West Virginia State Archives

Accessions 1993

Government Records Accessioned

Rehabilitation Services. Directors files, 1986-87. 4 boxes. Rehabilitation Services. Ar1887acc

State Road Commission. Minutes of State Road Commission and successors, 1917-58, 1959-80; minutes of the State Bridge Commission, 1929-32. 65 volumes. Division of Highways. Ar1888

Manuscripts Accessioned

Ashton family. General information about Ashtons, not particularly in West Virginia, n.d. 1 item. Winifred Gulyas, Charleston. Ms93-24

Caperton Inaugural Committees. Materials compiled during work on both inaugurals, 1989, 1993. 1 volume. William M. Drennen, Jr., Charleston. Ms93-19

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Letters written by Jack Lambert, Camp Black Mountain, Marlinton, Co. 2589 (photocopies), 1937. 18 items. Colene Heim, Hurricane. Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Reports and other correspondence with Washington regarding Kanawha State Forest; 1992 history and natural history of Kanawha State Forest; (photocopies), 1938-42, 1992. 1 folder. Unknown Donor. Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Scrapbook compiled by Raymond Cross of Hardy County; newsletters from Cacapon State Park, Camp Bowers, Camp Copperhead, Camp Laurel Fork, Camp Neola, Camp Tygart, Camp Logan (photocopies), ca. 1936-41. 2 volumes. Calvin White, Charleston. Ms85-17acc

Eastern Regional Coal Archives. Accessions list, 1992. 1 item. Eastern Regional Coal Archives, Bluefield. Ms87-38acc

Goshorn Family Collection. Genealogical notes and correspondence, ca. 1750-1993. 3 boxes. David Bowen, New Orleans, LA. Ms93-48

Jackson, Caroline Downey Estate. Wedding invitation for Kate Jackson, daughter of Judge & Mrs. James Monroe Jackson to James A. Moffett, 1883 January 25. 1 item. Caroline Downey Jackson Estate, Parkersburg. Ms92-97acc

Morgan, Gail Collection. Correspondence, certificates and other materials regarding career of U.S. Naval Academy graduate from Porters Falls, Wetzel County, 1912-68. 1 box. James Gail Morgan, Lewisburg. Ms93-47

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association. Philip Bagdon Collection of Mower Lumber forms, letterhead, receiving tickets, 1940s; Meadow River Lumber clearance card for skidder #1 being shipped to Cass, 1972. 14 items. Philip Bagdon, Alexandria, VA. Ms83-12acc

Reynolds, Dana D. Collection. Correspondence and other materials of agriculturist and extension agent, 1907-76. 1 box. Deirdre Peters Madden, Medina, OH. Ms93-6

Skuce, Thomas W. Collection. Correspondence, minutes and other materials regarding career of early forester, 1903-45. 2 boxes. Jack Skuce, Shepherdstown. Ms93-17

Southwood Family. Legal documents regarding property in Berkeley and Jefferson counties belonging to Edward and Ruhama Southwood, ca. 1845-71. 7 items. Gloria Ann Smith, Houston, TX. Ms93-9

Stark, Beulah and Hubert Collection. Documents and clippings regarding aviation compiled into 1 volume, 1930-52. Evelyn Murray for the estate of Beulah Stark, Charleston. Ms85-16acc

Staunton, Frances Collection. Correspondence and other materials relating to the Staunton family of Charleston, 1904-59. 1 box. John Rankin for the estate of Frances Staunton, Denver CO. Ms93-13

Summers County Health Department. Correspondence and other materials regarding efforts to secure foreign aid to supplement budget, 1990. 1 box. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ms93-5

Willey, Waitman. Deeds, surveys and other information regarding his lands and home in Monongalia County, appointment to West Virginia University Board of Regents by Governor Jackson; 1836-1971. 16 items. Marcie G. Willey, Houston, TX. Ms93-2

Microforms Accessioned

Microfiche. Family History Library Locality Catalogue for West Virginia, 1993. 7 items. Genealogical Society of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Mi91-73acc

Microfiche. Sumner Family History and Genealogy, 1983. 19 fiche. Kanawha County Public Library, Charleston. Mi93-22

Microfiche. U.S. Naval Administration in WWII: BUORD Ordnance Plants, Volume II, n.d. 11 fiche. V. B. Harris, Charleston. Mi93-23

Photographs Accessioned

Bassel Family, West Point. Carte de viste of unidentified girl by Alex. Foreman of Grafton, ca. 1880s; copy prints of James Bassel and Ernest Howard Ruffner, 1867 US Military Academy graduates from West Virginia. 3 items. Louis Earles, Spencer. Ph93-43

Breweries. B&W prints of West Virginia-produced beer products by Fesenmaier Brewing Company of Huntington and West Virginia Brewing Company of Central City, photos by Susan Maslowski, 1993 July. 18 items. Steve Fesenmaier, Charleston. Ph93-27

Charleston Camera Club Collection. Prints used in club exhibits, ca. 1935-40. 1 box. Jerry Frazier, Charleston. Ph93-49

Dent, James F. Collection. Prints and negatives of and collected by Dent, editorial cartoonist and Gazetteer for the Charleston Gazette, ca. 1960-92. 1 box. Charleston Daily Gazette Company, Charleston. Ph93-25

Fraternal groups. IOOF members in front of E. E. White mansion, Glen White, ca. 1900-20. 1 item. Pauline Haga, Crab Orchard. Oversized. Ph93-16

Glassworkers. B&W of employees of Central Glass Company, Wheeling, ca 1910. 1 item. Bob Halpin, Wheeling. Ph93-31

Goshorn Family Collection. B&W and postcards, 1880-1960. 1 box. David Bowen, New Orleans, LA. Ph93-48

Jackson, Caroline Downey Estate. B&W of Jacob Beeson Jackson, James Monroe Jackson & John Jay Jackson; portraits of William Wirt & Bessie Curry Jackson by Westenberger of Parkersburg; oversized of Governor Jacob Beeson Jackson in Wheeling apartment by Myles Art Studio of Wheeling; ca. 1880-1920. 4 items. Caroline Downey Jackson Estate, Parkersburg. Oversized. Ph92- 97acc

Jeffery-DeWitt Company. B&W of ceramic insulator and sanitary ware maker of Kenova, ca. 1910- 20. 69 items. Historical Department, City of Detroit, Detroit, MI. Ph93-7

Mannington. Album of B&W and postcards of Mannington area, ca. 1890-1920. 1 item. Macomb County Historical Society, Mount Clemens, MI. Ph93-28

Mill. Copy print of Clifton Woolen Mill, West Weston, ca. 1870-86. 1 item. Doris B. Bohrer, Tiffin, OH. Ph93-15

Morgan, Gail Collection. B&W spanning career of U.S. Naval Academy graduate from Porters Falls, Wetzel County, ca. 1918-45. 36 items. James Gail Morgan, Lewisburg. Ph93-47

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association. Copy prints from Board of Directors Meeting at Charleston, 1993 Feb. 6; copy print of mill at Cass, n.d. 19 items. Elmer E. Burruss, Jr., Charlottesville, VA. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association. Philip Bagdon Collection of Meadow River Lumber, Ely-Thomas Lumber, Winchester and Western Railroad, Winchester Lumber, Mason Lumber, Mower Lumber and Kelley's Creek and Northwestern Railroad, 1920s-80s. 170 items. Philip Bagdon, Alexandria, VA. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association. Richard Sparks Collection of Meadow River Lumber skidder #2, Mower Lumber camp train and Lidgerwood skidder #2, ca. 1940s-50s. 4 items. Richard Sparks, Alexandria, VA. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association. Walter Smith Collection of Ward and Buff Lick, taken by Smith, 1965. 12 items. Walter Smith, Rand. Ph83-12acc

Panoramic. Church of Christ Sunday School, Montgomery, possibly by Holmes Studio of Montgomery, many identified, 1922. 1 item. Terence Sherwood, Sanford, FL. Ph93-26

Panoramic. Copy print of Hawks Nest Dam construction, ca. 1930. 1 item. Steve Thomas, Gauley Bridge. Oversized. Ph93-29

Panoramics. B&W 1982 Clarksburg Italian Heritage Festival by Doug Chadwick; coalfields photographers poster; color 1983 Sharp Reunion, Pocahontas County by Doug Chadwick; 1982-83. 3 items. Rebecca Kimmons, Charleston. Oversized. Ph93-18

Panoramics. Copy prints of Capitol Complex, Blackwater Falls, ca. 1980. 2 items. Transfer from The Shop. Oversized. Ph93-30

Pence Springs Hotel. Booklet of B&W views, ca. 1910s. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Ph93-41

Portrait, Retton, Mary Lou. B&W of 1984 Olympic gold medalist on balance beam, autographed. 1 item. Mary Lou Retton, Fairmont. Ph93-11

Portrait, Rockefeller Family. Color photo Christmas cards showing Jay and Sharon Rockefeller and children, 1981, 1989, 1990. 3 items. Unknown Donor. Ph93-34

Portrait, Rockefeller, Sharon. B&W and color, ca. 1980s. 14 items. Transfer from Communications. Ph93-33

Portrait, Stiles, June Kathleen [White]. Hand-tinted of Stiles on 5th birthday, 1932. 1 item. June K. Stiles, Cross Lanes. Ph93-46

Postcard. Schopperts Ford Bridge near Martinsburg, ca. 1920. 1 item. Gloria Ann Smith, Houston. Ph93-9

Postcard. Skelt, Webster County logging town, 1909. 1 item. Anna Lee Combs, Buckhannon. Ph93- 14

Postcard. W.C. Lynch home, Chester, 1916 Sep. 14. 1 item. Robert R. Knepper, Lakewood, CA. Ph93-45

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, 1992. 12 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1910. 4 items. David Lambert, Charleston. Ph93-12

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1910-1993. 64 items. Jean Bonsall, Morgantown. Ph89-44acc

Postcards, airplanes. Postcards of West Virginia scenes, B&W prints of early airplanes, ca. 1910-50. 91 items. Purchase. Ph93-1

Postcards, carte de viste. West Virginia scenes, carte de viste of unidentified man taken by F. W. Plummer of Wheeling, ca. 1880-1920. 40 items. John Rankin for the estate of Frances Staunton, Denver, CO. Ph93-13

Postcards, copy print. 2 postcards sent from Ballard; 1 color copy print of Hinton postcard; 1 B&W copy print of Jack Hinton; ca. 1880-1920. 4 items. Steve Trail, Hinton. Ph93-21

Reynolds, Dana D. 2 B&W of Reynolds girls at Blue Bend Lake, of WVU library science majors; postcard of Jacksons Mill; 2 negatives of Cacapon State Park, of Broward Farm at Granville; ca. 1910-50. 5 items. Deirdre Peters Madden, Medina, OH. Ph93-6

Steamboats. Postcard and copy print of City of Cincinnati, ca. 1910s. 2 items. Kelly W. Bratton, Jr., Charleston. Oversized. Ph93-44

West Virginia Independence Hall. B&W and color prints of building and architectural drawings, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Ph93-42

West Virginia Independence Hall. Contact prints of negatives, many showing restoration of building, ca. 1960s-80s. 179 frames. West Virginia Independence Hall Foundation, Wheeling. Ph87-136acc

World War I. B&W of 4th Battalion, US Army which includes Edward Crow, ca. 1917-18. 1 item. Benjamin and Alice Millhouse, Glendale. Ph93-32

Special Collections

Blueprints. Rufus Corbitt house at Waverly by Richard Adair, ca. 1898 (photocopies). 8 items. Ken Corbitt, Charlotte, NC. Oversized. Sc93-37

Bumper sticker. Neely and Burnside [for U. S. Congress], 1948. 1 item. David Lambert, Charleston. Sc93-12

Calendar. Consol Inc. "States of Color" featuring watercolor artists from Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 1993. 1 item. Consol Inc, Pittsburgh, PA. Oversized. Sc93-40

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 1992. 1 item. Richard Fauss, Elkview. Sc87-41acc

Calendars, scrapbook. Calendars from Green Sulphur Crafts, Hix Mountain Trading Post and Wolf Creek Printery; scrapbook of clippings about southern West Virginia history compiled by Mrs. Lewis Shumate; 1974-87, n.d. 10 items. Steve Trail, Hinton. Oversized. Sc93-5

Catalogue. Trade catalogue for Jeffery-DeWitt Company of Kenova, makers of ceramic insulators and sanitary ware, 1923. 1 item. Historical Department, City of Detroit, Detroit, MI. Sc93-7

Dent, James F. Collection. Editorial cartoons, clippings of Gazetteer column and other materials reflecting career of Dent at the Charleston Gazette, ca. 1960-92. 14 boxes. Charleston Daily Gazette Company, Charleston. Sc93-25

Election materials. Posters, bumper stickers and flyers for local, state and national candidates, 1992. 2 folders. Various sources. Oversized. Sc93-4

Notecards. Various West Virginia scenes in pen and ink by Margaret R. Skeen, 1978. 15 items. Harold Newman, Charleston. Sc93-35

Printed materials. Programs, brochures and other assorted materials compiled by Howard Luckey, ca. 1879-1960. 1 box. Purchase. Oversized. Sc93-1

Program. Clarksburg Italian Heritage Festival, 1982. 1 item. Rebecca Kimmons, Charleston. Sc93-18

Programs. Rhododendron State Outdoor Art and Crafts Festival, 1975-76. 2 items. Debbie Sorenson, Charleston. Sc93-8

Publication. Cornish's Practical Instructor for the Reed Organ, n.d. 1 item. Hope W. Burnam, St. Albans. Sc93-39

Scrapbook. Wheeling clippings pasted into copy of Landmarks of Old Wheeling, 1936-53. 1 item. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hissom, Benwood. Sc93-38

Scrapbooks. Kanawha Textbook Controversy, 1974. 2 items. Mrs. James R. Randall, St. Albans. Sc93-3

Scrapbooks, publications. Autographed copies of Sports Illustrated and scrapbooks about Mary Lou Retton, 1984 Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, 1984. 4 items. Mary Lou Retton, Fairmont. Sc93- 11

Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars in the State of West Virginia Collections. Scrapbooks, publications, 1951-89. 2 volumes. Jamielle Rumberg, Charleston. Sc93-20

Textbooks. Christian Reader, ca. 1840s; McGuffey's New Second Eclectic Reader, 1865; McGuffey's Eclectic Series Fifth Reader, n.d. 3 items. Bernice Hosey, Charleston. Sc93-36

Yearbook. Charlestonian, belonged to Miss Grace Sutherland, 1914. 1 item. Mrs. W. R. Hitchman, Stuarts Draft, VA. Sc93-10

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