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Wayne County News
May 21, 1925


Joseph Merchant of Ferguson is putting out one acre sweet corn, one acre sweet potatoes and one acre tomatoes this year. Mr. Merchant lives on the Tug River Highway and is one of the men who keeps this road in excellent shape. Thomas J. and Wm Preston are each putting out truck gardens.

The above three men all attended the Truck Growers meeting last Saturday night at Wayne and expect to be back next Saturday night. They drive about 18 miles each way.

FRUIT OUTLOOK: The fruit outlook in Wayne county is not as good as it was a month ago. The continued cold weather has caused heavy dropping a little earlier than the usual June drop time. However, some orchards that were shy last year are full yet. Gray Freeman's orchard last week showed a heavy crop of Black Bens. The Ferguson orchard at Coleman reports a heavy crop of Black Bens and Champions. Last year there were but few in this orchard.


Two men were killed and three others wounded at Kermit, near the Wayne and Mingo county line, on Tuesday of this week during an election fight. The trouble arose in connection with the Board of Education, which was being held in Kermit to decide whether or not Kermit should go into an independent school district.

Buck Kirk, age 33, president of the B. of E. was killed.

Sherman Parsley, age 50, a merchant, was the other man killed.

Ken Chapman, special police officer, was shot seriously; Ken Kirk, a deputy sheriff and brother of Buck Kirk, was shot in the left side and head but is expected to recover; John Chaffin, also a deputy sheriff, was shot in the finger.

Five men were placed under arrest in connection with the shooting by Mingo County officials. (NOTE: A trial was later held in Wayne County--change of venue--and the defendants were found not guilty.)

Transcription by June White

Wayne County News