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*Donor listed at the end of each entry

Government Records Accessioned (Archive Collection)

Blueprints, specifications. Cultural Center: Lighting for Great Hall, 1996. 1 volume and 13 sheets. Technical Services, Culture and History. *Ar1812acc

Capitol Building correspondence. Air conditioning for Main Building, 1974. 1 volume. General Services. *Ar1812acc

Highways. Bridge section non-current and replaced structures, 1970s-1996. 102 boxes. Division of Highways. Ar1895

Naturalization Records. Index to petitions in U. S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia (photocopy), 1904-64. 1 item. National Archives, Mid-Atlantic Branch, Philadelphia, PA. *Ar1878acc

Rehabilitation Services. Director's correspondence, 1988-90. 10 boxes. Rehabilitation Services, Institute. *Ar1894

Manuscripts Accessioned

Account book. Store at Red House-Winfield ferry landing, Putnam County, 1860 Oct.-1870 April. 1 volume. Cecil Brake. *Ms96-5

Alderson family papers. Photocopies, ca. 1700s-1980s. 2 boxes. Mrs. Frances Swope. Ms96-2

Allison, William T. Collection. Correspondence, deeds and other records regarding Allison, Bishop and Careins families, mostly Brooke County, 1830-1934. 1 box. Donna F. Allison. *Ms96-1

American Legion. Collection of materials, most regarding R. Worth Shumaker of Upshur County, 1940-45. 1 folder. American Legion Library, Indianapolis, IN. Ms96-6

Blackman family. Letter to David Blackman of Beverly and collection of hair locks of children, 1852-60. 2 items. Russell Czaplewski. *Ms96-52

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Discharges for Robert Evans of Princeton and newsletter from Camp Duck Creek at White Sulphur Springs, MT where he served, 1935-37. 3 items. Allen Keyser. Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Newsletter from Co. 2598 at Camp Price, Droop Mountain, (photocopy), 1936. 1 item. Anna Atkins. *Ms85-17acc

Civilian Conservation Corps Collection. Newsletters from Co. 3527 at Kingwood and at Camp Rhododendron, (photocopies), 1936-37. 2 items. Larry Sypolt. Ms85-17acc

Crittenton, Florence Home. Correspondence and other historical materials regarding Wheeling home, 1895-1995. 8 boxes. Florence Crittenton Services, Wheeling. Ms96-54

Davis family. Letters between John J. Davis, R. C. Davis and John W. Davis, 1873-1911. 9 items. Mrs. E. W. Bartholow. *Ms96-7

Daybook. C. Vaughn, Mountain Cove, Fayette County, 1857-72. 1 volume. Unknown Donor. Ms96-10

Daybook. Mathews, Sampson & George Store, Greenbrier County (photocopy), 1771-82. 1 item. Frances Swope. Ms88-113acc

Daybook. Mathews Trading Post (photocopy), 1771-73. 1 item. John M. Alderson IV. Ms88-113acc

Deeds. Hampshire and Mineral counties involving John T. Blackiston, 1854-1873. 3 items. Fort Nisqually Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA. *Ms96-3

Fox, General Charles R. Collection. Personnel file, journals and other materials of pilot who served in World War II with Chennault's Flying Tigers and as West Virginia Adjutant General 1946-57; 1936-73. 1 box. Major General (retired) Charles Ralph Fox. *Ms96-53

Fravel family. Civil War discharge for John W. Fravel, Company C, 3rd WV Cavalry; employment agreement hiring William Fravel as farm laborer; 1865 June 30, 1892 March 7. 2 items. Ricky Lee Parrish. *Ms96-35

Huddleston family. Genealogy and other materials, ca. 1800-1990s. 1 box. Estate of Lawrence M. Huddleston. Ms96-63

Mountain, Ritchie County. Letters and clippings documenting name change of Mole Hill to Mountain (photocopies), 1949. 1 folder. Karen B. Stipes. Ms96-36

Poems. Work by Freda Beth Painter, 1990s. 2 items. Freda Beth Painter. *Ms96-4

Prager, John Collection. Transcripts of letters to Prager's family, many from Wheeling or as member of Company I, 1st WV Infantry, 1857-64. 1 volume. Mary Rebecca Dunn Grodhaus. *Ms96-37

Selders, Valentine. Original and transcript of memoirs of Preston County resident and hunter, 1849-1917. 4 items. Arthur W. Selders. *Ms96-9

Starke family. Letters, deeds, account book and other materials of Charleston area family, 1836-1916. 2 folders. Alvy R. Kennedy. *Ms96-38

West Virginia Home Economics Association. Minutes, correspondence and other materials of statewide organization, 1936-95. 4 boxes. West Virginia Home Economics Association, Fairmont. *Ms96-55

White, Bennet Collection. Diary and letters regarding Morgantown area, 1886-1901. 1 box. Deanna Johnson. *Ms96-39

World War II. Teletype announcing German surrender from Eisenhower's office in Paris to War Department, 1945 May 7. 1 item. Gwen Fawcett. *Ms96-8

Photographs Accessioned

Camp Washington-Carver Collection. B&W prints of Eastern Coal and Fuel encampments, 1945-50. 89 items. David Ballard through Summers County Historic Landmarks Commission, Hinton. *Ph86-60acc

Cass. B&W of mill, town of Spruce, dam and unidentified CCC camp, 1930s. 4 items. Stan Beafore. *Ph96-42

Crittenton, Florence Home. B&W prints of Wheeling home, ca. 1940s-90s. 1 box. Florence Crittenton Services, Wheeling. Ph96-54

Floods. B&W of Wheeling flood taken by William C. Piper, 1936 March. 46 items. Mrs. Sydney R. Sonneborn. *Ph96-57

Fox, General Charles R. Collection. B&W prints of career of pilot who served in World War II with Chennault's Flying Tigers and as West Virginia Adjutant General 1946-57; 1936-73. 1 box. Major General (retired) Charles Ralph Fox. *Ph96-53

Gilmer County. Copy negatives of Glenville scenes, ca. 1920s-60s. 4 items. Glenville State College Alumni Association. *Ph96-34

Gilmer County. Copy negatives of Spanish-American War and World War I troops, 1898, 1918. 2 items. Margaret Moss. *Ph96-34

Gilmer County. Copy negatives, late 1800s-1940s. 22 items. Dr. Nelson Well. *Ph96-34

Gilmer County. Copy negatives, late 1860s-1916. 4 items. Hunter Armentrout. *Ph96-34

Gilmer County. Copy negatives, many of Glenville State, ca. 1920-25. 25 items. West Virginia State Folk Festival, Glenville. *Ph96-34

Goins, Linville Collection. Copy negatives of Hinton area athletes, 1930s-92. 36 items. Linville Goins. *Ph96-40

Harpers Ferry. Stereo view, n.d. 1 item. Purchase. *Ph96-62

Hinton Daily News Collection. Negatives and prints of Summers County scenes and events, ca. 1880s-1980s. 1 box. Steve Trail. Ph96-64

Huddleston, Riggs families. B&W prints, ca. 1860s-1970s. 2 folders. Estate of Lawrence M. Huddleston. Ph96-63

Marmet. Copy print of town, n.d. 1 item. Mrs. Wally Zakaib Bell. *Ph96-41

Mine wars. Copy negatives of Blair Mountain and Holden, ca. 1921. 7 items. Don Cheek. Ph96-61

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. B&W copy prints of engines, town of Cass, Cass Scenic Railroad and other railroad views. most taken by Elmer "Sonny" Burruss, 1960s-90s. 115 items. Elmer Burruss. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. B&W copy prints made from Ivan Clarkson's slides and negatives, ca. 1950s-70s. 55 items. Ernestine Clarkson. Ph83-12acc

Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association. B&W copy prints, three from Ivan Clarkson's collection and 43 from Elmer "Sonny" Burruss of various engines, collected for use in 1994 calendar project, 1970s-90s. 46 items. John Bledsoe. Ph83-12acc

Panoramic. Battery B, 314th Field Artillery, ca. 1918. 1 item. John H. Jarrett. *Ph96-11

Panoramic. Nitro, 1918 November 30. 1 item. Jane Jensen. *Ph96-44

Portrait, Sparks, Millard and Sid Hatfield, ca. 1920. 1 item. Lana Cline Bills. *Ph96-59

Portrait. Offley, David, copy print of painting of Offley, postmaster of Charlestown (Wellsburg), later consul to Turkey, ca. 1800. 1 item. John B. Offley. *Ph96-43

Portrait. Selders, Valentine, copy print, ca. 1900-20. 1 item. Arthur W. Selders. *Ph96-9

Portraits. Collection of unidentified persons by various photographers, including Brown's of Wheeling; Farnsworth Brothers of West Union; Plummer's of Wheeling, and Loar & Co. of Grafton, ca. 1880s-1900. 7 items. White River Valley Museum, Auburn, WA. *Ph96-45

Postcard. Washington Street, Charlestown, ca. 1920. 1 item. Steven Cooper. Ph96-31

Postcards. West Virginia crafts, distributed by Department of Commerce, ca. 1969. 1 box. Philip Angel. *Ph96-56

Postcards. West Virginia scenes, ca. 1916-95. 170 items. Jean Bonsall. Ph89-44acc

Seltzer family, Swann etchings. Miscellaneous prints and tintypes of Seltzer family, many unlabelled; Swann etchings of 1885 Capitol, Bender Bridge/Memorial Tunnel; ca. 1860-1970s. 1 folder. Joanne Lynn Seltzer. Ph96-12

Terrill family. Copy negatives, n.d. 2 items. Frances Bonar. *Ph96-60

United Mine Workers. Copy negative of organizers and Mother Jones, supposedly taken at McDowell County Courthouse, ca. 1915-20. 1 item. Marcelene Jude MacClellan. *Ph96-58

Special Collections Accessioned

Annual report. Charleston Family YMCA, 1992. 1 item. William M. Drennen. Sc96-22

Broadside. Memorial, Battery B, 314th Field Artillery, ca. 1918-19. 1 item. John H. Jarrett. *Sc96-11

Broadside. Speech of Charles James Faulkner about new state constitution, 1872 July. 1 item. Purchase. *Sc96-29

Broadsides. Listings of award-winning West Virginia authors, 1995. 6 items. Phyllis Wilson Moore. *Sc96-27

Brochure. Tyler County High School, 1988. 1 item. William M. Drennen. *Sc96-14

Calendar. Beauty of West Virginia, 1994. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc96-23

Calendar. Malden Historic District Heritage Calendar, 1996. 1 item. Nancy Waggoner. *Sc96-28

Calendar. Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association, 1994. 1 item. John Bledsoe. Sc83-12acc

Calendar. Wolf Creek Printery, 1995. 1 item. Richard Fauss. *Sc87-41acc

Calendars. Upshur County Community Calendars published by Buckhannon Record Delta, 1994, 1996. 2 items. Transfer from library. Sc96-26

Card. Business card for Sencindiver, Shaffer and Stewart, Studebaker wagons and buggies, Martinsburg, ca. 1910. 1 item. Geneva Historical Society, Geneva, IL. *Sc96-49

Catalogue. American Viscose Corporation, includes WV plants, ca. 1946. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc96-20

Catalogue. Elkins Refrigerator, 1923. 1 item. Purchase. *Sc96-62

Catalogue. Fairmont Aluminum Company, aluminum rolling mill products, ca. 1944. 1 item. Transfer from library. Sc96-19

Clippings, audiotapes. Materials regarding mine wars, Blair Mountain, strikes, 1921-92. (Audiotapes transferred to AV Collection). 6 items. Leslie Baldwin. *Sc96-15

Fox, General Charles R. Collection. Scrapbook of career of pilot who served in World War II with Chennault's Flying Tigers and as West Virginia Adjutant General 1946-57; 1936-73. 1 box. Major General (retired) Charles Ralph Fox. *Sc96-53

Invitation. Opening of 1838 Hale House as home of Cabin Creek Quilts, 1991 Oct. 19. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc96-30

Letterhead. Ruby Brothers Grocery, Charleston, 1907 Dec. 1. 1 item. Mrs. Edwin Shepherd. Sc96-25

Licenses. Various licenses for City of Wheeling and State of West Virginia for business, tobacco and other types of licenses, 1916-54. 1 envelope. Mary Boyajian. *Sc96-48

Membership directory. Lions Club of Charleston, 1959. 1 item. Unknown Donor. Sc96-13

Notecards. Gilmer County scenes by Boyd Boggs, 1990s. 10 items. Crafters in the Glen, Glenville. *Sc96-50

Patteson, Governor Okey. Campaign flyer and blotters, official information directory for 1950 Governor's Conference at Greenbrier, 1948-50. 4 items. Anna Hughes Patteson Cenone. Sc96-21

Program, invitation. Inaugural of Governor John J. Cornwell, 1917 March 5. 2 items. Mary G. Scherer Taylor. *Sc96-51

Program. Buckhannon Opera House performance of Dixie Land Minstrels, 1909 April 15. 1 item. Mary Ann Neff. Sc96-16

Publication. "William Wittfeld: The Florida Connection" reprinted from Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society, Vol. 48, #1, 1994. 1 item. John V. Calhoun. Sc96-18

Publication. Mount de Chantal history, ca. 1996. 1 item. Margaret Brennan. *Sc87-183acc

Publication. Opening booklet and banquet for Daniel Boone Hotel in Charleston, 1929 Jan. 31. 1 item. Steven Cooper. Sc96-31

Publications. Copies of Tobacco Leaf, Southern Field, Bee Hive, and Illustrated Sunday Magazine found in Wheeling house, 1908. 4 items. Richard R. Nickerson. *Sc96-33

Publications. Kanawha Players program for "What Every Woman Knows", Oct. 1931; football program, Charleston High vs. Huntington High, Nov. 9, 1935; Alex Turley for sheriff flyer, 1912. 3 items. Richard Starr. Sc96-32

Publications. West Virginia sections of 1875 Bradstreet, 1941 Dun and Bradstreet. 2 items. Donald K. Clifford. Sc96-24

Scrapbook. Various state topics compiled by Guthrie Mason, ca. 1940s-60s. 1 item. Darrell Mason. *Sc96-47

Scrapbooks. American Association of University Women, Charleston Branch, 1940-87. 19 volumes. AAUW-Charleston Branch, Charleston. *Sc96-46

Seltzer Collection. Stamps, ration books, sheet music, WWII medical training handbooks and forms for practice of Dr. Leo M. Seltzer of Charleston, 1930s-70s. 1 box. Joanne Lynn Seltzer. Sc96-12

Yearbook. Charlestonian, Charleston High School, 1914. 1 item. Virginia Hainer. *Sc96-17

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