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Historic Preservation Grants

The WV SHPO gives two types of grants on a yearly basis. Both are matching grants. The Development Grant is funded by the State of West Virginia and is available in the spring. The Survey and Planning Grants are available in the fall and funded by the National Park Service, Department of the Interior's Historic Preservation Fund. Instructions for individual grants are online:

Applications are available by telephoning Pamela Brooks, Grants Coordinator, at 304/558-0220 extension 720. Or you may request a grant application by writing to Pamela Brooks, SHPO Grants Coordinator, Division of Culture & History, The Cultural Center, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, WV 25305-0300.

Grant Conditions

  • The grant receipient must attend a subgrant management workshop in Charleston.
  • The grant receipient must submit reports as required.
  • The sponsor must provide to the SHPO plans for implementation of results of the project.
  • The grant recipient must submit a Final Project Report and copies for the Final Product. Number of copies vary according to grant-type.
  • Any consultant or staff must meet 36 CFR 61 qualifications. This condition may be waived upon individual consideration by the WV SHPO.

Selection Process

The SHPO staff reviews all applications for copleteness and eligibility. Projects are listed accoriding to priorites and selection criteria. This may result in partial funding of some projects. The Archives and History Commission will review and select projects. Awards are announced after the Commission Meeting. (see schedule below)
1. Development Grant
This annual grant is for restoration, rehabilitation, repair of historic properties which are listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The application time period opens the first week of January with a postmark deadline of March 31. The Archives and History Commission meets to approve projects in late spring. Announcements are made by the governor in early July with a grant orientation meeting scheduled for mid-July.

2. Survey & Planning Grants
These matching grants cover a wide variety of historic preservation issues, but is only available to members of the Certified Local Government (CLG) Program. Projects fall into several categories: Archaeological Development, Archaeology, Comprehensive Planning, Heritage Education, National Register, Predevelopment and Survey. Eligibility criteria and funding priorites vary for each category.

The application time period opens by the end of July with a postmark deadline of October 31. Applications are reviewed according to the above criteria and are notified in late February. The grant orientation meeting is set for early March. A SHPO staff member is assigned to monitor each project, offer assistance and evaluate the final result.

  • Archaeological Development grants assist organizations and individuals in the preservation of or the recovery of information from a particular paleontological or archaeological site. The grant is awarded for no more than 50% of the total project costs with the project sponsor providing at least 50% of the total costs of the project.
  • Archaeology grants are given to conduct Phase I surveys which identify and protect paleontological, prehistoric and historic archeological resources, and Phase II investigations that determine National Register eligibility. No more than 60% of the total project costs are awarded with the project sponsor responsible for the remaining 40% of total project costs.
  • Grants for Comprehensive Planning are also a 60%-40% matching grant. The purpose of this grant is to organize preservation information pertaining to identification, evaluation, registration and treatment of historic properties in a logical sequence, and to set priorities for accomplishing preservation activities. It includes historical or archaeological contexts and preservation planning.
  • Grants given to sponsors to increase awareness and knowledge of preservation and of West Virginia's rich heritage are called Heritage Education grants. It covers the development or implementation of curricula supplements, intern projegrams and courses to instruct in preservation related subjects or techniques. A grant for Heritage Education may be used for the design and creation of audio-visuals such as videos, slide-tape presentations or movies which instruct on preservation related topics, issues or techniques. The sponsor may use the grant to cover the expenses incurred in presenting a conference, seminar or workshop whose primary purpose is to discuss preservation related subjects, issues and/or techniques. Or a Heritage Education grant may be used for pulication purposes such as design, research and/or printing of materials to inform on preservation related issues, topics or techniques.
  • National Register grants are designed to assist organizations and individuals in preparing nominations to the National Register of Historic Places. It is also a 60%-40% matching grant where the WV SHPO provids a maximum of 60% while the sponsor supplies 40%.
  • Grants are also available for Predevelopment projects. These projects assist in activities necessary prior to the development of a property. It is also a 60%-40% matching grant.
  • Survey grants are also for 60% with the sponsor providing 40% of total project costs. A survey grant is given to identify and evaluate properties in an area to determine whether they have architectural, cultural, historical or engineering significance.