville dorm stair replacement (20 sheets); additions and alterations (215 sheets);1996-1997. Note: Restricted access. Silling Associates, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. WV Regional Jail and Correctional Authority: Pruntytown dorm,1997. Note: Restricted access. 26 sheets. Silling Associates, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Blueprints. WV Regional Jail and Correctional Authority: Southwestern Regional Jail, 1996.Note: Restricted access. 115 sheets. ZMM, Charleston. Ar1838acc

Board of Architects. Minutes, 1995-1999. 5 folders. Board of Architects, Huntington. Ar1902

Board of Regents. Minutes, 1973-1988. 1 box. Board of Regents. Ar1903

Bridge records. Files on replaced bridges, 1960s-90s. 6 boxes. Division of Highways.*Ar1895acc

Bridge records. Files on replaced bridges, 1970s-1990s. 8 boxes. Division of Highways. *Ar1895acc

Capitol Building Commission. Minutes, 1976-1997. 1 box. Capitol Building Commission. Ar1904

Hancock County Circuit Court. Documents, state versus various individuals, most for moonshine or other prohibition violations. 1 box. Hancock County Circuit Clerk, New Cumberland. Ar1907

Juvenile Justice Committee. Records of committee, including reports, correspondence, clippings and other assorted materials, 1978-1997. 25 boxes. Juvenile Justice Committee. Ar1900

Rehabilitation Services. Director's correspondence, 1993-1994. 5 boxes. Rehabilitation Services, Institute. *Ar1898acc

Secretary of State. Bonds and powers of attorney filed with McDowell County Clerk and later Secretary of State, 1887-1930. 4 folders. Unknown donor. Ar1905

Specifications. Capitol: floodlighting; Cultural Center: Addendum #1; 1970;1973. 2 items. Unknown Donor. Ar1812acc

Specifications. Cultural Center: ventilating tests, 1973-1976. 2 items. Lee Bode, Charleston. Ar1812acc

State Road Commission. West Virginia Turnpike expansion, 1968-1969. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ar1906

Manuscripts Accessioned

Bulltown. Cultural Resources Study of Bulltown, Braxton County, by Barbara Howe, Camille Caruso and Robin Floyd, 1981. 1 item. Barbara Howe, Morgantown. Ms2000-031

Civil War. 15th West Virginia Infantry information (photocopies), 1861-1865. 1 folder. Joy Gilchrist Stalnaker, Horner. Ms79-18.1:67

Civil War. Lynn, Thomas E. and William H. service information(photocopies), 1946. 1 item. Dick Sutherland, Charleston via Richard Andre. Ms79-18.1:66

Copenhaver Park, Charleston Interstate Construction. Correspondence, clippings and other materials, 1960s. 2 boxes. Transfer from Historic Preservation. Ms2000-027

Harpers Ferry Armory. Manuscript about armory and interchangeable parts by JamesWorsham,1996. 1 item. James Worsham, Bluefield. Ms2000-023

Sweet, Arnold, Calvert families. Notes compiled by Susan Sweet Gilkeson,1943. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ms2000-002

Photographs Accessioned

C&O station, Charleston. Copy prints from C&O Historical Society of station, ca. 1900-1915. 4 items. Daniel Higgins, Charleston. Ph2000-005

Charleston. Copy negatives of Charleston houses, mostly downtown in areas no longer there because of interstate and mall construction, 1930s. 99items. Kramer Bollinger via Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2000-033

Civilian Conservation Corps. Album of Camp Wyoming, Camp 1538, Pineville, belonging to Captain John P. West, 1934-1935. 1 item. Ben Marshall, Charleston. Ph85-17acc

Gilmer County. Copy prints of old mill building by Stouts Mill Bridge, ca.1900-1950. 2 items. Transfer from Historic Preservation. Ph2000-026

Glassplates. Cameron, Marshall County - group of men, Creed Hotel, ca.1900-10. 2 items. Dolores J. Porter, Moundsville. *Ph2000-028

Hernshaw. B&W of ranger station, ca. 1940-1941. 1 item. Alan Keyser. Ph2000-015

Kanawha Valley Bank. B&W by Bollinger, ca. 1920. 1 item. George Holbrook, Charleston. Ph2000- 004

McDowell County. Copy prints, most of scenes around Keystone, a few Welch and Eckman, ca.1910-1950. 24 items. Eastern Regional Coal Archives, Bluefield. Ph87-38acc

Music. B&W of two older men performing folk music, ca. 1960s. 1item. Sunrise Museum, Charleston. Ph2000-025

Pendleton County. Copy prints of Smoke Hole area, including moonshine still, ca. 1930s-1940s. 2 items. Mark Bowers, Harrisonburg, VA.Ph2000-014

Postcard. Greenbrier swimming pool, ca. 1900-20. 1 item. Ed Hicks, Dunbar. *Ph2000-029

Postcards. Wheeling scenes including Suspension Bridge, Market Street, Woodsdale Mansion, Soldiers and Sailors Monument, ca. 1908. 4 items. Betty Wick, Garden Grove, CA. Ph2000-020

Ripley. B&W copy prints, n.d. 5 items. Dottie Kerns, Ripley. Ph2000-003

State Parks. B&W prints, negatives and sketches of various state parks, ca.1950s-1960s. 1 box. Division of Tourism. Ph2000-019

Stereoptican slides. Various views including one of Crescent Mills packing flour, New Martinsville, ca. 1900-1910. 1 box. Judy Kerns via Calhoun County Historical Society, Grantsville. *Ph2000-032

Supreme Court of Appeals. Composite of justices, 1863-1967. 1 item. Woods Bowman, Chicago, IL. Ph2000-001

USO. B&W of Wareta Chapman Wayne, singer, 1940s. 11 items. Thelma Colburn, Cross Lanes. Ph2000-016

Ward. Copy print of office, store and clubhouse, Kelly Creek Coal Company, ca. 1910-1920. 1 item. Robert Craigo. Charleston. Ph2000-013

Washington, Booker T.; Andrew Lewis. Color prints of Washington-related site and graves in Virginia; grave of Lewis at Salem, Virginia; 2000. 11 items. Margaret Brennan, Wheeling. Ph2000-024

Special Collections Accessioned

Advertisement. Advertisement and calendar for Birch-Lynn, housing area in Wheeling, ca.1914. 1 item. Sidney C. and Leeanna F. Burrall, Wheeling. Sc2000-006

Annual reports. Libbey-Owens-Ford, 1975, 1976. 2 items. Unknown Donor. Sc2000-010

Broadside. "Opening the Campaign" report of the West Virginia Democratic Convention; reprint from Piedmont Herald about Williamsport; 1888, n.d. 6 items. Virginia Historical Society, Richmond. Sc2000-022

Brochure. Inwood Fair Daily, 1895 August 22. 1 item. Purchase. Sc2000-008

Charleston Traction Company. Survey and recommendations, 1936 July 18. 1 item. Purchase. Sc2000-012

Directory. Members of 1872 Constitutional Convention. 1 item. Delores Straight, Loganville, GA. Sc2000-021

Program. Inaugural ball, Governor William Conley, 1929 March 4. 1 item. Robert B. Thomas, Charleston. *Sc2000-030

Publications. Coloring books about Mary Ingles, Tucker County, 1994-1995.2 items. Transfer from library. Sc2000-017

Publications. Log Cabin Library, two versions of "The Hatfield-McCoy Vendetta" by W. B. Lawson and "The Chesapeake and Ohio Hold-Up" by W. B. Lawson, ca. 1890-1895. 3 items. Purchase. Sc2000-011

Publications. Transmitter published by Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone, with stories about West Virginia, May 1925, November 1933. 2 items. Purchase. Sc2000-007

Sheet music. Ravenswood Waltzes by Julien, 1852. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc2000-018

Slab Fork Coal Company. Annual reports (1969-1981), Golden Anniversary (1957), proposed merger with Westmoreland (1981), company history.14 volumes and 1 folder. Austin Caperton, Beckley. Sc2000-009

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