West Virginia State Archives


State Government Records Accessioned

Archives and History. Correspondence to Clifford R. Myers regarding Civil War medals, 1920-21. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ar831acc

Archives and History Correspondence. Wilson Foulk certifying Revolutionary War service of Lewis Becker; most from Mrs. Innis C. Davis concerning Greenbrier Independent, Constitutional Convention proceedings; Mrs. Dale Thomas acknowledging original warrants; Page Welton and Charles Mongold concerning Civil War muster rolls; Kyle McCormick on state legends; 1918-1963. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ar1927

Board of Architects. Minutes, 2000-2002. 1 folder. West Virginia Board of Architects, Huntington. Ar1902acc

Board of Occupational Therapy. Minutes, 2000-2002. 1 folder. West Virginia Board of Occupational Therapy, Kingwood. Ar1935

Board of Physical Therapy. Minutes, 2001-2002. 1 folder. West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy, Clarksburg. Ar1933

Caperton, Governor Gaston. Documents and photos, 1989-1997. 1 box and 3 oversized. Transfer from Governor's Office. Ar1899acc

Capitol Blueprints. Departmental Space Analysis Tabulation, ca. 1965. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1812acc

Capitol construction. Diary entry with sketch from Cass Gilbert (photocopy), 1922 April 20-21. 1 item. Fred Armstrong, Charleston. Ar1812acc

Capitol Complex. Monthly progress reports and files on construction of Buildings 5, 6, 7; Unit C furniture; unidentified entryway; 1968-1971. 2 boxes. ZMM, Inc., Charleston. Ar1812acc

Culture and History. Project files regarding arts meetings and conferences, 1970s. 1 box. Culture and History. Ar1925

Division of Environmental Protection. Minutes of the Oil and Gas Inspector's Examining Board, 2000. 1 folder. West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection, Office of Oil and Gas, Nitro. Ar1936

Educational Broadcasting Authority. Minutes, 1972 September 28. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1937

Governor's Mansion. Correspondence and clippings regarding mansion furnishings and portraits, July 4 picnics hosted by Governor Rockefeller, 1961-1980s. 4 folders. Governor's Mansion. Ar1926

Hancock County Court Records. Indictments, case files, 1886-1941. 3 boxes. Hancock County Circuit Clerk, New Cumberland. Ar1922

Historic Preservation. Documents concerning Conrail's acquisition of Monongahela Railway, 1990. 1 box. Conrail, Philadelphia, PA. Ar1924

Investment Management Board. Minutes, 1998 January 23. 1 item. West Virginia Investment Management Board, Charleston. Ar1934

Lakin State Hospital. Contents of box in cornerstone, 1953 May. 2 folders. Lakin State Hospital, Lakin. Ar1910acc

Natural Resources. Records of James Schaffner, forest ranger, Seneca State Forest, including forest fire reports, correspondence and other materials, 1948-1988. 2 boxes. Parks and Recreation. Ar1941

Parks and Recreation. Minutes of park superintendents' meeting, 1993 January 11-13. 1 item. Bob Beanblossom, Division of Natural Resources. Ar1930

Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Eastern Regional Jail final report for E-Pod addition, 2001. 1 volume. Note: restricted access. Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. Ar1838acc

Rehabilitation Services. Historical files, monthly reports, audits, correspondence and other records, 1944-1984; directors general correspondence, 1997-98. 20 boxes. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1943 Rehabilitation Services. Minutes of State Board of Vocational Education, 1943-1995; Vocational Education Recommendations, 1949-1971; Inspire Quality Council Minutes, 1994-1997; Senior Management/Assistant Director Minutes, 1988-1996; General Correspondence, 1996-1997; Monthly Reports, 1994-1997. 19 boxes. Rehabilitation Services, Institute. Ar1919 Culture and History. Correspondence between agency and Pat Pappas regarding service on Arts Council, 1978-1981. 1 box. Culture and History. Ar1920

Secretary of State. Charters, 1851-1978. 2 boxes. Secretary of State's office. Ar1923

Secretary of State. Corporation records for Will Corp; William W. Foley, Inc; Wheeling Bargain Fair, Inc; Wymps Gap Development Club Inc; Wilkin Flower Shop Inc; 1947-1960. 5 items. Unknown donor. Ar1932

Secretary of State. Letter regarding Strouds Creek and Muddlety Railroad extension, 1944 July 8. 3 items. Unknown donor. Ar1931

Specifications, change plans. Documents for State Police headquarters; State Police new dormitory; West Virginia University Forestry building multipurpose classroom; Concord College new dormitory and dining facilities; 1967-1971. 4 folders. ZMM, Inc., Charleston. Ar1838acc

State Board of Education. Minutes (copied from website), 1998 December - 2001. 1 box. West Virginia Department of Education. Ar1938

State Road Commission. Letter from Commissioner E. L. Worthington to Harry Glasser, U. S. 60 National Highway Association (copy), 1947 May 26. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1822acc

Tax Commission. Report of Examination of Litz McGuire, State Auditor, June 22, 1960-January 16, 1961. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ar1928

Treasurer's Office. Checks, 1867-1898. 18 items. Paul D. Wanstreet, Cocoa Beach, FL. Ar1940

Treasurer's Office. Checks drawn on state accounts, 1879-1883. 4 envelopes. Unknown donor. Ar1929

Upshur County. Account books, bonds, law trial and chancery dockets, jail register, oaths, deed book, and other records, 1851-1938. 21 volumes. Unknown donor. Ar1942

West Virginia Penitentiary. Inmate cards for prison laborers in Calhoun County (photocopies - originals filed in inmate folders), 1916. 1 folder. Mrs. John Lowther, Harrisville. Ar1892acc

West Virginia Penitentiary. List of inmate executions, 1899-1959. 1 folder. West Virginia Division of Corrections. Ar1892acc

West Virginia Prison for Women. Financial documents, including receipts, checks, ca. 1950s. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Ar1921

Weston State Hospital. Minutes of Board of Directors, 1858-1881. 1 volume. Purchase. Note: Use Mi53-15 instead of original volume. Ar1939

WPBY Collection. Correspondence, research, scripts, interviews and other materials, many pertaining to "A River Called Ohio," "Even the Heavens Weep" and other locally produced programs, 1978- 1998. 8 boxes. West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority, Charleston. Ar1918

Audiovisual Materials Accessioned

Digital CD recording. Blind Alfred Reed Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, produced by Document Records (AV3.4-9), 1998. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-315

Digital CD recording. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? American Songs During the Great Depression including Bill Cox and the NRA Blues, produced by New World Records (AV3.4-12), 2001. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-318

Digital CD recording. The Edden Hammons Collection produced by WVU Press (AV3.4-2.1 & 2.2), 1999-2000. 3 items. West Virginia University Press, Morgantown. Av2003-308

Digital CD recording. Eleanor Steber, produced by Victor Vocal Series (AV3.4-7), 1991. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Av2003-313

Digital CD recording. Hawkshaw Hawkins I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy The King Anthology 1946-1963, produced by Westside (AV3.4-10), 1999. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-316

Digital CD recording. Miriah Duckworth of Wirt County, produced by Ray Doggett for ESU records (AV3.4-1), 1999. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Av2003-307

Digital CD recording. Old-Time Music From West Virginia inc. Williamson Brothers and Curry, 1927; Frank Hutchinson, 1929 volume 2; and Dick Justice, 1929, produced by Document Records (AV3.4- 11), 1997. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-317

Digital CD recording. Protect the Innocent by John Blisard, produced by Milo Productions (AV3.4-5), 2003. 1 item. John Blisard, Elkview. Av2003-311

Digital CD recording. Reaping the Whirlwind: The Confederate Raid and Federal Destruction of Guyandotte, Virginia Nov. 10th-Nov. 11th, 1861, produced by Kurt A. Schneid for WMUL-FM (AV3.4-4), 2000. 1 item (3 cd set). WMUL-FM via Joe Geiger, Huntington. Av2003-310

Digital CD recording. Roy Harvey Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, produced by Document Records (AV3.4-8.1 - AV3.4-8.4), 1999. 4 items. Purchase - Av2003-314

Digital CD recording. Vanessa by Samuel Barber featuring Eleanor Steber, produced by RCA Victor Opera Series (AV3.4-6), originally recorded 1958. 1 item (2 cd set). Richard Fauss, Elkview. Av2003-312

Digital CD recording. The Very Best of Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper and the Clinch Mountain Clan, produced by Varese Sarabande (AV3.4-14), 2002. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-320

Digital CD recording. Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper sing the Original Carter Family's Greatest Hits, produced by King Records (AV3.4-13), 2002. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-319

Digital CD recording. Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill, produced by Highland Music, Inc. (AV3.4-15), 1988. 1 item. Purchase - Av2003-321

Digital CD recording. Work and Pray Historic Negro Spirituals and Work Songs from West Virginia produced by WVU Press (AV3.4-3), 2003. 1 item. West Virginia University Press, Morgantown. Av2003-309

Interviews. World War II veterans conducted by West Virginia State College students, 2002. 19 tapes. Dr. Stuart McGehee, West Virginia State College, Institute. AV2003-138

Videotape. An Evening With Cal Price, VHS (AV6-026), 2002. 1 item. Patchwork Films. AV2003-247

Videotape. Jerry West ESPN Classic Sports Century, VHS (AV6-027), 2000. 1 item. ESPN. AV2003-248

Videotape. John Brown's Holy War, The American Experience Series, VHS (AV6-029), 2000. 1 item. Robert Kenner Films. AV2003-250

Videotape. The 1986 North-South Skirmish Association; 74th Fall Nationals Civil War Battle Reinactment, VHS (AV6-030), 1986. 1 item. North South Skirmish Association. AV2003-251

Videotape. Out of the Storm: The Galford Lumber Company Documentary Project, VHS (AV6-031), 2001. 1 item. B. J. Gudmundsson, Patchwork Productions. AV2003-252

Videotape. Razing Appalachia - A Documentary by Sasha Waters, VHS (AV6-025), 2002. 1 item. Room 135 Productions. AV2003-246

Videotape. Unveiling of Historic West Virginia State Capitol Photographs, VHS (AV6-032), 2000. 1 item. Susan K. Conner, Charleston. AV2003-253

Videotape. West Virginia as a Child of the Civil War, VHS (AV6-028), 2001. 3 items. Greystone Communications and WV Department of Education. AV2003-249

Videotape. West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Mining NOW with Bill Moyers, VHS (AV6-024), 2002. 1 item. Off Air Recording. AV2003-245

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account book. Federal funds expended during New Deal, Federal Emergency Relief Act, 1934-1936. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Ms2003-010

Account book. Legal fees, probably Kanawha County, ca 1875-1878. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Ms2003-008

Account book. Pages from Kanawha Salines account book, 1827 (photocopy). 1 item. Don Hall. Ms2003-058

Account book. Wheeling receipts and letterheads, most addressed to Armstrong Mills, Ohio, glued into earlier account book, 1833-1843, 1872-1875. 1 volume. Purchase - Bookworm and Silverfish. Ms2003-024

Account book. Wood and Jackson residents, unidentified store, 1885-1890. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Ms2003-240

Account books. Pauper medical services, 1927-1929, 1932-1934. 2 volumes. Unknown donor. Ms2003-009

Account books. Unidentified business, possibly paint or hardware store, 1934-1944. 2 volumes. Unknown donor. Ms2003-023

Account books, documents. Barbour County store, possibly C. M. Elliot & Company, Meadowville; tax receipts and correspondence, most belonging to E. F. Grant who served as postmaster of Philippi and treasurer of Philippi Independent School District; ca. 1837-1890. 2 volumes and 1 box. Steven Dutro, Madison, MS. Ms2003-011

Appalachian writers. Materials, especially Muriel Dressler, William Plumley, ca. 1977-1980. 1 folder. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Ms2003-048

Bailey, Ann. Correspondence from Evelyn Sterrett to Virgil A. Lewis relating stories about Ann Bailey told by her grandmother, 1907-08. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ms2003-231

Barrackville Mine Disaster Relief Unit. American Red Cross statement of receipts and disbursements, 1925 May 5. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-276

Bickley, Ancella Collection. Materials relating to African-American history including annual West Virginia Conferences on Black History, 1908-1996. 3 boxes. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Ms2003-182

Birth record. Bureau of Census-issued certificate for Anna Mae Hamby, Kanawha County, 1938 May 1. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-160

Brawley, Harry Collection. Various articles and correspondence regarding Charleston history including partial menu from Ruffner Hotel, program from Burlew Opera House, Coal and Coke Railroad ticket, 1910-1991. 2 folders. Betty Brawley, Charleston. Ms85-50acc

Cabell County. Legal documents involving John Wigner vs. William Hite, Moses and David McCormack, Robert Holderby, 1837, 1857. 3 items. Unknown donor. Ms2003-223

Caldwell, A. P. Collection. Correspondence and forms for A. P. Caldwell, Oak Hill; ad for Caldwell's Service Station; 1944-1962. 1 folder. Victoria Caldwell-Humphrey, Oak Hill. Ms2003-187

Capitol fire. West Virginia Inspection Bureau report, 1921. 1 item. Jack Feller, Mullens. Ms2003-005

Casteel, Dana Collection. Materials concerning life of Grafton native who later served as chairman of zoology department at University of Texas, 1912-1958. 1 folder. John B. Horne, Huntington Beach, CA. Ms2003-299

Civil War. Discharge, oath and widow's pension application for Hanson Imer, Company E, 1st WV Infantry and Company I, 2nd WV Veteran Infantry (photocopies); delayed birth certificate for George Abner Hicks; 1864-1893. 1 folder. Mary Louise Barnhart, Claysville, PA. Ms2003-272

Civil War. Muster book, Company G, 10th Regiment Virginia Volunteers, 1862-1864. 1 volume. Nelson Wells, Glenville. Ms2003-007

Civil War. Statement of service for Private William H. Lynn (22nd VA Infantry, 59th VA Infantry and 26th Battalion VA Infantry) and Private Thomas E. Lynn (26th Battalion VA Infantry), 1946. 1 item. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ms2003-273

Civil War Collection. Broadside, Major General Loring to People of Western Virginia, order of congratulations for victories at Fayette Court House, Cotton Hill, Charleston, 1862. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ms79-18.2:12acc

Civil War Collection. Correspondence of Corporal Clarkson Fogg, Co. E 4th WV Infantry (photocopies), 1861-1863, 1895. 1 folder. Terry Lowry, South Charleston. Ms79-18.1:74

Civil War Collection. Discharge of Private Benjamin H. Heldreth, Co. G, 12th WV Infantry (photocopy), 1865 June 16. 1 item. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ms79-18.2:2

Civil War Collection. Fleming family correspondence including letters from George Fleming while at Camp Chase, letter to Hannah Werth Fleming about missing nephew (photocopies), 1862-1888. 1 folder. Dan B. Fleming, Jr., Blacksburg, VA. Ms79-18.1:73

Civil War Collection. Letters from Thomas R. Robertston, 45th Virginia Infantry, referring to Battle of White Sulphur Springs written at Lewisburg and Salem Branch - later killed at Cloyds Mountain (negatives, copy prints), 1863-1864. 2 items. Chris Parsley, Charleston. Ms79-18.1:72

Civil War Collection. Letters to Dr. Alfred Hughes at Camp Chase from wife Mary (transcriptions, photocopies), 1862 June-October. 1 folder. Sue-Beth Warren via Margaret Brennan, Wheeling. Ms79-18.1:71

Civil War Collection. Listing of members of Company I, 25th Virginia Infantry compiled by H. P. McGlaughlin, 1909 November 18. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms79-18.4:17acc

Civil War Collection. Listing of Upshur County Union records in Upshur County Historical Society collection, n.d. 1 item. Upshur County Historical Society, Buckhannon. Ms79-18.4:29

Civil War Collection. Pension application for John C. Snodgrass, Company I, 6th WV Infantry, n.d. 1 item. Calvin Cook, St. Albans. Ms79-18.2:13acc

Civil War pension files. Artificial collection arranged by regiment, ca. 1880s-1900. 1 box. Linda Cunningham Fluharty, Baton Rouge, LA. Ms2003-301

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Christmas menu for Camp 1522, Clifftop; 8th annual reunion Watoga State Park (photocopies), 1940, 1998. 2 items. Ralph Matz, Chillicothe, OH. Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. 50th Anniversary materials, brochures, correspondence and reports for Camp SCS-12 at Jane Lew, SCS 6 at Ripley, S-77 at Panther, S-76 at Kanawha State Forest, P-60 at Reedy formerly Cowen, F-23 at Durbin, F-24 at Whitmer, P-60 at Oak Hill, 808-3 at Moundsville, Camp Cranberry, Camp Alpena, Camp Glady, Camp Randolph, Camp P-65 at Panther; 1933-1987. 1 folder. Milton Harr, Charleston. Ms85-17acc

Coal forms. Account of Steve Nash with Hitchman Coal and Coke, UMW transfer card (photocopies), 1906-1912. 2 items. A. K. Nyers, South Bend, IN. Ms2003-257

Confederate Veterans. Constitution and bylaws, Camp Garnett, Huntington, n.d. 1 item. Mrs. Charles W. Cammack, Jr. Ms80-8acc

Confederate Veterans. Listing of Confederate veterans from West Virginia residing in Oklahoma, 1913. 1 item. Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, OK. Ms2003-006

Cooey-Bentz Furniture Company Collection. Account information, reports and other information on Wheeling store, 1893-1964. 2 boxes and 10 volumes. Jeffrey B. Knieson, Triadelphia. Ms2003-179

Cook, Roy Bird Collection. Materials regarding Cook's receipt of Remington Medal, materials regarding pharmaceutical groups, speeches, awards, 1940s-1950s. 1 box. Brawley Family, Charleston. Ms2003-306

Diary. Journal of William Thomas Lockbridge during Gold Rush (father of Elizabeth Jane Lockridge Marshall) (photocopy and transcript), 1847-1849. 1 item. Helen Morris, Grantsville. Ms2003-188

Dungan, Ellis Collection. Correspondence, speeches, research materials, photographs and other materials of West Virginia filmmaker who specialized in India and other Near and Far Eastern subjects, 1919-98. 6 boxes. Ellis Dungan, Wheeling. Ms2003-181

Fairfax lands. Research tips by Charles C. Hall and copies of maps showing boundaries, 1990s. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ms2003-013

Floods, Macomber family. Account of 1888 flood of Cheat River with Macomber family members (photocopies), ca. 1900-60. 1 item. Judy Macomber Roger, Gladstone, OR. Ms2003-196

Gilmore, Elizabeth Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding West Virginia State College, CORE and Civil Rights, Camp Washington-Carver and other black community activities, 1940s-1980s. 1 box. Elizabeth Gilmore, Charleston. Ms2003-083

Glassworkers Union. Records and correspondence of Libbey-Owens-Ford Local #30 in Charleston, 1939-1981. 4 boxes. Kenneth Dubois, Charleston. Ms2003-002

Gluck, Cook, Creel, Smith families. Autobiography of Joseph C. Gluck, 10th WV Infantry; letter from George R. Creel, 36th Virginia Infantry to Miss Maria Cook of Parkersburg during Civil War; family history of John W. Smith; (all typescript copies), 1863-1923. 3 items. Phillip Westfall, Bellbrook, OH. Ms2003-133

Greenlee, Arthur B. Collection. Correspondence between World War I soldier, his family and friends in Mason and Raleigh counties, 1918-1936. 1 box. Greenlee Family, Charleston. Ms2003-098

Hare Plumbing Collection. Account books, correspondence, and other materials regarding Wheeling business, Master Plumbers Association, and wartime issues, 1866-1969. 6 boxes and 58 volumes. Hare Plumbing, Wheeling. Ms2003-290

Hawks Nest Tunnel Case. Documents regarding Lewis Scott vs. Rinehart and Dennis Company, and Dora Jones vs. Rinehart and Dennis Company (photocopies), 1933-35. 2 folders. Supreme Court of Appeals. Ms2003-075acc

Hawks Nest Tunnel Case. Testimony and court documents for Raymond Johnson vs. Rinehart and Dennis and Donald J. Shay vs. Rinehart and Dennis (photocopies), 1932-1936. 2 folders. Supreme Court of Appeals and Fayette County Circuit Court. Ms2003-075

Hedrick, Higginbotham, Harrison, Pontsler, Henry families. Letters, deeds and other documents relating to families, some in Putnam County, including Civil War records of Jonathan Higginbotham, Company D, 7th Cavalry; 1865-1982. 1 box. Anna Lutz, Dunbar. Ms2003-141

Hereford, Dr. Marmion Rush Collection. Journals and records of Nicholas County physician, 1852- 1890. 8 volumes and 1 folder. Purchase - Crown Collectibles, Richmond, VA. Ms2003-012

"Hometown, West Virginia Rainelle" by Danny McMillion. Literary manuscript and reference materials on Rainelle and Meadow River Lumber history, ca. 1991. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2003-041

Jolliff property. Description and photos of A. B. Jolliff building, Railroad Street, Mannington, 1926. 1 folder. Rhode Island Historical Society, Providence, RI. Ms2003-173

Journal. Notes of Mattie C. Long, midwife, including family history, births, other notes (photocopies), 1896-1940. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-174

Jude family. Letters between Ed Jude and John L. Lewis, Virginia Chambers (first female Mingo County sheriff) and uncle Ed Jude (photocopies), 1952-1963. 3 items. Marcelene Jude MacClellan, Huntington. Ms2003-340

Kanawha County. Summons, Archibald Collins to answer complaint of Barnabas Truman, 1854. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-225

Kelley's Creek and Northwestern Railroad and Kelley's Creek Barge Line. Report, 1944 July 12- October 1. 1 volume. Kenneth Agee, Ward. Ms2003-053

Kilgore, Senator Harley Collection. Correspondence, publications and other materials, many relating to death of Senator Kilgore's mother, 1949 presidential inaugural, West Virginia Society of District of Columbia, 1912-1956. 1 box. Jane Claymore, Charleston. Ms2003-295

Kimball, Walter S. Collection. Correspondence and other materials, much relating to Republican party, attorney Walter Sugden of Sistersville, Progressive Party materials, Masonic materials, 1880-1944. 1 box. Lee Kimball, Washington, DC. Ms2003-152

Kincaid family. Receipts and other financial documents of Dr. A. C. Kincaid of Braxton County and his son Robert A. Kincaid, a Nicholas County attorney, ca. 1850-1890s. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ms2003-022

Krider family. Letters and transcriptions from Monongalia County resident to family while in California during Gold Rush (photocopies), 1853. 1 folder. Sabra Petersmann, Los Angeles, CA.Ms2003-322

Land grant. Alexander Morrison, Pocahontas County by Governor John B. Floyd, 1849 July 31, (f.40). 1 item. Roger C. Lynch, Dunbar. Ms80-284acc

Land grant. John Powell, Boone County by Governor Joseph Johnson (photocopy), 1855 Jan. 1, (f.39). 1 item. Ose R. Stephens, Madison. Ms80-284acc

Land grant. Levi Goare, Wyoming County by Governor Joseph Johnson, 1860 Jan. 1, (f.41). 1 item. Albert Watts, Bozoo. Ms80-284acc

Land grants, stock certificate, program. Grant for 50 acres in Harrison County to George Davis signed by Governor David Campbell, 1837; program for ball at The Greenbrier, 1869; stock certificate for Continental Divide Gold and Silver Mining Company, 1905. 3 items. Clay Hamilton, Rockville, MD. Ms2003-132

Letter describing trip to West Virginia. Letter and sketches of 16 year old Richard Smith's visit to Huntington, 1942. 1 item. Virginia Barrett. Ms2003-194

Lilly family. Correspondence and notes regarding southern West Virginia family, compiled by Robert G. Lilly, 1776-1999. 2 boxes. Estate of Robert G. Lilly via Katie Miller, Charlotte, NC. Ms2003-001

Lincoln County. Birth records compiled by Dr. Hanson (photocopies), 1921-1965. 1 box. Note: restricted access. Lincoln County Genealogical Society, Hamlin. Ms2003-057

Literary manuscript. The Family of William Alexander Taylor by Earl Thomas Browder (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Sandra Alderson, Charleston. Ms2003-328

Literary manuscript. History of Logan County by Henry Clay Ragland, n.d. 1 item. Robert Conte, White Sulphur Springs. Ms2003-056

Literary manuscript. Road to Harpers Ferry: The John Brown Letters 1838-1859 by Paul D. Casdorph, ca. 1980s. 1 item. Paul D. Casdorph, Charleston. Ms2003-183

Literary manuscript. Shafer Family by Janet Burns Shafer, ca. 1991. 1 item. Raymond Sneed, Belle. Ms2003-217

Literary manuscript. The Story of Lost River State Park by Ellen Anderson, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-149

Literary manuscript. Unattributed manuscript regarding early West Virginia history, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-091

Lovejoy, Betty Collection. Correspondence and materials regarding Lincoln and Logan County history, Chuck Yeager, related families, covered bridges, trial of Richard Adkins for murder of Asa Spears, 1921-1990. 1 box. Vernon Evan Lovejoy, Lakewood, CO. Ms2003-222

Machir, Violette Collection. Mason County and family history materials including Battle of Point Pleasant, Silver Bridge collapse, ca. 1774-1989. 2 boxes. Violette Machir, Pt. Pleasant. Ms2003-105

McDowell County land records. Copies of survey information of Mose Cartwright, Virginia Pocahontas Land Company, 1857-1918. Note - maps transferred to map collection. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ms2003-102

Michael family. Obituaries, letters exchanged by Ada Michael and Governor-elect Henry D. Hatfield (photocopies), 1912, 1926. 6 items. Karen Nance, Barboursville. Ms2003-332

Minute book. Council minutes for Town of Upper Hinton/Avis, Summers County, 1890-1908, 1916. 1 volume. Charles E. Ellison, Charleston. Ms2003-101

Minute book. Kanawha City/St. Albans, 1868-1886. 1 volume. Jim Cummings in memory of Marjorie F. and M. Homer Cummings, Jr., Huntington. Ms2003-342

Monongalia County. Deeds, grants, indentures and other legal documents, mostly Moore and Tennant families, 1817-1859. 1 folder. Catherine E. Griffieth in memory of Vella Naomi Burke Enger, Willis James Burke, and Vella Mary Wildman Burke, Dayton, OH. Ms2003-305

Morris, John Townsend Stepp Collection. Family history of Morris and related families including Wintz, Pryor, Miller, Stepp, Anderson, Cottrell, and Townsend, n.d. 1 box. Morgan Groth for the estate of John Townsend Stepp Morris, Portland, OR. Ms2003-294

Mounds. Journal account of discovery of mounds, presumably by Colonel P. W. Norris, ca. 1880s. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2003-172

Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, Lewisburg. Minute books and member rosters (photocopies), 1887-1957. 2 volumes. Warren Lewis, Lewisburg. Ms2003-169

Mountain Heritage School. Receipts for Monroe County program that taught traditional crafts, music, etc., 1978-1981. 1 folder. Martha Banks, Union. Ms2003-267

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. Miscellaneous forms for various railroads, n.d. 1 folder. Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association, Cass. Ms83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. Various letters and agreements regarding railroads and logging; 1899 parts manual for Shay locomotives; 1899-1963. 10 items. Russell Tedder, North Little Rock, AR. Ms83-12acc

Neal, Ray A. Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding WWII service as Army Air Corps mechanic, 1942-1946. 2 boxes. Anna Lutz, Dunbar. Ms2003-045

Nesbitt family collection. Correspondence including J. Edgar Hoover and Herbert Hoover, letter carried by Lindbergh in 1928; Civil War materials including letter from prisoner of war, deeds; 1863- 1957. 1 folder. Donald E. Hawkins, Wheeling. Ms2003-139

New River Company Collection. Minute books, account books, and other materials pertaining to New River Company, White Oak Fuel Company and subsidiaries, 1899-1995. 13 boxes and oversized drawings. Mountain Laurel Resources Company, Mount Hope. Ms2003-180

Nowlan, Hume Collection. Correspondence, other papers including diary of voyage to South America, Summers County history, The Cedars, 1925-1988. 1 box. Gary D. Bettcher, Valley College of Technology, Minneapolis, MN on behalf of Jim Coste, Hinton. Ms2003-221

Pauley, Michael Collection. Correspondence, National Register nominations, West Virginia writers and other research materials, 1970s-1990s. 3 boxes. Estate of Michael Pauley via Thomas Kelley Pauley, York, SC. Ms2003-020

Penitentiary. Account of visit to Moundsville prison in 1898 (photocopy), ca. 1900. 1 item. Delores Fleming, Morgantown. Ms2003-134

Poem. Over the Hill to the Poorhouse by Will Carleton (typescript) and information on Jackson County Poor Farm, 1870s. 1 item. Inez Buckalew Bailey. Ms2003-170

Poem, letter. Poem, Pratt-on-Kanawha; letter to Mrs. Frazer from graphologist Louise Rice, 1922, 1931. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ms2003-161

Preston-Reynolds-Carr family. Outline and family history notes for exhibit "Visions of the Past" held at Cultural Center, photocopies, 2000. 1 folder. Phyllis Jarrett, Cincinnati, OH. Ms2003-038

Price, Frances Collection. Correspondence and other materials on South Charleston, politics, state history and related families, 1840s-1987. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ms2003-151

Pugh, Cornelius Martin. Documents regarding service in U. S. Navy, 1939-1956. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2003-099

Rice, Dr. Otis Collection. Correspondence, notes and other materials of 1st state historian laureate and West Virginia Tech professor, including work on Sheltering Arms Hospital, banking, Kanawha County, Lewisburg, M. E. Church, Eli Thayer, and other subjects, 1835-2003. 5 boxes. Estate of Dr. Otis Rice, Hugheston. Ms2003-324

Rollins, Sergeant 1st Class Fay G. Diary of World War I member of 307th Tank Corps, 1918-1919. 2 items. Aristotle Rollins, Hermitage, TN. Ms2003-168

Rumberg and Price families. Deeds, Bible records, World War I discharge, most Raleigh County (photocopies), 1870s-1941. 1 folder. Randy Rumberg, South Charleston. Ms2003-154

Shields, Westfall families. Materials relating to Lawrence Shields family of Marion County, Westfall family of Kanawha County, 1918-1990s. 1 folder. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ms2003-232

Skinner, Rose families. Letter from D. H. Rose to Daniel Skinner from California; card and note from "Mark" to friend about trip to Pike's Peak (photocopies), 1858. 2 items. Vonda Beckett, Buffalo. Ms2003-156

Summers County. Deed for land for Methodist Episcopal Church near Talcott (photocopies), 1876 March 11. 1 item. Lucille Hale. Ms2003-171

Summers County, Trail family history. Various materials regarding Hinton area history; pilot training books for Don Trail; account books for L. O. H. Nickell; 1898-1965. 1 box. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ms2003-046

Swearington, James Strode. Letters referring to military career, correspondence with Henry Bedinger of Berkeley County (typescript copies), 1803-1834, 1896. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2003-130

Toler family. Notes on Toler and related families (photocopies), n.d. 1 folder. William N. Toler, Groton, CT. Ms2003-323

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 939. Correspondence, financial records and other materials, 1917-54. 2 boxes. Daril Stalnaker, Horner. Ms2003-219

Upper Ohio Valley Collection Finding Aids. Listing of collections housed at Bethany College, 1993. 1 folder. Bethany College, Bethany. Ms2003-193

Upshur County. Various court forms, documents regarding cases, general receivers reports, 1870s- 1954. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Ms2003-230

Veazey, Oscar A. Collection. Letters and scrapbooks, most letters from his wife in Dego, Kanawha County, ca. 1885-1900. 2 volumes and 1 box. Patty Nugent, Pratt. Ms2003-047

Veterans. Scroll with names of West Virginia women veterans from Tyler, Roane, Ritchie, Calhoun, Wood, Pleasants, Wirt and Jackson counties, ca. 1995. 1 item. Pauline Petty, President, Women Veterans Association of America, Parkersburg. Ms2003-054

Virginia Court of Appeals, Lewisburg. Bond of John A. North, Robert F. Dennis and Allen T. Caperton re: North's duties as clerk and librarian of court, 1852 July 10. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-280

Virginia Debt. Letter from J. M. Mason to J. F. Cork (typescript), 1885 November 3. 1 item. Transfer from Stutler Collection. Ms2003-159

Washington, Booker T., salt. Materials regarding life, death, dedication of statue to Washington at Tuskegee; memorial of Kanawha County citizens regarding cash and bank problems; catalogue of officers and students at Washington College (photocopies); 1834, 1847, 1915-1922. 1 folder. Ruffner Family Association, Huntsville, AL. Ms2003-052

Weberwood Development Company. Records of South Charleston development, 1924-1994. 3 boxes. John Howell, South Charleston. Ms2003-289

West Virginia Post Offices. Forms detailing changes in post offices including establishment and dissolution, name and location changes, 1930-70. 1 box. Dr. Thomas N. Layton, San Jose, CA. Ms2003-195

White, Malcolm Collection. Military manuals and materials relating to Desert Storm, 1987-1990. 1 box. Malcolm R. White, Jr., Elkview. Ms2003-104

Williams, E. Virginia Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding O. F. Williams family and daughter Virginia, who taught at Morris Harvey College for 42 years, ca. 1857-1985. 2 boxes. Mary Ruth Bowyer, Charleston. Ms2003-019

Wilson, Victor Collection. Correspondence and other materials regarding General Albert Gallatin Jenkins and family, Jenkins home at Greenbottom (photocopies), ca. 1850s-1990s. 1 box. Victor Wilson, Chevy Chase, MD. Ms2003-106

Wintz, William D. Collection. Materials on Nitro and Kanawha Valley history including Washington's sword, William Dusenberry diaries (photocopies), 1807-1985. 1 box. William D. Wintz, St. Albans. Ms2003-177

Wyoming County. Witness expense receipt for Richard Smith in case of Elisha Bowlin, 1867 Aug. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ms2003-224

Photographs Accessioned

Album. B&W prints including Aegerter and Stadler families, lumbering, ca. 1910-20s. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Ph2003-254

Album. B&W prints including some of Logan area, Blair Mountain, ca. 1910s-20s. 1 volume. Fred Armstrong, Charleston. Ph2003-208

Alderson, Curry, Henderson families. Copy negatives, n.d. 16 items. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ph2003-269

Alderson Womens Christian Temperance Union float. B&W, 1916. 1 item. Pauline Miller, Stanaford. Ph2003-205

American Federation of Musicians. Attendees at 86th International Convention, Charleston, 1985 June 21-27. 7 items. Transfer from Culture and History. Ph85-136

Associated Press photographs. Prints and related newspaper clippings, 1930s. 6 envelopes. Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, MN. Ph2003-176

Bragg family. Copy negatives of tintypes of family members, ca. 1875-1900. 3 items. Roger Vaughan, Elkview. Ph2003-164

Brawley, Harry Collection. B&W and postcards, ca. 1900-1960s. 128 items. Betty Brawley, Charleston. Ph85-50acc

Camp Caesar 4-H camp, Babcock State Park, flood in Wetzel County, Hassig family. Copy negatives of Hassig family, B&W prints of others, ca. 1900-1940. 44 items. Ellen Hassig Ressmeyer, Charleston. Ph2003-198

Capitol. 1870 Charleston capitol, ca. 1870-75. 1 item. Julius E. Jones, Jr., Richwood. Ph2003-201

Capitol building. B&W prints of Building 1 switchgear and electrical; zero milestone color prints and information; n.d. 1 folder. General Services. Ph2003-229

Capitol Complex. B&W and negatives of condition and replacement of damaged steps at Capitol embankment, 2003 April-August. 6 rolls. Division of Highways via Historic Preservation. Ph2003-298

Capitol Complex. Construction photographs of Buildings 5, 6, 7, 1967-1971. 1 box. ZMM, Inc., Charleston. Ph2003-291

Casteel family. Tintype of Issie Clark Casteel, ca. 1880s-1900. 1 item. John B. Horne, Huntington Beach, CA. Ph2003-299

Charleston. B&W of car associated with Ray C. Alvis Walkathon, photo by Bollinger, 1934. 1 item. Dale P. Radeleff, Yucaipa, CA. Ph2003-237

Charleston. B&W of downtown, a few non-Charleston images, 1960s-70s. 49 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2003-100

Charleston. B&W prints, 1950s-70s. 31 items. Olive Crummett. Ph2003-209

Charleston. B&W prints on panels showing buildings and locations around Capitol Complex, 1965. 10 items. Steve Branner, ZMM Inc. Architects and Engineers, Charleston. Ph2003-255

Charleston. B&W view of downtown levee, boats and crowd just west of Union Building, n.d. 1 item. George T. Goodall III, Charleston. Ph2003-039

Charleston. Color snapshots of buildings including Ruffner Hotel, Capitol Annex, State Street Methodist Church and Dr. Hogue's house, 1960s. 12 items. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Ph2003-003

Charleston High School Collection. B&W and color prints, most of band, also Russell "Rat" Thom, football star and later coach, parades, North-South games, Atlantic City for Miss America pageant, ca. 1920-1990s. 176 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2003-081

Charleston. Negatives of Ruffner Hotel, Morris Harvey Library, 1938-40. 4 items. C. Arthur Thomas, Charleston. Ph2003-210

Charleston schools. B&W of 1905 Charleston High senior class, teachers, unidentified group, 1905- 1906. 3 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2003-271

Chemical plants. B&W of Carbide and Carbon Chemical at Institute, 1942 April - 1945 July. 95 items. John A. Amburgey, Charleston. Ph2003-029

Civil War. Copy negatives of After the Battle Bloody Lane Antietam from sketch and painting by Captain James Hope; carte de visites of various Union soldiers and officers, 1861-1865, 1889. 20 items. Richard Wolfe, Stafford, VA. Ph2003-336

Civil War, portraits. Company C, 10th WV Infantry; Joseph Gluck; John W. Smith; George Creel; ca. 1860s-1900. 5 items. Phillip Westfall, Bellbrook, OH. Ph2003-133

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. B&W, probably Camp Pocahontas at Cass, some showing work at Seneca State Forest, mid 1930s. 7 items. Mary Catherine Lowder-Bailey via Gene Harper, Charleston. Ph85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Color snapshots of camp locations including Watoga, Randolph, Alvon, Jackson, Woodbine, Copperhead, Twelvepole, 1980s. 1 folder. Milton Harr, Charleston. Ph85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Copy negatives of various camps, ca. 1935-41. 81 items. Calvin White, Charleston. Ph85-17acc

Coal and Coke Railway. Copy negatives of railway construction, unidentified people associated with railway, ca. 1896-1920. 59 items. Robert Bowes, Hartville, OH. Ph2003-326

Coal plants. B&W of plants and railroad lines in Tams, Eccles and McAlpin (Raleigh County) and Wyco and Elmore (Wyoming County), ca. 1918-1920. 11 items. Williams College Archives and Special Collections, Williamstown, MA. Ph2003-028

Coal towns. Copy negatives of Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company mines, Ethel Hollow, Logan County, 1920s. 6 items. Jim Sexton, Stollings. Ph2003-329

Cook, Roy Bird Collection. B&W and slides of Cook's life and career as pharmacist and local historian, ca. 1900-1955. 1 folder. Brawley Family, Charleston. Ph2003-306

Davis, John W. Campaign. Copy negatives of presidential campaign, 1924. 34 items. Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Wheeling. Ph2003-206

Extension Service, 4-H. Copy negatives, most from Hardy County area, n.d. 37 items. Harold J. Dodd, Moorefield. Ph2003-191

Floods, mine wars, Dr. Jesse Bennett home. Copy negatives of 1913 Huntington flood, weapons confiscated during 1912-13 strike, Mason County home of Dr. Bennett, 1913-1937. 22 items. Daniel E. Hall, Charleston. Ph2003-335

Fort Mulligan. Color print of aerial of Grant County fort remains, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2003-264

Fox family. Copy print of Houston Davidson Fox family, n.d. 1 item. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ph2003-235

Gates, Gorman families. B&W and postcards of Gates, Gorman and related families, as well as many taken by local photographers, ca. 1860s-1950s. 2 boxes. Rod Frye, Charleston. Ph2003-302

Grand Army of the Republic. Negative of group at Mount Vernon, including Jesse Tyler Sturm, ca. 1880-1890. 1 item. Purchase from Elaine Clark, Wellington, KS. Ph2002-067acc

Greenlee, Arthur B. Album of B&W prints, most related to World War I, 1918-1920s. 1 volume. Greenlee Family, Charleston. Ph2003-098

Hampshire County. B&W and a negative of Romney and Hampshire County scenes including schools, Civil War camp of 4th Brigade 1st Division 8th Army Corps, activities on South Branch of Potomac, ca. 1861-1970s. 14 items. Hampshire County Public Library, Romney. Ph2003-214

Hamrick family, Procious. B&W of Nina Hamrick of St. Albans; Procious General Store, 1920s- 1930s. 11 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2003-082

Harpers Ferry. B&W of Shenandoah River showing pulp mill, ca. 1900. 1 item. Historical Society of Washington, DC., Washington, DC. Ph2003-184

Highway engineering. B&W of highways and bridges, 1970s. 1 box. Division of Highways. Ph2003-044

Hinton band, C & O Railroad. Copy negatives, ca. 1920s-30s. 2 items. Tom Clinebell, Hinton. Ph2003-333

Hinton Daily News Collection. B&W and color prints and negatives, 1970s-1980s. 3 boxes. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ph96-64acc

Hinton family. Copy negatives of family members, n.d. 12 items. Steve Trail for Mr. Grimmitt, Hinton. Ph2003-338

Hotel Gassaway. Copy negative with large crowd, built 1918 and operated for time by Cora E. McLaughlin, ca. 1918. 1 item. Karen Jones, Charleston. Ph2003-192

Houseboats. Digital images of Ohio River houseboats belonging to George Donohue, ca. 1930s. 2 items. Valerie Jane Donohue Boucher, East Stroudsburg, PA. Ph2003-270

Jarrett, Phyllis Collection. Prints of black life in Charleston, 1889-1970. 1 folder. Phyllis Jarrett, Cincinnati, OH. Ph2003-218

Jenkins home. Digital prints scanned from newspaper, 1906. 3 items. Karen Nance, Barboursville. Ph2003-283

Jude family. Copy negatives of Mingo County family including Mingo County Clerk Ed Jude, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., and John F. Kennedy, ca. 1909-1962. 9 items. Marcelene Jude MacClellan, Huntington. Ph2003-340

Kanawha County. Copy negatives of scenes including C&O crew, Ike Baer tavern, lumber mill, Smith family, Order of Red Men; 1920s-30s. 5 items. Joe Botkin, Fredericksburg, VA. Ph2003-162

Kanawha Military Institute. B&W of cadets, ca. 1880. 1 item. Kanawha Valley Historical and Preservation Society via Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2003-281

Keeney family. Copy negatives of Frank Keeney and family, 1901-1964. 12 items. Charles Belmont Keeney III, Alum Creek. Ph2003-331

Kelley's Creek and Northwestern Railroad. Copy prints, early 1900s. 3 items. Kenneth Agee, Ward. Ph2003-053

Kennedy campaign, elections, press. Copy negatives of various elections, 1960 campaign, other images from retired Associated Press photographer, ca. 1940s-70s. 22 items. Herb Little, Charleston. Ph2003-155

Kilgore, Senator Harley Collection. B&W prints of senator and family members, ca. 1890s-1950s. 1 box and 1 framed piece. Jane Claymore, Charleston. Ph2003-295

Libbey-Owens Glass. Negative of panoramic of Kanawha City plant, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2003-263

Lilly family. B&W prints of family members, n.d. 2 boxes. Estate of Robert G. Lilly via Katie Miller, Charlotte, NC. Ph2003-001

Logan County. Contact prints of prominent Logan County residents, Merrill Coal Camp panoramic negatives, 1920s-30s, 1970s-80s. 23 items. Bob Spence, Logan. Ph85-6acc

Logging. Digital prints of Pardee and Curtin Lumber Company operations, Bergoo, Webster County, n.d. 37 items. Glenn Longacre, Jr., Webster Springs. Ph2002-010acc

Lovejoy, Betty Collection. B&W and color of Lovejoy, Adkins, Yeager and related families, Lincoln County sites, Chuck Yeager, 1900-1990. 1 folder. Vernon Evan Lovejoy, Lakewood, CO. Ph2003-222

Luna Park. Postcards of Charleston amusement park which burned in 1923, ca. 1910-early 1920s. 4 items. Betty Brawley, Charleston Ph2003-287

Lynching. Rudolph Clemments lynched for murder of Police Chief Wilmoth of Elkins, 1902 July- August. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2003-128

Mason College of Music and Fine Arts. Copy negatives of Charleston school, 1940s. 3 items. Stan Bumgardner, Charleston. Ph2003-165

Matewan trial. Copy print and negative of trial participants, 1921. 1 item. Bob Miller on behalf of Bailey Family, Charleston. Ph2003-284

Matewan. B&W of flooding and aftermath, 1977. 47 items. Star Van Scyoc, Charleston. Ph2003-079

Meadow River Lumber Company. Copy negatives of engines and logging operations taken by Robert D. Walker, Jr., 1960s. 13 items. Robert D. Walker, Jr., Morganton, NC. Ph2003-339

Michael and Sinclair families. Copy negatives of Preston County families, n.d. 10 items. Karen Nance, Barboursville. Ph2003-332

Midland Trail. Copy negatives of panoramic postcards of Route 60 by Homer Wells, ca. 1930s. 8 items. Terry Lowry, South Charleston. Ph2003-330

Mine disasters. Photocopies of work in progress by C. Richard Jarrett, ca. 1990s. 1 item. Rick Jarrett, Sissonville. Ph2003-049

Mine explosion. Copy negatives of Katherine mine explosion debris, Lumberport, 1944 March 25. 2 items. Rick Jarrett, Sissonville. Ph2003-337

Monuments. Confederate monument at Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2003-211

Morris, John Townsend Stepp Collection. Unidentified family members, n.d. 2 items. Morgan Groth for the estate of John Townsend Stepp Morris, Portland, OR. Ph2003-294

Mount de Chantal. Photo booklet of Wheeling girls school, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Ph2003-125

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. B&W photos of logging railroads including Ely-Thomas, Manns Creek, Middle Fork, Moore and Keppel, Nickel Plate Railroad, West Virginia Northern, Norfolk and Western prints, ca. 1943-1959. 27 items. Russell Tedder, North Little Rock, AR. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association Collection. Logging and railroad prints, Kelley's Creek; copy negatives of Meadow River Lumber, Sewell Valley, and Nicholas, Fayette and Greenbrier railroads, 1920s-70s. 34 items. Phil Bagdon, Hinton. Ph83-12acc

Myers Family. Copy prints of family members at Hitchman Coal Mine, Benwood, Marshall County, 1906-1924. 5 items. A. K. Nyers, South Bend, IN. Ph2003-257

Neal, Ray A. Collection. B&W prints, album of WWII Army Air Corps mechanic, 1942-1946. 1 box. Anna Lutz, Dunbar. Ph2003-045

New River Company Collection. B&W prints including summer camp, ca. 1940s-50s. 1 box. Mountain Laurel Resources Company, Mount Hope. Ph2003-180

Nitro. Copy negatives of panoramics of Nitro and explosives plant, ca. 1918. 7 items. Unknown donor. Ph2003-265

Nowlan, Hume Collection. B&W of Nowlan family, Hinton area, travels, service during WWII, 1920s- 1960s. 2 folders. Gary D. Bettcher, Valley College of Technology, Minneapolis, MN on behalf of Jim Coste, Hinton. Ph2003-221

Olin, Nilo Collection. B&W and 2 negatives of sports, including Sam Snead; politics including Cecil H. Underwood inaugural; Charleston; Kelley Axe; Ravenswood Aluminum and other assorted views, ca. 1945-1960. 8 folders. Hazel Olin, Springfield, VA. Ph2003-239

Panoramic. Beebee Place, Island Creek Coal Company, Holden, WV, 1921 August 15. 1 item. Mildred Queen in memory of Ralph Queen, Logan. Ph2003-236

Panoramic. Company C, 52nd Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Wolters, TX - Okey Spurgeon from Hinton is 3rd row, 10th from right, 1941 November. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2003-256

Parrill family. Copy negative of several family members with guitar, n.d. 1 item. Thomas Pring, Charleston. Ph2003-190

Pauley, Michael Collection. B&W, color prints and slides, primarily National Register sites, 1970s- 1980s. 1 box. Estate of Michael Pauley via Thomas Kelley Pauley, York, SC. Ph2003-020

Philippi. Negative of Fowler map, 1897. 1 item. Ed Hicks, Dunbar. Ph2003-203

Piedmont. B&W and a few copy negatives of Piedmont scenes including schools, Westvaco company picnic, ca. 1945-70. 73 items. Piedmont Herald, Piedmont. Ph2003-213

Portrait, Egnor, Dagmar. B&W of Huntington actress, late 1940s-1950s. 2 items. Karen and Johnny Nance, Barboursville. Ph2003-026

Portrait, Groce, Larry. B&W prints, ca. 1980s. 2 items. Unknown donor. Ph2003-204

Portrait. Hawley, John Barnett Fleming. B&W copy of computer-scanned photo of fiddler, ca. 1936. 1 item. Karl C. Lilly III, Sissonville. Ph2003-076

Portrait. Porter, James Thomas. Color print of computer scanned photo of member of Company E, 1st WV Infantry, ca. 1861-1865. 1 item. Robert Fitch, St. Albans. Ph2003-080

Portrait, Willey, Waitman T. and Guy Willey. Lithographs, B&W and daguerreotype, ca. 1840s-1900. 1 folder. Marcia Gene Willey, Houston, TX. Ph2003-004

Portrait. Young, Houston G. signed B&W print of Secretary of State, 1917-1925, ca. 1920. 1 item. Unknown donor. Ph2003-129

Portraits, Watson, Clarence Wayland and Minnie Owings. B&W of uncle and aunt of Mrs. Arthur B. Koontz, who donated furniture to dining room of Governor's Mansion, 1910-1920s. 3 items. Otis Laury, Charleston. Ph2003-288

Postcard. Holliday's Cove, showing Hartman Service Station and high water mark from Ohio River flood on March 19, 1936, ca. 1936. 1 item. Roy Pritchard, Columbia, TN. Ph2003-285 Postcard. Old Ladies Home, Woodsdale, Wheeling, ca. 1914. 1 item. McLean County Museum of History, Bloomington, IL. Ph2003-050

Postcard. U. S. armory buildings at Harpers Ferry, n.d. 1 item. Troy Brody, Charleston. Ph2003-027

Postcards. B&W view of Canaan Valley, Blackwater Canyon, C. M. Elliot & Co. store at Meadowville, Barbour County, ca. 1920s-1930s. 6 items. Steven Dutro, Madison, MS. Ph2003-011

Postcards, Piedmont. B&W prints of Piedmont area, postcards from around state, n.d. 56 items. Purchase - Bookworm and Silverfish. Ph2003-137

Postcards. Princeton Presbyterian Church, copy negative of Tomas Gordon, ca. 1980s. 3 items. Beverly Underwood, Princeton. Ph2003-127

Postcards. Ravenswood, Spencer, Morgantown, 1914-24. 4 items. Richard Andre, Charleston. Ph2003-212

Postcards. Reproductions of Moundsville scenes, n.d. 4 items. Unknown donor. Ph2003-286

Postcards. Various southern West Virginia scenes and copy negatives of them, ca. 1872-1920s. 14 items. Robert Craigo, Charleston. Ph2003-341

Postcards. Various West Virginia scenes; set of cards for mammals and habitats, 1970s-2000. 152 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, n.d. 16 items. Frannie Fesenmaier, Charleston. Ph2003-178

Postcards. West Virginia Turnpike folder, Greenbrier, EvUn Breth Acres Church in Buckhannon, 1960s. 3 items. Kidd family via Troy Body, Charleston. Ph2003-142

Pratt, Talbott family. Glassplates and B&W of Pratt and surrounding area; portraits of Levi and Drusilla Radcliff Talbott, ca. 1880s-1920s. 1 box. Patty Nugent, Pratt. Ph2003-047

Preston-Reynolds-Carr families. Copy negatives of family members; B&W print of Mrs. John Norman's birthday; ca. 1860-1970. 1 folder. Phyllis Jarrett, Cincinnati, OH. Ph2003-038

Price, Frances Collection. B&W prints, mostly Chilton and Richmond families, ca.1890-1930. 1 box. Unknown donor. Ph2003-151

Putnam County, Older family. Copy prints of old courthouse, family members, ca. 1880-1930. 6 items. Anna Lutz, Dunbar Ph2003-141

Radio, World War I, National Guard. B&W of WCHS radio performers, World War I private Roy Smith, National Guard troops at Fort Conley, 1918-1934. 4 items. Bill Kelley, Charleston. Ph2003-189

Raines family. Photo albums compiled by Elizabeth Hughes Raines, ca. 1960s-1980s. 6 volumes and 1 box. Unknown donor. Ph2003-025

Rice, Dr. Otis Collection. B&W, mostly Sheltering Arms Hospital and other state history, n.d. 1 box. Estate of Dr. Otis Rice, Hugheston. Ph2003-324

Rollins family. World War I era view of 317th Tank Company of 307th Tank Corps including Sergeant 1st Class Fay Rollins, Bad Durkheim; computer print of Mary Tabitha Rollins; ca. 1910s. 3 items. Aristotle Rollins, Hermitage, TN. Ph2003-168

Rumberg and Cantley families. Copy negatives, ca. 1880-1920. 49 items. Randy Rumberg, South Charleston. Ph2003-154

Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral. Copy negatives of Charleston church and Catholic history, ca. 1895- 1967. 37 items. Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral, Charleston. Ph2003-166

Schools. Copy negatives, Wood and a few Jackson County schools, ca. 1920s-70s. 105 items. Nadine Hoffman via Jack Wigal, Belleville. Ph2003-163

Shields family. B&W prints of Lawrence Shields family of Marion County, ca. 1920-1950s. 1 folder. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Ph2003-232

Shonk and Snyder families. B&W prints and album, Charleston and Cabin Creek areas, ca. 1900- 1930s. 1 box. Jo Ann Stephens, Asheville, NC. Ph2003-220

Sistersville. B&W prints and postcards of buildings, street scenes, 1907 flood, 1907-1920. 33 items. Unknown donor. Ph2003-207

Smallpox epidemic. Copy negative of couple named Jenkins who lived near Frametown, n.d. 1 item. Sandra Gibson for Debby Grounds, Sutton. Ph2003-325

Smith family. B&W prints of Richard Smith, nephew of Floyd and Bessie Smith of Huntington, 1940s. 2 items. Virginia Barrett. Ph2003-194

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negative of church groundbreaking, 1932. 1 item. Jeanette Corey, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negative of firemen at Woolworth fire, 1949 March 4. 1 item. Frances Ferrell, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negative of Ladies Aid Society, n.d. 1 item. Agnes Cassis, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negative of Nick and Edna Hanna's wedding, 1936 November 15. 1 item. Edna Hanna, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negative of Nick and Michael Cassis in World War II uniforms, ca. 1943. 1 item. Nick Cassis, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Cassis and Sahley families, 1948-55. 4 items. Evelyn Cassis, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of church groups, ca. 1950s-60s. 5 items. Lila Damous, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Ghiz, Corey and Farah families in southern West Virginia, 1910-60. 6 items. Mary Louise Corey, Montgomery. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Ghiz family, Huntington High football reunion, ca. 1920-60. 8 items. Alex Ghiz, South Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Haddad and Skaff families, 1911-74. 4 items. Virginia Skaff, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Haddad family and church groups, ca. 1926-38. 6 items. Larry Haddad, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Jib Jenine Club, ca. 1924. 2 items. Julia Michael, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Kanawha Grade School, Howard family, n.d. 2 items. Michael Howard, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Namay family, 1949-50s. 2 items. Sue Namay, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Reverend Husson at Easter, ca. 1940-50s. 2 items. Lee Lewis, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Sahley family, 1925-70. 14 items. Albert Sahley, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Skaff family, ca. 1940s-1994. 5 items. Wanda Skaff, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of Skaff family and store, 1922- 31. 2 items. Paul R. Skaff, Charleston. Ph2003-148

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Copy negatives of various church activities, ca. 1914-75. 9 items. Olga H. Cassis, Charleston. Ph2003-148

State parks and forests. B&W, color and negatives of some parks, superintendent's meetings, gun collection donated in 1980s, 1960-2003. 1 box. Bob Beanblossom, DNR. Ph2003-238

Stevenson family. Copy negatives of John D. Stevenson family of Parkersburg, ca. early 1900s. 2 items. Fred Barkey, Charleston. Ph2003-334

Summers County. Copy negatives of photos, mostly Hinton, ca. 1885-1920. 18 items. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ph2003-040

Sunrise. Copy negatives of Governor William A. MacCorkle home, ca. 1900-1920. 23 items. Sam McCorkle, Charleston. Ph2003-077

Talcott, John Henry. Copy negatives of photos, 1883-1990s. 40 items. Margaret Glass Martin, Talcott. Ph2003-040

Talcott, John Henry. Copy negatives of photos, ca. 1890s-1940. 5 items. John Kesler, Talcott. Ph2003-040

Talcott, John Henry. Copy negatives of photos all taken by Kenneth Willey, ca. 1970-1971. 10 items. Kenneth Willey via John Kesler, Talcott. Ph2003-040

Talcott, John Henry. Copy negatives of photos, some color snapshots, 1990s. 31 items. John William "Bill" Dillon, Talcott. Ph2003-040

Tierney family. Copy negatives, ca. 1890-1910. 3 items. Gwen Sizemore, Nitro. Ph2003-153

Tornado, USS Shenandoah wreckage. Copy negatives of Wheeling tornado damage, wreckage of Navy airship USS Shenandoah, 1920s. 61 items. Harrison W. Frey, Wheeling. Ph2003-327

Underwood Inaugural. Color prints of transition period and inaugural taken by Rick Lee for Charles Ryan and inaugural committee, 1996-1997. 1 box. Cecil H. Underwood and Charles Ryan, Charleston. Ph97-44acc

USS West Virginia. B&W of ship at sea provided by Andrew Pinko, who was killed at Pearl Harbor, 1941. Oversized. 1 item. Mary A. Porzuczek, Los Angeles, CA. Ph2002-030acc

Veterans. Copy print of Isaac W. Johnson, Company B, 6th WV Infantry, last Civil War veteran in Wetzel County at a Gettysburg reunion, 1938. 1 item. Gary T. Hawbaker, Hershey, PA.Ph2003-262

West Virginia scenes. Prints and postcards including Wheeling, Blennerhassett Island, Capitol, Moundsville, Lewisburg, Point Pleasant, ca. 1905-20. 10 items. State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. Ph2003-216

Wheeling parade. Postcard of Central High School drum corps, West Virginia Independence Hall to back right, 1913 August 17. 1 item. Raymond M. Gaughenbaugh, Moundsville. Ph2003-200

Williams, E. Virginia Collection. B&W of Rev. O. F. Williams family, primarily Kanawha County, ca. 1900-1980. 1 box. Mary Ruth Bowyer, Charleston. Ph2003-019

Wilson, Victor Collection. Copy negatives of Jenkins family and Greenbottom, n.d. 91 items. Victor Wilson, Chevy Chase, MD. Ph2003-106

Wood County Courthouse. Copy prints of building taken by Glade Little, ca. 1951. 2 items. Glade Little, St. Albans. Ph2003-202

Woods, Callaghan, Cox families. Copy negatives, 1918-57. 73 items. Manoka Woods Cox, Winfield. Ph2003-167

Special Collections Accessioned

Ads. Patent medicines, snapshots of former pharmacy location, n.d. 4 items. Louise K. Taylor, Elm Grove. Sc2003-199

Annual report. Bluefield Supply Company, 1958. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-068

Annual report. Charleston Municipal Beautification Commission, 1969. 2 items. Transfer from library. Sc2003-066

Annual report. Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society, Inc., 1990-91. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-143

Annual report. West Virginia Catholic Foundation, 2001. 1 item. Debra Basham, Elkview. Sc2003- 060

Annual report. West Virginia Farm Credit, ACA, 1997. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-062

Bethany College. Article in American Antiques Journal about college, 1947 September. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-119

Bible. Portion of Pierpont family Bible New Testament portion, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc91- 51acc

Bible. Small Bible carried by John B. Watkins, 22nd Indiana Infantry but former Wheeling resident during Civil War, ca. 1862. 1 item. Martha Jane Butcher, Parkersburg. Sc2003-074

Bibles, Wolfe and Dunn family materials. Various programs, certificates, Bibles regarding Putnam County families, 1920s-80s. 1 box. Unknown donor. Sc2003-242

Bowman, Irving Collection. Report with photographs of Pipestem State Park, 1968 May 31. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc86-188acc

Broadside. Inscription of plaque honoring Lewis Robert "Hack" Wilson, Baseball Hall of Fame, 1988. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-061

Broadside. Political broadside complaining of high prices under Republican Congress distributed by WV Democratic State Executive Committee, ca. 1948. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-258

Brochure. Fostoria Glass, Century pattern, n.d. 1 item. Purchase. Sc2003-051

Brochure. Information on Congressman Joe L. Smith's labor record issued by Workmen's Non- Partisan League of WV, 1932. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-260

Brown, J. M. G. Collection. Cards and publications regarding Morgantown real estate developer, ca. 1907-1910s. 1 folder. Anonymous donor. Sc2003-300

Bumper sticker. Stop Corridor H, 1990s. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-126

Bumper sticker. Wildlife! In West Virginia It's for Everyone!, n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-266

Bumper stickers, form. 1972 campaign including Jay Rockefeller, George Wallace, Joe Savilla; blank application for United Klans of America, 1972. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2003-268

By-laws. AeroClub of Charleston constitution and bylaws, 1927 October 1. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-227

Calendar. Halliehurst, Davis and Elkins College, 1990. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-146

Calendar. West Virginia Heritage Calendar, 1981. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-103

Calhoun County. Legislation regarding formation of county, county seat location, 1856, ca. 1870. 3 items. Transfer from library. Sc2003-085

Capitol site preparation. Articles and information on movement of houses across Kanawha River to make room for Capitol by John Eichleay Jr. Company (photocopies), 1923 May. 1 folder. John W. Eichleay, Jr., Sewickley, PA. Sc2003-215

Card. 23rd anniversary of West Virginia "Anti-Pistol Toting" law enacted by W. S. Johnson, 1932. 1 item. Virginia Johnson, Charleston. Sc2003-003

Cards. Election card for J. N. Coltrane, Republican candidate for Harrison County Commission; business card for R. M. Manley for produce, butter, eggs, poultry and game, Wheeling; n.d. 2 items. Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2003-109

Cartoons. Depictions of events in West Virginia history (copies), 2003. 5 items. Roger Moore, Spicewood, TX. Sc2003-131

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. Articles and tickets for Grand Centennial Excursion, ca. 1963-1974. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2003-107

Catalogue. Huntington Museum of Art's 280 exhibit Works Off Walls, 1993 March-June. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-086

Certificate. Department of Free Schools of Monongalia County honorary certificate, ca. 1880s. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-158

Certificates. Elementary School Diploma, Amma, Roane County and State Board of Dental Examiners license, both awarded to Joseph Pettit, 1911, n.d. 2 items. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Sc2003-234

Certificates. Margaret Pitzer elementary, junior high and senior high, all Summers County, marriage certificate of her marriage to Oliver Quinton Fox, Pocahontas County, 1920-1930. 4 items. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Sc2003-235

Envelope. Centennial envelope, not postmarked until 1971. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-278

Forms. B&O agents daily report, Huntington; memos and advertisements, 1955-1957. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Sc2003-016

Funeral book. William Walton Venable, died 1961 May 15. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003- 096

Greeting card. Christmas greeting from Mr. and Mrs. Houston Goff Young showing 1885 capitol, n.d. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-226

Greeting cards, matchbook cover. Christmas in West Virginia cards; matchbook promoting tourism, ca. 1970. 5 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-279

Inaugural materials. Artificial collection of invitations, programs and addresses, 1863-1997. 1 box. Transfer from library. Sc2003-136

Invitation. Governor's Gala Celebrating Library Encounters from Governor and Mrs. Rockefeller, 1978 October 14. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-197

Invitation. Premiere of Hearts of Glass: The Story of Blenko Handcraft, 1998 March 20. 1 item. Fred Armstrong, Charleston. Sc2003-117

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials, n.d.. 1 folder. Jim Costa, Talcott. Sc2003-040

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials, n.d.. 1 folder. Jim Monroe, Talcott. Sc2003-040

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials, n.d.. 1 folder. John Kesler, Talcott. Sc2003-040

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials, n.d.. 1 folder. John William "Bill" Dillon, Talcott. Sc2003-040

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials, n.d.. 1 folder. Kenneth Willey via John Kesler, Talcott. Sc2003-040

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials, n.d.. 1 folder. Steve Trail, Hinton. Sc2003-040

John Henry Collection. Photocopies of materials about statue and Jones family, n.d.. 1 folder. Margaret Glass Martin, Talcott. Sc2003-040

Kearse Theater. Documents and schedule of Charleston theater, 1920-1959. 1 volume and 1 folder. John A. Amburgey, Charleston. Sc2003-029

Letterhead. New River Grocery, 1918-1919. 2 items. Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2003-145

Map index. Charleston area maps (photocopies), ca. 1900-1950. Note: location of original maps unknown, possibly Kanawha County Courthouse. 1 box. A. E. Blount, Charleston. Sc2003-043

Marks, Richard Collection. Envelopes, forms and other materials, 1921-1988. 1 folder. Richard Marks, Gambrills, MD. Sc85-87acc

McCulloch Collection. Sheet music for Red Sulphur Springs Cotillion, 1851; booklets on Red Sulphur Springs, 1897 and Salt Sulphur Springs ca. 1900; Mason County Circuit Court Case Henry J. Fisher v. Eliza S. Fisher and others, 1884; calendar tops for Merchants National Bank, Pt. Pleasant, n.d. 1 folder. Anne Conrad McCulloch, Winfield. Sc98-86

Milton Public Library Collection. Milton Woman's Club yearbooks, programs, history; Milton High materials; other schools and organizations (photocopies), 1919-1984. 1 box. Milton Public Library, Milton. Sc2003-042

Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy. Annual report, 1989-90; program of dedication of Senator Judith A. Herndon Room, 1988. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-144

Newsletter. The Countian, bimonthly publication of Kanawha County Teachers Association first issue, 1952 November. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-274

Newspaper. Camp Dix Times, 1918 October 17. 1 item. Marie Sovine, Hurricane. Sc2003- 111

Newspaper. The Miners Lamp, 1921 December 5. 1 item. Transfer from Ms90-82. Sc2003- 089

Olin, Nilo Collection. Letterhead, clippings and publications re: sporting events, North-South football game, newspaper conventions, politics, True Temper newsletter articles, 1948-1999. 1 folder. Hazel Olin, Springfield, VA. Sc2003-239

Pamphlet. Charleston report issued by Piedmont Airlines, ca. 1987. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-123

Pamphlet. Charleston Town Center News about construction of mall, 1982 fall. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-120

Pamphlet. Letter from the Secretary of War...account of the National Armories at Harper's Ferry, 1815 February. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-084

Pamphlet. Old Sweet Springs, Monroe County, 1882. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-115

Pamphlet. Wheeling National Heritage Area Summary Plan, 1994. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-122

Program. Birthday banquet to honor John W. Davis, President of West Virginia State College, 1937 February 13. 1 item. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Sc2003-108

Program. Charleston High School Class of '53 45th reunion, 1998 July 24-25. 1 item. Ann Stephenson, Charleston. Sc2003-114

Program. Crichton High Junior-Senior Banquet (Quinwood, Greenbrier County), belonging to Lillian Brown, 1943 May 15. 1 item. Steven Fox, St. Albans. Sc2003-233

Program. Distinguished Hotels World Conference, The Greenbrier, 1968 November 6-10. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-157

Program. Football game between Wheeling and Bellaire High Schools, 1953 Nov. 13. 1 item. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-036

Program. Franchise of Freedom speech by James W. Weir, 1950 January 19. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-097

Program. "Freedom For All" Radio Station WHIS, Bluefield, 1950 August 19. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-070

Program. Golden Jubilee of St. James Catholic Church, McMechen, 1950. 1 item. Mary Jane McCulley, McMechen. Sc2003-113

Program. Grand opening Charleston Civic Center, 1959 January 25-30. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-072

Program. Montgomery High School 14th annual graduation exercises, 1935 June 6. 1 item. Carlton Webb, Pleasant Hill, CA. Sc2003-030

Program. Opening exhibition, Charleston Art Gallery at Sunrise, 1968 March. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-067

Program. St. Albans High School senior class play "The Smouldering Flame", n.d. 1 item. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-033

Program. Seventieth Anniversary of Battle of Carnifex Ferry, 1931 September 12. 5 items. Transfer from library. Sc2003-090

Program. 3rd Annual Sternwheel Regatta, 1973 September 1-2. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-065

Program. Unveiling of official portrait of Hulett C. Smith, 1969 January 9. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-059

Program. West Virginia Postal Employees Annual Convention, Fairmont, 1937 May 31. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-095

Program. Woman's Musical Club Summer Concert, Opera House, 1897 June 4. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-118

Program. Woman's Study Club, Follansbee, 1956-1957. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003- 093

Program. Yeager Airport dedication ceremony, 1985 October 14. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-063

Programs. Angela McKeen's dance pupils in "Dancing Highlights", Capitol Theater, Wheeling, 1946, 1950. 2 items. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-034

Programs. Church bulletins for Kanawha City Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ in Bethany, Moorefield Presbyterian, St. Andrew Methodist, St. Albans; 1925-1967. 4 items. Transfer from library. Sc2003-121

Programs. Inauguration of Rev. George F. Lundy, S.J. as 6th president of Wheeling Jesuit University, 2001 March 16. 2 items. Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling. Sc2003-243

Programs. International Voyageur Festival Governor-General's Ball, Wheeling on occasion of dedication of Civic Center murals, 1986 September 20. 2 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-147

Programs. Little Theater of Wheeling, 1932-1958. 8 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-078

Programs. Local musical and dramatic performances, most Charleston; brochures for The Greenbrier; 1931-84. 1 box. Frannie Fesenmaier, Charleston. Sc2003-178

Publication. "An Address 'Perpetuating the History of West Virginia' " by Herman Everett Greske, editor, Parkersburg News, 1953 November 12. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-094

Publication. America's Best Whitewater In Wild Wonderful West Virginia, 1993. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-087

Publication. Article in Naval Historical Center publication about Oscar Holmes of Dunbar, 1st African- American naval aviator, 1998. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-261

Publication. Boone County, West Virginia The Coal Discovery County, 1991. 1 item. Boone County Development Authority, Madison. Sc2003-069

Publication. Brochure about Sistersville, n.d. 1 item. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-035

Publication. The Bunny Book by Argusine Macgregor, ca. 1911. 1 item. Maxine Poe, South Charleston. Sc94-14

Publication. Charleston and the Great Kanawha Valley, ca. 1967. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-073

Publication. Democratic Red Book published by Negro Democratic State Executive Committee, 1934. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-092

Publication. Harper's Weekly including Martinsburg Railroad Strike, 1877 August 11. 1 item. Purchase - Timothy Hughes Rare and Early Newspapers, South Williamsport, PA. Sc2003-296

Publication. Progress Report: The New West Virginia Coal Industry, ca. 1970. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-088

Publication. Saturday Evening Post with article on West Virginia poverty, 1960 February 6. 1 item. Bill Kelley, Charleston. Sc2003-297

Publication. State Office Building Number 3, 1952. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-228

Publication. Vecelio and Grogan Inc. promotional piece for construction, reclamation and highway contractors, late 1990s. 1 item. Vecelio and Grogan Inc., Beckley. Sc2003-275

Publication. "The Wheeling Red Label Has Gone to War" by Wheeling Corrugating (photocopy), ca. 1943. 1 item. Harrison W. Frey, Wheeling. Sc2003-327

Publications. Appalachian apples, ca. 1940s-1950s. 3 items. Transfer from library. Sc2003- 064

Publications. Charleston and the Great Kanawha Valley and A Report on Your City, 1962-1963. 2 items. Bill Kelley, Charleston. Sc2003-304

Publications. Dr. Miles Grand Dispensary; Dr. Spiegel's Sanguin; Vegetables and Truck Crops offered by Capitol Nursery and Seed Company; Landreth's Seeds offered by Farmers Hardware and Supply; n.d., 1929. 4 items. Unknown donor. Sc2003-014

Publications. Frank Leslie's Illustrated regarding Martinsburg Railroad Strike, 1877 August 4-11. 2 items. Joe Geiger, Huntington. Sc2003-303

Publications. Materials regarding black history including Garnet Athletic Association, West Virginia State College, black teachers, dress patterns, other ephemera, 1934-1935. 1 folder. Ancella Bickley, Charleston. Sc2003-124

Publications. Warwood Evangelical Lutheran Church dedication program, groundbreaking articles, and 80th anniversary program (photocopies), 1916-1998. 3 items. Charles A. Julian, Wheeling. Sc2003-185

Publications. West Virginia's Great Free Fair, 1934; book cover with medals for valor on front and Purity Maid bread on back, ca. 1945. 2 items. Ivan Knapp, Charleston. Sc2003-186

Publications, letter. Program for Christian Fellowship for Presbyterian Young People at Jackson's Mill, religious pamphlet; letter from Virginia Rose to Weirton Steel seeking employment; 1931-1936. 3 items. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-037

Publications, vehicle registration. Program for Woman's Society of Grace Methodist Church, Bluefield; funeral record for Robert David Hicks of Bluefield; vehicle registrations for J. H. Hicks; 1932-1963. 1 folder. Kidd family via Troy Body, Charleston. Sc2003-142

Receipts. Brown's Service Station No. 1, Gauley Bridge delivery tickets, 1932. 2 boxes. Unknown donor. Sc2003-140

Receipts. Sam Nicastro, Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruit and Confectionary, Country Produce, Montgomery, ca. 1916-1918. 2 boxes. Jim Kennedy, Charleston. Sc2002-051acc

Receipts, certificate, Bible records. Receipts for sending certified copies on reverse of various tickets for legislative receptions, balls, dinners, Burlew Opera House tickets and business card for Getson and Wilcher tailoring; Short Course certificate from Department of Education to Mary Ellen Booten; family records for Davis, Rice, Miller and related families; n.d., 1897, 1933. 1 folder. Unknown donor. Sc2003-277

Report card. Wheeling High School for S. Fred Thomas, 1953-1954. 1 item. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-031

School notes. Cooking and domestic science notebook of Hattie Neville, Lost Creek High School, n.d. 1 item. Jean Thomas, Winfield. Sc2003-032

Scrapbook. Civil War and postwar clippings, poetry, ca. 1860s. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Sc2003-018

Scrapbook. Governor Homer A. Holt, mostly covering his years as Attorney General and Governor, compiled by Lilly F. Duncan, 1933-1979. 1 volume. Isabel Holt Dannenberg, Metarie, LA. Sc2003-292

Scrapbook. Lewis County history articles, ca. 1910s. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Sc2003-017

Scrapbook. Materials, possibly belonging to Fred Thomas regarding Wheeling High school activities, football; Mountaineer Boys' State; 1953-54. 1 volume. Unknown donor. Sc2003-241

Scrapbook, printed materials. Scrapbook of WPA clippings, 1935; liquor sales permit book; letterhead of Hawks Nest Coal Company, 1884; 1877 Virginia election ticket; raw fur prices, 1894. 5 items. Mrs. Kenneth D. Swope, Lewisburg. Sc2003-015

Scrapbooks. 1939-40 World's Fair Collection compiled by Dan B. Fleming Sr, manager for West Virginia exhibit, 1939-40. 4 volumes. Dan B. Fleming, Jr., Blacksburg, VA. Sc2003-175

Sheet music. Music and lyrics to "The Rabbit Song" by Larry Groce (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Unknown donor. Sc2003-204

Sheet music. "The Silent Message Proclaim Liberty" by Jessie Baker for U. S. Bicentennial, 1970. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc2003-071

Shepherd College. Printed items including 1897 commencement program, recital programs, summer school, music for "Shepherd Song," The Picket monthly publication; 1897-1930. 6 items. Purchase - Bookworm and Silverfish, Wytheville, VA. Sc2003-112

Six, Dean Collection. Political, tourism and other materials, 1870-1983. 1 box. Dean Six, Harrisville. Sc2003-150

South Charleston Naval Ordnance plant. Chapter from Activities of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Department World War 1917-1918 (photocopy), 1921. 1 item. Tom Hone, Arlington, VA. Sc2003-244

Specifications. Renovations to Four Houses, Victorian Wheeling Landmarks Foundation, 1993 July. Historic Preservation Unit. Sc2002-052acc

Speech. Address to West Virginia Chamber of Commerce by Ernest T. Weir, National Steel Corporation entitled "Our Defense on the Home Front", 1950 September 1. 1 item. Halifax Historical Museum, Daytona Beach, FL. Sc2003-055

Speeches. Senator Henry D. Hatfield remarks to Republican State Committee, adjusted service certificates for World War veterans, and appreciation for renomination, 1930-1934. 3 items. Transfer from library. Sc2003-259

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church Collection. Newsletter Syrian Tattler, published in Charleston; recollections of earlier life and church community (photocopies), 1938, 1990s. 1 folder. Olga H. Cassis, Charleston. Sc2003-148

Transcript. Interview of James Taylor by Dennis Deitz regarding Hawks Nest Tunnel, transcribed by Cornelia Alexander, 1990 June 5. 1 item. Transfer from Goldenseal. Sc2003-116

Transcript. Interview of Mike Humphreys by Tom Screven, transcribed by Robert Y. Spence, 1977 September 15. 1 item. Bob Spence, Logan. Sc2003-110

Transcripts. Interviews done by John Hennen and Rebecca Bailey of southern West Virginia residents, 1989-90. 5 boxes. Matewan Development Center, Matewan. Sc2003-135

Transcripts. Oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Fred Barkey for the West Virginia Commission on Aging with elderly West Virginians, 1971-1973. 27 items. West Virginia Humanities Council, Charleston. Sc2003-021

Transcripts. World War II interviews and resulting papers generated by West Virginia State College students, 2002. 2 boxes. Dr. Stuart McGehee, West Virginia State College, Institute. Sc2003-138

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. Publications, programs, directories, and other materials, 1939- 1979. 1 box. Unknown donor. Sc2003-293

World War II. Ration book, ca. 1943. 1 item. Elaine Roth-Beecher, Cincinnati, OH. Sc2003- 282

West Virginia State Archives

West Virginia Archives and History